Promote Your Giveaways

Bloggers Tech now has another feature to offer to fellow bloggers! Which is the giveaway linky!!

This page is for bloggers who are having some giveaways on their blog or have a blog giveaways where we all can join. I’ll be tweeting this page every day, so people could join in to your online giveaways and that means more entries for you.

This is for totally free! But please make sure you follow some SIMPLE RULES so that it would be easier and/or less management for me.

What are the rules?

Just follow the format:
(Prize) – (Giveaway Name) (End date – mm/dd) (Open to? e.g. worldwide/us)

$500 – Bloggers Tech Flash Giveaway 12/12 (WORLDWIDE)

Update Us on your free giveaways!

People from around who are looking for contests and giveaways can just get updates here so make sure you'll be able enter your online giveaways here every time you start one and put it up here in the Bloggers Tech giveaway linky.


So for people out there who are looking for ways to make money online and want to join contests and giveaways on any websites, blogs or in anyway who have a blog giveaway then keep up to date on this page.

Also, why not go and check out the blog giveaways that I have in Bloggers Tech too! We also have blog giveaways here so feel free to join and get to win some great cash...