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Bloggers Tech is not only a blogging site but also one of the best product review websites. It is not only for bloggers, blogging and Blogspot but also a blog that shares some tips, news, and other Technology topics. From software, hardware, gadgets, computers, internet and alike

If you are in need of exposure, 
review with a testimonial for your product, Bloggers Tech can do it for you! Please be aware that I do give an honest review, that is providing the benefits, needed improvements, and features (positive/negative). For I value my readers and they value my honest information since this is a product review site.

I will reserve my right to either recommend or not the product, since this is an honest review from a 
product review blog. If the product that you wish me to review needs to be sent (via package or mail) please be aware that I am from the Philippines and that I will not pay for any delivery charges and that the product will only be sent back to you if and only if you'll be willing to pay the charges for the delivery going back to you (DHL and UPS is known here in the country). Please do not send it via post office since it will take months to get here.

The review will include the following:

  • At least 500 words article.
  • Links to your website
  • Product details (specs, usage, features, benefits, etc.)
  • Image(s) of the product
  • Instructions where and how to purchase
  • Post will be shared, tweeted and pinned to all of BloggersTech's social media accounts with thousands of fans and followers.

Sample Review:

Mac Blu-Ray Player Review

List of Examples for Product Reviews

Below you'll find a list of products and/or items that I can review. If you can't find a category for your product please feel free to contact me. 

As a tech product review sites here are some tech related products I can review with samples:

Security, Antivirus, Anti-malware, downloader, uploader, SEO software, PC games, CRM software, etc.

Camera, Camcorder , DSLR , Camera Accessories, Cellphone, Cellphone Accessories, Video Games, MP3 Players, Gaming Gadgets, Spy Gadgets, etc.

Laptop, Tablet, Netbook, Notebook, Ultrabook, Desktop, Computer Accessories & Peripherals, Printers, etc.

Video Games - including video games for kids, PC games, etc.

As of now I don't have a tablet, iPhone or a smartphone so I can't review an app. But hopefully in the near future I could have the tools to review an app.

For travel related - I also have another blog where I post about travel posts and it is - Mostly I do hotel reviews there but if you have any travel product that you wish to be reviewed by a product review website then feel free to contact me.

Product Review Charges

(READ MY ABOUT ME PAGE WITH WISHLIST to get more ideas on what I can review. CLICK HERE!)

With the Bloggers Tech sponsored reviews:
* No monthly charges.
* One time payment only.
* The post will be LIVE as long as the blog is still alive.

$100 + Product Access for at least 1 month
- At least 500 words article.
- Highlights on best features, benefits and other must share information.
- Detailed review.
- Photos taken by Bloggers Tech and along with Bloggers Tech blogger (for physical products) is included.

Review Segments:

What's App? (SOON)
- An app review segment. Apps on Android and iOS, paid and free apps are being reviewed. Best if it's a video.

Where to send the product?

Kansas City, MO USA
- Will provide you the full address once you're confirmed.

Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Philippines
- My current location.

Why have a Product Review at Bloggers Tech?

Not only that because Bloggers Tech has over 4,000 fans and followers, awesome Alexa rank (that means a lot of people are visiting the blog) but also I your blogger has the knowledge and experience about computer and technology related products.

I am a graduate of B.S. Information Technology - and if you don't know what IT professionals do, well we create and develop programs, software, websites,  to help people improve their life through providing them tools that will help them in making their lives easier. Like for example, instead of having 15 steps to be successfully enrolled at your school, we can make it to 3 easy steps. So the faster the service the more students who would love to enroll at your school. And yes, I've done this - programmed a software to help a school have 3 steps in their enrollment process.

The thing is, we don't just develop software without considering if it's USER FRIENDLY, if it is 100% error free and will be worth the money to invest and of course be useful for the business.

So for businesses who are looking for a software review then this feature is a total plus. It's because, as a tech product review blog I know what I am saying and I know what I am looking for in a software.

So obviously, as an IT graduate I must know at least the basic parts of a computer. But as a person who grew up in a family that expose me to electrical products and with a brother who loves to invent machines and stuff, I can say I am a computer and internet addict. I guess that's a plus - addict?

Though most likely, if you introduce a product to me there's a great chance I never have it before. The good thing is, I easily get to know the product and it's not hard for me to learn its features and benefits, well of course the down side of it.

My brother have an internet cafe before and for 3 years I was working at the same time at his cafe as a cafe attendant and computer maintenance. So yes, I fix computers, troubleshoot, update and install software that our customers need. I believe this is a plus for your software review needs and for computer related product review.

One of the features that my advertisers love here is that I have knowledge in ONLINE MARKETING and SEO. I know how to spread out the news and let people know what you offer through using the search engine, social media and my blog.

Also, as a SEO expert I do bookmark my posts to multiple bookmarking sites and optimize them since this can help me in increasing the status of the blog and build my reputation online.

There are a lot of benefits of having a review here at Bloggers Tech your product review blog but hopefully what I've said above is enough to let you know why.

So if you want to promote your products online, why not have the best review from the best software and product review website,