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Bloggers Tech offers you the service of amazing caricature artists where we offer you the service we (the caricature artist and I) would like to call the Online Caricature Maker. Where you get to have a caricature yourself with us!

I had a giveaway here in the blog for my 25th birthday where I give away 2 FREE custom caricature service AS A SECOND PRIZE. They were so happy with the prizes that I decided to also offer this as a part of the service here in the blog.

If you're an art lover like me and would love to see a cartoon version of you, then this would be totally great deal for you. From wedding caricature, dog caricature, baby caricature and any custom caricature you wish to have then better grab this opportunity now! You will love this as much as I do!

The caricature artist and I can make caricature in a high quality caricature drawing of you in a very affordable price. The artist have been doing this for years (and I don't know why I just thought of this now) and gave a satisfactory service to each client she have (including me)


Check out our caricature arts where we have served a lot of clients from around the world making a cartoon caricature from photos provided by them. Below you'll find the videos we've created to demonstrate the art work of our caricature artists:

Wedding Caricatures

We have clients who have placed an order for their weddings. Adding that uniqueness and memorable gift to their guess. We made a simple video for you to give you a glance of the wedding caricatures we made.


A lot of people are confused of how we work, wherein a lot of people assume that our caricature service is and should be an EXACT CARTOON VERSION OF THEM which is not a right.

To show and clarify what I mean, let's have the definition of a caricature:

(noun)a picture, description, or imitation of a person or thing in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.

(verb)make or give a comically or grotesquely exaggerated representation of (someone or something).

Our caricature artists has its own style of doing its caricature, we don't do much of EXAGGERATE your face features to make it more pleasing and cartoonish - our trademark. Still, it's a caricature artwork from our talented artists.

The purpose of finding out what is a caricature is that some people wants us to deliver AN EXACT CARTOON DRAWING OF THEM, so please understand that a CARICATURE ARTWORK is the style of the artist, it's how our artist draw a caricature artwork and this is why we only offer 1 MINOR revision to our service (for color changes, additional minor details, etc. and not to redo everything) since it's how the artist make a caricature out of the picture you've provided . We don't promise an exact cartoon of you, but we'll make a CARICATURE of you.


We have prepared multiple packages for you to choose from and we also have included some important details. We've got the most affordable package for our caricature maker service provides you with quality cartoon caricature of you or lets just say a caricature yourself. Our service will be caricatures from photos or at least a clear photo that you have provided. Upgrades are also available for your needs.

Please select any of the CARICATURE ME Packages below and surely you'll have a quality photo to caricature art by our draw caricature service.

Caricature Me 1 - $10

Price: $10 / person

Covered Area: Head to Chest
Colored: Yes - standard quality cartoon caricature art
Turn Around: 7 Days
Revisions Allowed: 1 only
File Format: .jpg
Resolution: 300 dpi
Size in Inches: No larger in 8x11 inches

Caricature Me 2 - $20

Price: $20 / person

Covered Area: Full Body
Colored: Yes - standard quality caricature drawing
Turn Around: 7 Days
Revisions Allowed: 1 only
File Format: .jpg
Resolution: 300 dpi
Size in Inches: No larger in 8x11 inches

Caricature Me 3 - $30

Price: $30 / person

Covered Area: Head to Chest
Colored: Yes - HIGH QUALITY (Painting Like Color) caricature drawing
Turn Around: 7 Days
Revisions Allowed: 1 only
File Format: .jpg
Resolution: 300 dpi
Size in Inches: No larger in 8x11 inches

caricature drawing

Caricature Me 4 - $40

Price: $40 / person

Covered Area: Full Body
Colored: Yes - HIGH QUALITY (Painting Like Color) caricature drawing
Turn Around: 7 Days
Revisions Allowed: 1 only
File Format: .jpg
Resolution: 300 dpi
Size in Inches: No larger in 8x11 inches


We also offer upgrades for our service where we draw caricatures of you. Below you'll find the available upgrades as of now, if you need more please feel free to contact us.

Standard Quality Cartoon Caricature Background: $20
High Quality Caricature Art Background: $50
PNG File Format: $10
Larger Image size: $10
Buy the COPYRIGHT of the image: $50
Buy the PSD file: $30
Rush Order :
$40 delivered within 4 days.
$30 delivered within 5 days.

Caricature Me Upgrades

What is the Difference?

Caricature ME 1 and 2 have the same caricature yourself quality. It's just that the Caricature me 1 is head shot only so that means no body for the caricature you have ordered. So obviously the second package can have the whole body caricature.

Poses, attire and look may be changed. We'll be doing photo to caricature so you could totally request a different pose. Like for example, in the photo that you provided you're posing or taking a photo in your bathroom. We could have a caricature of yourself on a stage singing in a stylish gown.


STEP #1: Choose A Package
Please refer to the PRICES section for the packages (Cartoon Me 1,2,3,4). If a package have been chosen, just click on the ADD TO CART BUTTON (located just right below the sample product for the package. If you wish to upgrade, just go back to this page and select the upgrade then add to cart. Please do take note that you cannot have the upgrade without selecting a package.

STEP #2: Pay via Paypal
We require that you pay first before we proceed with the order. Our caricature artists will not start on orders without full payment. I hope you understand. Please do take note of the TRANSACTION NUMBER. If you missed it, check your e-mail (that you use in Paypal for they'll send you a copy.) where can be found in the upper right corner.

STEP #3: Fill out the form
At the very bottom of the page you will find a form or you may just CLICK HERE and enter your order details. You will be ask for a link of your photo(s), what pose, attire, or other details you want to be specific of (e.g. in a superman outfit). You'll also be asked for the transaction number provided by paypal.

Kindly please provide a clear view and quality of your photo since we'll be having these caricatures from photos of you or at least a photo of you in high definition.

STEP #4: Wait for Confirmation
Our online caricature maker and I will be doing the confirmation MANUALLY. So please bare with us. I will personally contact you through e-mail (or if preferred we can do skype chat, gmail chat or through social media private message) within 48 hours but usually I'll get back to you within 24 hours or immediately.

We need to confirm your order before we start working on your caricature art to clarify some details (if there is) to ensure that we've understood right and get what you want. For us to be able to deliver and meet your expectations.

Once we both agree on the details, I'll be stating again that NO REFUNDS will be offered once we'll start your order and offer you to refund before we start if you wish to cancel your order. If you wish to continue, please respond that you wish to continue the order and agreed that you'll not ask for a refund.

Don't forget to CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX since I'll be using (or you may add it as your contact list now so my e-mails will go in your inbox) but if you can't be reach via the blog email I might contact you via my personal email, and please take note that no one else will contact you but just me. Other who may claim that they're contacting you in behalf of Bloggers Tech and does not discuss about our caricature yourself service then please ignore it or report it to me. You may also reach me via the following:

STEP #5: We Will Start Working
As stated, we'll be starting to draw caricature of you for at most 7 days unless you added the upgrade (3 days turnaround). We may also contact you for draft look and consult you if you're happy with the draft.

STEP #6: Sending YOUR Caricature
Once we're done, we'll immediately send you the final output of the cartoon drawing or let's just say a caricatures from photos basing of what you provided. So we do draw caricatures basing from photos and basing the face of the custom caricature from your photo.

Caricature Portfolio

We've started since 2012 and have almost thousands of orders already, we'll try to update our page with our latest caricature arts but here are a couple of our caricature artists works:

There are more to add samples of our artworks, but please feel free to contact us for any questions, clarifications and more information.

Order Now!

If you're unable to see the caricature maker order form, kindly please just CLICK HERE to go to start filling up the form.

For questions, inquiries and concerns please feel free to contact me via the blog's contact form.

* Prices may change anytime.
* Custom Cartoon Caricature turnaround is 7 (weekdays) days. Which means it does not include weekends since we're not working on weekends.
*Upgrades - means you wish to ADD more features or additional request in the service that is offered. Therefore, when you wish to upgrade custom Caricature Me 2 with an additional of 2 characters (a total of 3) you are required to pay a total of $60 before we start on the project.
* All our online caricature above are copyrights protected please do not use or copy the photos above without any permission from Bloggers Tech, the caricature artists and/or the person in the caricature.
* All caricatures will be basing and be produced from photo to caricature. You may request for poses and things you want your caricature to do or pose for but the head/face will be all base to your photo.
* Your are allowed to use the caricature for personal use only. All of our caricature maker artworks / caricatures are protected by Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivs 3.0 Philippines License.
* If you wish to use the artworks for commercial use please buy the copyrights license where you will also get the PSD (Photoshop) file of your caricature.
*Paypal Charges is added when you purchase the caricature drawing and that is 3.9% + $0.30 of the caricature me package that you have ordered.
*Refunds. Please note that once you place an order and we confirm that we are starting on your order, we do not offer to refund your payment anymore. So please make sure you've contacted me and asked questions, check the quality and be as detailed as you can for us to meet what you need. Again NO REFUNDS.

Caricature Me - Sales Page Updates
 January 23, 2013 - Clarify the Refunds.
* Instead of stating on the PayPal charges line (Notes Area) that payment is non-refundable, I created a new line where refunds is further explained, clarify and seen.
* Agreement that payments is non-refundable is now included in the order form.
* "No Refunds" and process is stated on Step #4 to again remind the customer about refunds.
** We don't offer refunds since we started this service because we put efforts and time on it, so please do understand that if you're not happy with the artwork you may request for some changes BUT please be as detailed as you can when placing an order so we wont do a Redo. We're totally open for some minor changes and easy to talk with.