About Me


I want to share the latest technology, gadgets, internet tips and tricks to everyone who wish to know about it. I'm also planning to include some free tutorials on HTML, CSS but I'm trying to manage my time since I'm quite busy. But anyway, that is one of my target - that is sharing, informing and teaching everyone (who's interested) in knowing more about techy stuff from me!


I won’t say so (for now) but I want to be one!


It’s because I’m using Google to search what I want to know (LOL). Apply it on my blog, then run and test if it’s working.

But really, I know HTML, CSS, PHP and some other languages because I am an IT (Information Technology) graduate. Four (4) years of extensive learning, teaching, learning these languages, passing exams and tests and show my instructors that I know it and I am worth it to let go to the world and work! So that’s why I understand the codes on Blogspot and hopefully I could make you guys understand too through my Blogspot tutorials here in Bloggers Tech.


I am a SEO Expert, working with different clients from all over the world who are in need of my knowledge and skills. So yes, I can also teach you here in the blog how to make your blog SEO friendly and yes it’s for free! FREE! FREE…!!! That's why I also offer SEO Blogspot service for you guys.


Oh YES I can! But that is of course letting me have FREE access with your product. I can't write if I don't know anything about it. I also don't want to post basic details about your product on the blog since they want review about it and not the specs, features, etc. since I think that would obviously be on your official site already.

I can review the following:
  • Software Review
  • Computer Peripherals  Review (e.g. Webcam, keyboard, mouse, speakers, headset,etc.)
  • Computer Imaging & Printing Review (e.g. printer, scanner - mine is dead at the moment)
  • Computer Networking  Review (e.g. router, wireless USB, etc.)
  • Tablet Review (e.g. iPad)
  • Laptop Review
  • Cellphone Review 
  • Camera  Review (e.g. digicam, DSLR)
  • Website Review
  • and other more reviews that is in connection with technology, internet and blogging.

Also, you might also be interested in knowing my wishlist, since there are GENEROUS advertisers who have already offered me their product/service for free in exchange of a review. So check out my wishlist:

  • Laptop
I do already have a laptop but it's already more than a year old, and with a user like me I'm worried if it will retire soon. 

I've worked before as a internet cafe maintenance where I have to update, upgrade, reformat, install software and check it every now and then. So pretty much I can say I have the knowledge in computers compared to a regular person. So surely, you'll be able to have an awesome review from a user that have knowledge on computers (hardware and software).
  • Tablet
Tablet's are too expensive for me. I can already feed my 5 dogs for more than 2 years with the price of an iPad, so I'd rather spend it to my dogs who help me being stress free (especially that I've got a work-at-home job).

I of course do have experience using it  but it's not that extensive. I just borrowed it from a KID about 30 minutes. I would really love to get my hands on these tablets, use it (the apps - or create an app for it) but of course my priority with my income is different.

Maybe someday I'll have it, maybe advertisers can help me make my dreams  true? :D

  • Cellphone / Mobile
Usually, in the family if there's some problem with their phone they come to me. I remember my Dad that he request to have the "NOBODY BUT YOU" song as his ringtone, and also my Mom who can't seem to understand the phone browsing.

  • Camera
I'm a huge MOMENT CATCHER . I belove taking photos and videos, I even took pictures of landscapes, my dogs, orchids of my Mom, my cats and others. But of course the problem is I don't have a great tool with me, again it's too expensive.

I was supposed to have the DSLR that my sister gave to my Dad, but then my Dad died so my brother ask if the DSLR could be his now. UNLUCKY me, he asked first so he got the cam.

I do know how to use DSLR, digicam, webcam (since it's also a camera) and also love to experiment with it. I prefer a camera that is a waterproof since I also have a travel blog and I do travel and do some adventures but if it's not, it's okay.. better than nothing right?

  • Spy Gadgets
Anyway, if you're one of the people who'll be interested for this then go visit my ADVERTISE page for my blog services offer. If you're thinking twice if it fits me then feel free to contact me.

Why Bloggers Tech?

Well, simple. There's already CustomerTech & TechSupport (for call centers) so why not have a Bloggers Tech? The Tech for Bloggers, Pinoy Blogger and wanna be bloggers! Well, TECH obviously means technology too.


I am your  Pinoy Bloggers Tech!