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IPS-Cambodia Review: Making Apartment Hunting a Pleasurable Experience

Looking for a place to call your home is not an easy task. It requires long hours of research, looking at hundreds of websites, browsing through numerous pictures, and arranging many visits before you can actually find one that you like. In the process of finding a place to stay while I am in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I found the IPS-Cambodia website. is a real estate website offering properties for sale and for rent. Their offerings include apartments, villas and townhouses, offices spaces, and even land for rent or sale. Their property list is very extensive, with properties available in almost any area in the country.

The Home Page

When I clicked on the website, the page that greeted me is designed in soft blue hues. Not too light to look unappealing, and not too dark to hurt my eyes. Right on top is a search function. It allows you to pick out the area that you want, the number of bedrooms, a rent/sell option, and the price range that you would be willing to pay. Like any of their pages, there are attractive pictures of properties available, and pictures of the country as well.

User Experience

The website looks pleasing to the eye. Pictures are highly defined and the colors are not shouting. I browsed through some of the listings and I noticed that they provided all the information I need in the details and descriptions. The pictures included in the listing gave me a pretty good idea of what the property is going to be like.

Descriptions are clear and straight to the point. Pictures are nice to look at. It shows the specific area where the property is located, the price, the inclusions, and answered almost any question that I have, without having to contact the company by phone or email.

Ease of Getting the Information

The website is designed to make it easy for users to navigate around the site. It has specific categories that give any user a customized experience. If you want to look at houses, just navigate to the residential pages. There are also pages specifically for Commercial spaces, location-based categories, and a category for their blogs.

At the bottom of their page, there is a clear indication of where their offices are located and contact information. It’s very easy to find what you need.

What Caught My Attention

I like the fact that in each of the listing, there is a contact us option on the right side of the page. When I found the specific apartment that I liked, I didn't have to go back to the homepage or navigate further, I immediately just sent an inquiry from the page where I am.

Aside from the listings, the website is also very useful. There are many articles in Cambodia that would help me during my stay in the country. It doesn't just focus on selling me a property, it made me feel like a part of the community, by just looking through their site.

Apartment hunting or finding a good property to invest in is hard. However, a good website like made things so much easier.

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