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Top Reasons Why You Should And Should Not Buy The Samsung Galaxy S7

Can you imagine a life without a mobile phone?  I certainly cannot.  I can imagine a life without a great deal of things, but if you take away my technological devices I am certain I'd be unable to survive.  Why is this?  It is because our society has become one dependent on technology for communication, interaction, and basic daily functioning.  New mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and even fitness devices are being produced constantly and it is essential to keep up with the times.  Of course, with the plethora of options available it is necessary to make some considerations before committing to a single device.  This article provides information on why you should and should not buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Galaxy S7

1. The MicroSD Card

Twenty years ago storage was not an important feature of a mobile phone, but nowadays storage capacity is a vital aspect.  This is due to the fact that we download numerous apps onto the smartphone for our lifestyle needs.  I have a minimum of ten apps ranging from games and audio apps to GPS tracking and fitness monitors.  To accommodate these items, as well as the traditional phone numbers and other contact information, a large storage capacity is required.  The Samsung Galaxy S7 has identified this need and responded with 200GB additional storage in a microSD card.

2. Waterproof And Dustproof

A problem that many people experience with mobile phones is dust; hence the demand for smartphone covers.  The Galaxy S7 is now completely dustproof being fully resistant to dust particles.  Furthermore, it is also waterproof to a depth of approximately 3m - still to be confirmed.

3. High Speed Performance

When compared to the Galaxy S6, the S7 provides a speedier performance with 30% quicker CPU and 64% quicker GPU.  Often moving between apps on the device can be slow, but the S7 has increased speed and clarity - dependent on your region, of course.

2 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy The Galaxy S7

1. Little Difference To The Galaxy S6

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 has approached and resolved many of the concerns noted by S6 users, there is little difference to the specifications.  The performance may be speedier, the design may be better, and the microSD card may have been returned, but these changes are not necessarily worth the large purchase amount.  If you are holding a phone less high quality than the Galaxy S6, the specifications and performance of the S7 may be worlds apart from the rest; however, the S6 is very similar to the S7 and may not be worth the upgrade.

2. Paying For The Design, Not The Specs

The great appeal of the Galaxy S7 is its new design with a smaller SD card, water and dustproof handling, and high speed performance - the specifications of pixels and resolution feature matter little because there is no great change from the previous Galaxy models.  If you are a great fan of design and the smartphone appearance, then the S7 is definitely worth a look; however, if you are more interested in specifications then there are other models that are as powerful without being as costly.

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