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Finding Your Dream Job in Marketing through Blogging

What do you think of when you hear the word "blog?" Does a sports or parenting site come to mind? Believe it or not, those who are truly interested in finding a great job are now using blogs to get job offers. There are a number of reasons why this technique is effective.

Finding Your Dream Job in Marketing through Blogging

It's like a resume, but with more information

It's important to have a resume. Everyone knows that, which is why everyone has one. However, resumes are limited; there is only so much space to discuss your skills. A blog allows you to highlight everything that you do well. For instance, is writing one of your passions? You can put up one of your own pieces that potential employers can evaluate. Regardless of your profession, there are items that you can add to your blog that will show people what you can do. However, make sure that you are not misleading in any way.

It puts your name on the web

Most employers these days look up their potential employees on the Internet. Having a blog means that your name will show up in the search engines, and your prospective employer will see good things about you. You can showcase your professionalism in your blog. You can give others an idea of your creativity. There really is no limit. The best part is that you control what others will see, so make sure they see only good things about you which will help if you’re looking for a digital marketing career.

It allows you to network

Employers certainly want to hire someone that knows what they are doing. But, they also want to work with an individual that has connections in their field. Even if your LinkedIn profile isn't up to par, a blog that has a number of followers indicates that you are good at establishing relationships. This is a valuable skill.

It helps you stay in the loop

If you have been searching for a job for some time, it is easy to get complacent. However, blogging helps you to stay informed. It helps you to learn and grow, since you are constantly adding new information to your site. In addition, you may start to be seen as an expert in the field, which can only help you.

It helps you to stand out

Think of all the resumes that employers look through each day! They likely get tired of reading the same things over and over again. However, your blog can showcase your personality much more than you resume. This gives you a competitive edge over others that are applying for the position.

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