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Timesheet Time Tracker Freeware – How Does Graphical Timesheet Work?

With the business environment getting more and more competitive these days, time tracking has become very important. Many companies are making use of online time trackers or installing time tracker software apps in their computers to keep track of every minute of work time being spent by their employees.

There are many freeware apps which do not cost a single cent, but come with basic features that can help small-scale or startup businesses to manage their employee time quite effectively. Timesheet is one such app. It comes from the company Timecamp, and graphical timesheet is one of its most interesting features. Find out all about it.

User-friendly project timesheet software

This new kind of timesheet can be tweaked easily to meet specific requirements. It comes with quite a few excellent settings which can ensure an impeccable experience. It has a clearer, attractive and more advanced interface. It shows time in a calendar format, which is the reason why the graphical timesheets appear similar to time tables for the week.

Easy editing of the entries

The timesheet in this app can also be easily edited. You can conveniently rectify every single entry that you make. You can alter the time frame, add notes to the sheet or even remove them if you find that you have committed some error. You cannot find this feature to edit timesheets in many other apps in the market.

Manipulating data easily

With only a few clicks, the timesheet can be drawn. All that you need to do is click on a record, select it, drag it to the point where you want it to be and then release it. Your team time tracking tasks can get easier with this intuitive app.

Direct time tracking

In the graphical view of the sheet, you can get the ability to directly track time. You can run the timer easily by clicking on a button and then choosing a specific project. Once you do it, you can concentrate on the task. You can trust the timesheet to take care of the remaining things. The sheet can help you to record every minute of your business that is billable and ensure that it is being spent on the right tasks.

Easy timer

The sheet is also equipped with a very easy to use and attractive timer. You can select a project and browse various sites and find the timer to be active still. Once the tracking is complete, you can click on a button to stop the tracking and automatically add a fresh entry.

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