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6 Tips for Bloggers on Getting Sponsors for the Blog

January 2012 – My first blog, my travel blog was turning 1 year old, and I wanted to celebrate it because I survive for 1 year in blogging plus my blog is starting to get recognized – well, at least being a nominee.

So a month before that I started to send emails to different companies on sponsoring my first anniversary, and yes there was a sponsor – if I remember it right there were 2 of them.

Anyway, I’ve been asking businesses to sponsor my travel blog lately too, with this I’d like to share a couple of tips with everyone on how to convince or ask businesses to sponsor my blog.

But before anything else, please take note that I’m not claiming to be an expert on this. I just do this, and there are blogger friends who asked me how do I do it.

IT’S NOT EASY. It take days, or weeks to get a sponsor and my trip is near. But then, when someone do sponsor my blogs I am very thankful for their support that I make the most out of it.

6 Tips for Bloggers on Getting Sponsors for the Blog

Tip #1: Be Direct to the Point.

Don’t make your emails be too long that it may take their marketer or business owner to finish reading your email in 48 billion years. Make it as short as possible, but have everything they should know be stated in that email.

Tip #2: Stats DO matter, but not really that Important

When I started out I was crossing my fingers, even now that, that blog is 5 years old, got some awards, I’m still crossing my fingers. I was new back then, I’m older now, I still get NOs from time to time. So really, it’s not important to have a huge stat. You don’t need to be number 1 and famous to get sponsors. What’s important is my next tip…

Tip #3: What do they get from you?

What they want to know is, why they should sponsor you (what’s the event?), and what do they get in return. They don’t sponsor bloggers because you’re a blogger, they should get something in return, nothing’s free in this world dude….except for love, I think.

For me example, I do say that when they sponsor a stay at their hotel, I will do a blog post about their hotel, social media exposure, and there might be a video (if doable).

Tip #4: Deliver.

It doesn’t mean that they’re done sponsoring you, you don’t have any responsibilities to them anymore. That you don’t need to do what you’ve promised (from Tip #3).

Please note that when you don’t deliver, it’s not only you or your blog who’ll be damage or affected. All the bloggers are. There are businesses who do tell me that they’re crossing their fingers in sponsoring me and hoping I’d do what I said because there are a number of bloggers who don’t do what they claim to do – I end up getting a huge thanks from them after that.

An example of how I deliver.

So, please do. For the love of blogging, for the rest of the bloggers around the world, please deliver.
Note: When you do deliver, there’s a great possibility that your sponsor will share it on their social media accounts. Exposure for you! Plus, there are also some sponsors who do link to your post, another benefit from you!

Tip #5: Have a MEDIA KIT page.

Some people call it different, I do have that page but I don’t call it media kit. It’s also important to have it because since you have a short email, the media kit page on your blog will be a huge source and will have all the information that a sponsor will need. You can go explain as long as you want there, be detailed as you can too.

There are also times that someone you think ordinary or maybe one of your readers is actually a business owner. That will be a great time to showcase or show that you do accept invites and opportunities.

Please don’t forget to include the link to your media kit page to your email. Something like, “to find out more about the benefit on sponsoring my blog through this link: ”, this will be a great opportunity too to have your potential sponsor to check out your blog.

Tip #6: Give the sponsor time to think.

There are sponsors who’ll reply in a matter of days, or weeks even. They sometimes need an approval form the owner, or marketing side. So don’t email 20 potential sponsors in 1 day or in the first week, give them about 2 weeks to respond. Then email another batch again.

What happened to me when I emailed more than 10 of them in day 1 is that I get a lot of sponsors that I only have a day to spare.

Now, how do I know all this? Why I know this? Other than being a blogger myself, I’m a SEO specialist and my clients do consult me from time to time if it’s worth it to sponsor certain bloggers who ask them for sponsorships, and I want exposure.

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