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3 Benefits Of WiFi Security Cameras

With the popularity of wireless networks, more people are continually opting for networked camera solutions for their home security requirements. A WiFi security camera offer more flexibility in their use, compared to wired cameras. They can be installed almost anywhere, requiring only a power source, and a battery pack. Modern WiFi cameras come with encryption, multi-way audio feeds, automatic night vision, as well as pan and tilt control.

A WiFi security camera have an in-built antenna, which is used to establish a connection with a wireless access point. Configuration and pairing is usually done by connecting the camera to a router via a standard network cable. The initial configuration requires assigning the camera an IP address and a port. Nonetheless, this should not worry you as it is automatic in most cases. The cameras also have a firmware, which facilitates their compatibility with other devices, and offers features such as zoom, pan, tilt, etc directly on your device.

3 Benefits Of WiFi Security Cameras

Here are the three (3) top benefits of having your very own WiFi security cameras:

Wireless Control

Snacking cables are often a nuisance. For security cameras, you might need to connect them outside using long cables. The beauty of wireless security cameras is that you don’t need all that. The cameras are simply connected via a wireless network. With WiFi, you can control and monitor each camera provided you are connected to the network. This can be done via a computer, Smartphone, laptop, or tablet connected to the internet, and the picture quality is unaffected. What you need is the right software, and you can view all what the security cameras can “see’’ from any location.

Night Vision

This feature allows your security camera system to record even in darkness. This can be very beneficial for people who are away on a regular basis. You can easily monitor the activity in your home in a distant place, even if it is night time there.  You can strategically position the cameras in your basement, or the garage, to keep an eye on the activity in such places. These are then integrated with you’re your email service or phone notification system, in order to alert you wherever you are in case of any intrusion.

Motion Detection

This allows you to record footage on a smaller portable hard drive. You can get rid of hours of footage, and easily find the essential footage. Hidden WIFi cameras can record images and transmit them to a hard drive, or view them real time, in order to take the right course of action. When they detect motions from an intruder or loot in your compound, they will send you an alert to your phone or security system, depending on how they are programmed.

When choosing a WiFi security camera system, you should list the compatibility options of the cameras. This will ensure that they are compatible with the type of WiFi network in place. The most common Wi-Fi networks are the 802.11b/g/n but recent times have seen the introduction of 802.11a. it is advisable that you look for those with all these options for forward compatibility, even with your future devices.

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