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Control Your Company's Budget and Your Employee Computer Activity with Time Tracking Software

When you run a business that has employees working and getting paid for on an hourly basis, it becomes important to track time. Time tracking software has many advantages over the more traditional, manual ways of time recording. With time tracking software for employees, you can be sure that there are no mistakes causing you to overspend on your company’s budget. It can help you trim your company’s expenditure considerably. Let’s look at the benefits of time tracking and what you can download for free for your company to get streamlined in very little time.

In earlier days, time recording was done through a task time tracker that was on printed sheets, which had to be manually signed in by employees each time they entered and exited the workplace. This caused a lot of delay in work getting done and precious minutes getting lost every morning and evening, which could have been better utilized at work. This kind of recording made tracking of employees’ work times a hassle for human resources. There could be a lot of mistakes in calculating time due to human errors in entering the time. Sometimes, the timings that were written could get smudged or illegible due to any spillages or other damages to the record books. Any such errors would lead to miscalculations which could cost the company dearly in terms of salary expenditures. This kind of time tracking also makes it difficult to track the timings of freelance workers.

With fully automated software for time tracking now on the Internet, it has become very easy for businesses to track their employees, whether full time or freelance. This kind of software helps managers have better visibility about the work habits of employees, while keeping the same level of accountability possible for employees who work remotely or on a freelance basis. With time tracking, you can also go a step further and get screenshots of the computer screens of employees from time to time. It has also become easy to manage time across multiple projects, so you can see exactly how much time you are spending on each and allocate time as necessary to those projects that need it more than others.

With free software for time tracking, you can also make sure that you send accurate bills to your clients about the time spent on projects. The software ensures transparency and accountability to clients, so that they are assured that there is no over billing being done as they can see exactly how many hours was spent on a particular project. As a company, you also know that your employees’ computer activity and time management is being closely monitored for greater productivity.

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