Thursday, August 20, 2015

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Can Technology Be Used To Build Genuine Relationships?

Today, we leverage the power of technology to reinforce our connections with those around us.
While Facebook is trying to get the next billion users on board, Snapchat is revolutionizing the
way we communicate. Instagram allows us to manifest our artistic side, and Skype enables us
connect with our loved ones across far distances. But what if you’re a new grad, entering the
workforce for the first time in an unknown city? Or a romantic, looking to discover your other
half? Or simply a solo traveller, overtaken by wanderlust, wanting to be immersed with the
language, culture, and people of your travel destination?

Sure, there’s Tinder for discovering new dates, LinkedIn for discovering working professionals, for discovering social gatherings, and Chat Roulette for discovering well ... people.
But are you really willing to entrust the rest of your life with a simple right swipe?

Taylr is a new iOS app that helps you discover and build genuine, authentic connections with
those around you. One interesting thing about this app is that your profile is composed of your
social media activities from various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This not only gives you a way to showcase your multifaceted personality, but also provides for a
much more interesting discovery experience of those around you. Because real social media
accounts are tied to real user profiles, Taylr naturally discourages cyber bullying or other
inappropriate behavior seen on anonymous social networks.

The other interesting thing about Taylr is that communication in it are entirely composed of
asynchronous video messages. Think snapchat videos, or video based text messages. Radical,
right? Well, not quite. According to Forbes, it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression, and a
Stanford University study pointed out that videos of teachers had a huge correlation on the
teachers’ end­ of­ semester evaluations. In the context of getting to know someone new, video is
by far the easiest way of measuring authenticity and compatibility. Plus, it allows for the delivery
of rich multimedia content (think playing a guitar song for your potential date, or showing an
investor a demo of your new startup idea), previously impossible with the text based
communication that we are all used to.

If you’re interested in seeing what Taylr has to offer, go check it out at or
search Taylr on the App store. We hope to turn a world full of strangers into a world full of

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