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2 Ways to Start and Create Your Own Blog

2 Ways to Start and Create Your Own Blog

I’ve started blogging way back in January 2011, and that means I’m turning 5 years in blogging. Other than this blog, BloggersTech.com I have other blogs too like my travel blog ExoticPhilippines.info and my personal blog gadumaguing.com. Pretty much, I have the experience on how to create your own blog and today I’ll be sharing some tips with you.

There are a lot of reasons you may want to start a blog, you may want to try out the said to be “blogging for money” or just want to make money with blogging. So whatever reason you have in mind, keep that in mind as your motivation before you start all this.

#1 Start from Scratch

This is the cheapest, hardest, but a fun way to do it. It’s cheap because most likely you’ll be paying everything for yourself, and you can have and start a blog totally for FREE. But the fees piles up with you want your own domain and want a hosting company host your blog, especially if you want a Wordpress blog. So yes, you’re the blog creator! The blog maker! But you don’t know how? Well, watch some tutorials in YouTube, ask me a question, or just hire me. LOL.

It’s also fun to do it because you get the control on what to name it, how you start it, and how you want it to be. It brings out the creative part of you, and it’s totally fun!

And of course, it’s hard. Though you get to name it, you must make sure that you’ll name it right, other than that with a lot of bloggers these days, even in your specific niche it’s hard to compete with these bloggers who have been around for years, who have an authority blog in the niche, and you want to be among them and make a name for yourself. Sometimes you’ll want to stop, you’ll lose the motivation to blog, but then if you keep on fighting, going, and doing what you’re passionate about you’ll love the prizes you get in each milestones.

Want to know how to start a blog? Lucky you, I already have blogged about it. Check out my blog post on "Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog?"

#2 Buy an Authority Site

Be warned. This may cost you since of course the website or blog that you’ll buy is already an authority site. The price will depend on the niche, the name, and how long it has been around and please don’t forget the seller.

What do I mean by authority site? They’re websites. Not just domain. You can buy just the domain, but it’s best to buy the whole website itself so you won’t lose ranking, the authority of the niche especially if it’s been around for years.

Where can you buy these authority sites? Well, one of the website I know where you can get authority sites is NICHE JET Authority sites, they’re all well managed by one of the people I trust in the industry, Jonathan Leger. So yes, basically NICHE JET is an authority website creator that is all ready for you to take over and control.

Luckily today, August 12, 2015 until August 15, 2015 he’s sharing with me a DISCOUNT CODE AND A BONUS for everyone who’ll be reading this post to enjoy.

All his sites up for sale are in Wordpress, with a domain (of course), ten 100% unique articles published, custom graphics, royalty free images, and of course authority in the niche.
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Please note, that YOU will be getting a huge $150 discount and a ready-to-profit, complete Amazon store on its own domain with every authority site purchase! Which also means every customer will get TWO (2) sites on two separate domains, both ready to profit from day one!

Got a question about this topic? Leave it as a comment below and I’ll try my best to answer your questions.

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