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Veems - Not Your Ordinary Messaging App

Veems - Not Your Ordinary Messaging App

How many messaging apps do you know on Android? How many of them are on the top 100 apps? No apps is perfect, yet. And voila! A new messaging app is born!

Veems is an instant messaging app with a kick. This app is not your ordinary app but an app where you can send stickers, yes Facebook Messenger also have this. But does their stickers have voices?

Yes, you read it right! Veems stickers has voices, and you can even make your own stickers with voices too. Take a picture and record your voice easily, in few easy steps and voila! You get your own sticker, you get a lot of choices to send to your friends and family that are on Veems.

I'd also say that there are some rooms for improvement for this app which is very doable. So, I do hope they'd be able to work on it and there's surely a higher chance for it to rank to the top 100 apps on Playstore.

Go on, try out Veems and discover Veems for yourself. You might find it useful for you and it may bring the creative side in you. I’ve sent an invite to few of my friends to try it out a bit and see if we’d stay for a long time, or we’d stop and go back to using what we’re used to.

A review on this app? Let’s see. I’ll be launching a new YouTube series for Bloggers Tech soon so let’s see if it will be able to make into the first few apps I’ll be reviewing. In connection with this new series, if you have any apps you want me to review please let me know. Don’t be shy to let me know about it! I’ll try my best to be in detail as I can.

Let us know once you tried the app, leave it as a comment below and let everyone know what you think of the app.

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