Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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UrbanDenoiser Player – Safe Music in My Ears

As someone who spent a lot of time on my gadgets like my smartphone, and as someone who loves music, I do listen to music on my phone even I’m just at home, waiting or hanging out at the mall, or travelling to somewhere. And I’ve noticed, for the past years my hearing is not that good anymore.

But then, I was introduced to this app which is (as of now) available at the Apple Store and Windows Store (they said it will be soon available at Play Store) called Urban Denoiser Player. What is it? It’s simply a music player that will automatically adjust your phones volume when playing music depending on where you are. So, yes that’s why the title of this blog post is “safe music in my ears” because it will adjust the volume that will be safe for your ears and still get the best and satisfying sound.

What it does? Well, you’ll be surprise.

Automatic Volume Adjustment

There are features on this app, options that you can choose on how you want the app will act on when it comes to noises. Like for example, if you’re at home and don’t want to be disturbed or hear your siblings playing and laughing, you may want to choose the “Denoiser” mode, if you’re at the street walking or at the mall you may want to go for the “Surround” mode wherein the app will detect any noises and will adjust the volume when someone talks or ask you – isn’t that cool, no need to get your phone to adjust the volume or remove your headset.

Personalized Sound

We all have different preferences on how much is too loud, my Mom and I surely have a huge different. Sometimes the sound that is not loud enough for her, is too loud for me.

With Urban Denoiser Player’s “Natural Sound” mode, first you’ll be spending few minutes to the app so it could study or know what is the natural sound to you. Then of course, after that every time you choose this mode, the sound settings will be automatically adjust to your pleasing.

Sound Mode Combination

Of course, you want the sound settings that would be ideal for you and safe for your ears, at the same time ignore the noises around you or let it automatically adjust when there’s a noise that needed to be heard- like someone asking you something.

So, there’s an option to combine the modes. You may combine the Natural Sound to the Denoiser, or the Natural sound to Surround – so cool!

Anyway, I’m still waiting for it at the Play Store since I don’t own any Apple or Windows smartphone or gadgets. So hopefully, they’ll soon release their version for Androids at the Play Store soon!

For more information about this product you may visit their website, or just go ahead and check it out and download it at the Apple Store!

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