Friday, April 10, 2015

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How to Auto Share New Blog Posts on Social Media Accounts?

How to Auto Share New Blog Posts on Social Media Accounts

I'm not a full-time blogger. I do work online as a freelance SEO specialist and Social Media Manager, and I don't have the time of the world to also manage and update all my social media accounts may it be for personal or the blog, I can't immediately update my readers that hey, I have a new blog post and on the day I scheduled it to be published I want my readers to know.

Wait, don't get me wrong I don't use Wordpress. It's not that I hate Wordpress, I love it too but I can't afford or don't want to spend money on hosting and domain, plus I don't want to worry myself about my blog being hacked or malwares - which I don't have any of these problems with Blogspot/Blogger (well, so far).

So, I have to improvise and find ways on things and features I want my blog to have. Luckily there are smart people who do share their techniques online, and there are software available to help me out. And today, I want to share one of the ways or techniques I have in blogging for almost 5 years.

Blog Hacks

Yes, before all that, let me introduce you to BLOG HACKS it is a new YouTube video series of tutorials on ways to improvise with your blogging - and no I'm not going to teach you how to hack someone else's blog, but I'll teach you how to hack your own blog to make it all easier for you.

Please note that I just have access as of now for Blogspot/Blogger blogs if you have Wordpress problems I still may be able to help. So, do feel free to drop your questions at the BLOG HACKS DROPBOX. If you have a problem with your blog, I'm going to answer it through Blog Hacks if I have no other episode to prioritize. Please no RELATIONSHIP problems, I'm no expert on that.

How to Auto Share New Blog Posts on Social Media Accounts?

Let's get it on! What you need on this tutorial are the following:

  • Hootsuite Account (FREE is totally okay)
  • Social Media Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, etc.)
  • Feed URL of the Blog

Ready? Got it all? Then go on and play the video. I might talk too fast. Sorry!

For any concerns, questions about this tutorial, please feel free to leave them all as a comment below. Or, if you want to talk about some other stuff about your blog, go on and drop me a message at our BLOG HACKS DROPBOX or just use the contact page.

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