Wednesday, February 18, 2015

4 Reasons to Use Technology Today

4 Reasons to Use Technology Today

With the amount of technology these days it is important to be very vigilant because there are certain information that you share online that could be harmful for you including personal details such as your real name, credit card numbers, address and even contact numbers.

But technology is somehow a double edged sword too, since it also has the ability to provide facts and figures that you need with just a touch of a button including services like real phone lookup, genealogy sites and other pages that provide very useful and up to date information.

Technology Encourages Knowledge

However unfortunate it seems, technology has literally replaced some of the classic learning materials like that of encyclopedias, journals and books for most of the youth.

The task these days though is to breakdown through which information is correct and which ones are just simply out of order and falsely claimed.

Technology Resolves Issues Immediately

In instances where there are particular facts and figures that need to be obtained, using the computer and other devices can easily answer some of the toughest issues that need to be resolved like say an anonymous call from an anonymous number or the name of a biological parent.

The constant changes and development through the internet has made it possible for names, numbers and other particulars to be pointed out and identified at once.

Technology Reduces Wasted Time and Effort

Whether it be shopping for clothing, food and other everyday goods, the ability to get things done at a quicker rate that is more convenient has become a reality that a lot of people these days experience thanks to technology.

Gone are the days when waiting in line is needed or having to travel from one part of town to another just to purchase items – a lot of online purchases these days has made life easier for everyone.

Technology Keeps People Connected

The constant development of social media sites as well as the growing improvements of communication applications has made technology the bread and butter of keeping people much more connected at a faster rate.

Times have changed when a phone call meant having to walk out and insert some money to a booth just to talk with loved ones, these days having a cellular phone and other high tech mobile devices has literally changed the way people are able to get in touch with each other.

Monday, February 16, 2015

4 Tips for Buying a Cheap Domain Name

4 Tips for Buying a Cheap Domain Name

Right now, there are millions of websites on the internet, all waiting for anyone and everyone to see them. With so many websites out there, you might begin to think that there's simply no way for you to get the domain name you want. Whatever the domain name is, it's probably been bought up by domain squatters, and would cost you a great deal of money to buy, right?

Not necessarily! There are some ways to help make sure you get a cheap domain name, if you're willing to work for it.

Striking a Domain!

For starters, make sure the domain name you want is memorable without being simplistic. Don't just try to buy a one word domain name like "" if you want to talk about shoes. That's certain to be purchased already.

Instead, try for things like "", which is memorable if you want to talk about shoes, like the women's shoes from Zalora. But most likely, it is taken because surely you’ll not be the first one who thought about this and there are a lot of people who do buy and sell with domains.

But I think “” sounds better, more memorable. Don’t you think?

Try Other Domain

Another thing you can do is try seeing if the end destination might be different. For example, if "" is already taken, you might try "" or "". It would allow you to have the domain name that you want, even though it's not a .com name.

The Other Companies

You can also try to purchase a domain name through one of the several domain companies out there on the market. Some of them charge quite a bit, but many of them are willing to sell you the domain name you want at an affordable price. For the cost of a few dollars a month, you could have a simple website that brings the kind of traffic you're looking for.

But please take note, it doesn’t mean that it is not available to DOMAIN COMPANY A, it will be available in DOMAIN COMPANY B. I’m just giving this tip because other companies may charge cheaper.

Put a Prefix or Suffix on It!

You can also try changing one letter in the domain name you want. For example, if "" is taken, you could try "" as an alternative, or add some other words like “”. This is a dangerous game, however, because if your domain name is too similar to an already existing one, you could lose quite a bit of traffic to the already existing domain name.

Ultimately, buying a domain cheaply and easily is a matter of being willing to put in the research. Don't just give up if the first domain name you want is taken! Try to come up with several interesting domain names that are sure to generate traffic. And be willing to shop around on price. You never know what you'll find if you're willing to do the research!