Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Timesheet Time Tracker Freeware – How Does Graphical Timesheet Work?

With the business environment getting more and more competitive these days, time tracking has become very important. Many companies are making use of online time trackers or installing time tracker software apps in their computers to keep track of every minute of work time being spent by their employees.

There are many freeware apps which do not cost a single cent, but come with basic features that can help small-scale or startup businesses to manage their employee time quite effectively. Timesheet is one such app. It comes from the company Timecamp, and graphical timesheet is one of its most interesting features. Find out all about it.

User-friendly project timesheet software

This new kind of timesheet can be tweaked easily to meet specific requirements. It comes with quite a few excellent settings which can ensure an impeccable experience. It has a clearer, attractive and more advanced interface. It shows time in a calendar format, which is the reason why the graphical timesheets appear similar to time tables for the week.

Easy editing of the entries

The timesheet in this app can also be easily edited. You can conveniently rectify every single entry that you make. You can alter the time frame, add notes to the sheet or even remove them if you find that you have committed some error. You cannot find this feature to edit timesheets in many other apps in the market.

Manipulating data easily

With only a few clicks, the timesheet can be drawn. All that you need to do is click on a record, select it, drag it to the point where you want it to be and then release it. Your team time tracking tasks can get easier with this intuitive app.

Direct time tracking

In the graphical view of the sheet, you can get the ability to directly track time. You can run the timer easily by clicking on a button and then choosing a specific project. Once you do it, you can concentrate on the task. You can trust the timesheet to take care of the remaining things. The sheet can help you to record every minute of your business that is billable and ensure that it is being spent on the right tasks.

Easy timer

The sheet is also equipped with a very easy to use and attractive timer. You can select a project and browse various sites and find the timer to be active still. Once the tracking is complete, you can click on a button to stop the tracking and automatically add a fresh entry.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Best Way to Select a Hosted VoIP Supplier

VoIP is one of the finest inventions in communicating technology that man has ever seen. This invention provides you with the chance to make calls by your internet connection without all the phone lines of standard telephone service and the hardware. The calls are more affordable and the call quality is clearer.
You've quite a few suppliers to choose from if you intend to set up VoIP services. You'll find bundles perfect for private along with business objectives. Additions can be found by you at three way calling, no extra cost like teleconferencing and of course video conferencing. The technology is simple to use and you do not need to be a computer whiz. 
If you're uncertain that VoIP is right for you find a supplier which supplies a free testing service or a money-back guarantee or to be on the safe side both. In this manner you don't have to give to it long term if you don't enjoy it or believe that it is not acceptable for you. 

On telephoning using this technology than if you were using standard telecommunications technology, it's possible for you to save as much as 60%. However there'll be different prices between different businesses and all will have their different packages covering things that are different. Shopping around can help you find the very best bargain.
 There are several companies that let you keep your old telephone number if you're curious in that make sure you inquire as many of them don't supply this service as it is really a bit complicated. 
VoIP is something you definitely should consider as the long distance rates are very cheap in the event you run a business that requires you to make a lot of long distance calls then! There are even providers that offer you discounts for making a specific amount of international calls per month. 
Should you'd like to try the system out before you commit you can try it with a number from your provider afterward when you determine it is what you want then you can have them change over your old number. 
So now you see why VoIP has gotten so popular it means great economies and dazzling call quality which both make life better, more straightforward and worry free. 
VoIP is particularly popular for people or companies who call long-distance frequently, because of the exceptionally low rates and also the savings one can get from using this. It is also best to canvass about for various hosted VoIP providers to locate the ones offering the greatest long distance rates, particularly useful if you phone a certain nation a lot. In reality, some strategies may even have the capacity to provide you discounts for a particular variety of international phone calls. 
You might want to make sure that the system works completely functionally before you choose to switch your existing number, when you are installing your new, hosted VoIP system. 

Considering all the advantages that VoIP has especially the savings in telephone bills, it's no doubt that it has become popular not only for business but for residence and personal use. It has been shown to function very well even though it's a relatively new technology.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Time Tracking for Consultants: Why It Is Important Why Time Tracking?

Time tracking has come a long way from clocking in with your timesheet when you come to work, and clocking out when you have finished your shift. With time tracking software, you can now keep a precise record of what you have done, when you have done it, and how long it has taken you. It will allow you to record exactly how long it takes you to complete a particular task. This information is important for several reasons, all of which are specific to the job you are completing. One of the most important jobs that absolutely needs to use time tracking, is law consulting.

Why is Time Tracking for Consultants so Important?

When you are a law consultant, you are paid to help with a particular aspect of a case. For example, if you can be considered an expert witness in something, you can be paid for your contribution to a case and the specialized information that you know that can help win a case. Essentially, you are getting paid for sharing what you know, and using that information to lead juries and judges to a particular judgment.

Time tracking becomes so important, because as a consultant, you are typically being paid by the hour. You cannot put a flat rate on your service, because you cannot determine who long it will take to complete a task at the beginning of a case. You may think it will take you ten hours to go through all of the information of a case and to present your information that you glean from it, but it may take twelve. And then of course you may need to testify to the information that you provide in a court of law, and that too becomes part of the hours that you must bill.

In order to maintain your productivity, and to ensure that you are getting paid the right amount for the amount of work that you are putting into something, time tracking for consultants is important. With time tracking software, you must be held accountable for your own actions and time, and your client must be accountable for paying you for that amount of time. You will record how long you work using the time tracker, and then share that with your clients in order to get a pay check.

But more importantly, you pace yourself on a case based on the time tracker. If you need to read through some paperwork, you can give yourself a set limit of time that you must have that reading completed by, and then work towards that. Time tracking software will allow you to create a time budget, a way to pace yourself during a long and busy work day, and ensure that you are completing all of the tasks that you need to in an efficient and effective way. Time tracking is the only way that consultants can truly be fairly compensated for the time and effort that they must put into a case.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

3 Different Ways to Gain Cheap Ink Cartridges

One of the first things that you will figure out whenever you take a look at printer ink cartridge prices is that they are pretty high. In some situations you can even end up faced with the situation in which buying a brand new printer is cheaper than the replacement cartridges. Printer companies will naturally sell their gadgets at low prices in order to eventually make a higher profit by selling the ink.

You obviously want to seriously consider the alternatives and the great thing is that we do have many you can take into account. The following will be the best choices you have at the moment.

3 Different Ways to Gain Cheap Ink Cartridges

Avoid The Brand Names

In every single industry, you pay more for the reputable brands. Brand names are respected but you do not necessarily need to buy something offered by the printer’s manufacturer. It is really easy to save money when you buy cheaper ink cartridges that are offered by another firm. In this case you completely avoid having to pay for the brand and you will be surprised to notice how much cash can be saved.

Buy Refill Kits

You most likely heard about the refill kits already. Most people are cautious and have misconceptions about them but you do have to seriously consider this opportunity. The only real problem is that this process can be messy. You will have kits that are really easy to use but it is really possible to end up with a mess. That is why you have to respect manufacturer instructions at all times.

We have access to many types of refill kits. Some will be refilled just like the work done at the manufacturer factory but others will include the continuous ink system, a device that will hook up to the cartridge.

Make sure that you learn all that you can about the cartridge that the printer uses. This is because there are complications that can appear. There are printer cartridges that will include a special chip. In the event that there is no ink inside the cartridge, the computer will receive a message. Chips normally do not reset if ink levels are high after the refill kit is used. In this situation you will need to use a chip resetter. Always learn about such facts before you buy the refill kit so that you are confident that it can be used.

Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Various reputable cartridge stores like Printzone give you access to the opportunity of buying remanufactured ink cartridges. These are printer cartridges that were empty and that were then repackaged after being refilled by a professional. If this is an option that you choose, make sure that you learn all that you can about the reputation of the remanufacturer. This is much more important than you may initially think as you want to be confident that the work will be done properly.

Always think about the 3 options to get cheap ink cartridges since they help you to save hundreds every single year. You will appreciate these options.

Monday, October 26, 2015

6 Tips for Bloggers on Getting Sponsors for the Blog

January 2012 – My first blog, my travel blog was turning 1 year old, and I wanted to celebrate it because I survive for 1 year in blogging plus my blog is starting to get recognized – well, at least being a nominee.

So a month before that I started to send emails to different companies on sponsoring my first anniversary, and yes there was a sponsor – if I remember it right there were 2 of them.

Anyway, I’ve been asking businesses to sponsor my travel blog lately too, with this I’d like to share a couple of tips with everyone on how to convince or ask businesses to sponsor my blog.

But before anything else, please take note that I’m not claiming to be an expert on this. I just do this, and there are blogger friends who asked me how do I do it.

IT’S NOT EASY. It take days, or weeks to get a sponsor and my trip is near. But then, when someone do sponsor my blogs I am very thankful for their support that I make the most out of it.

6 Tips for Bloggers on Getting Sponsors for the Blog

Tip #1: Be Direct to the Point.

Don’t make your emails be too long that it may take their marketer or business owner to finish reading your email in 48 billion years. Make it as short as possible, but have everything they should know be stated in that email.

Tip #2: Stats DO matter, but not really that Important

When I started out I was crossing my fingers, even now that, that blog is 5 years old, got some awards, I’m still crossing my fingers. I was new back then, I’m older now, I still get NOs from time to time. So really, it’s not important to have a huge stat. You don’t need to be number 1 and famous to get sponsors. What’s important is my next tip…

Tip #3: What do they get from you?

What they want to know is, why they should sponsor you (what’s the event?), and what do they get in return. They don’t sponsor bloggers because you’re a blogger, they should get something in return, nothing’s free in this world dude….except for love, I think.

For me example, I do say that when they sponsor a stay at their hotel, I will do a blog post about their hotel, social media exposure, and there might be a video (if doable).

Tip #4: Deliver.

It doesn’t mean that they’re done sponsoring you, you don’t have any responsibilities to them anymore. That you don’t need to do what you’ve promised (from Tip #3).

Please note that when you don’t deliver, it’s not only you or your blog who’ll be damage or affected. All the bloggers are. There are businesses who do tell me that they’re crossing their fingers in sponsoring me and hoping I’d do what I said because there are a number of bloggers who don’t do what they claim to do – I end up getting a huge thanks from them after that.

An example of how I deliver.

So, please do. For the love of blogging, for the rest of the bloggers around the world, please deliver.
Note: When you do deliver, there’s a great possibility that your sponsor will share it on their social media accounts. Exposure for you! Plus, there are also some sponsors who do link to your post, another benefit from you!

Tip #5: Have a MEDIA KIT page.

Some people call it different, I do have that page but I don’t call it media kit. It’s also important to have it because since you have a short email, the media kit page on your blog will be a huge source and will have all the information that a sponsor will need. You can go explain as long as you want there, be detailed as you can too.

There are also times that someone you think ordinary or maybe one of your readers is actually a business owner. That will be a great time to showcase or show that you do accept invites and opportunities.

Please don’t forget to include the link to your media kit page to your email. Something like, “to find out more about the benefit on sponsoring my blog through this link: ”, this will be a great opportunity too to have your potential sponsor to check out your blog.

Tip #6: Give the sponsor time to think.

There are sponsors who’ll reply in a matter of days, or weeks even. They sometimes need an approval form the owner, or marketing side. So don’t email 20 potential sponsors in 1 day or in the first week, give them about 2 weeks to respond. Then email another batch again.

What happened to me when I emailed more than 10 of them in day 1 is that I get a lot of sponsors that I only have a day to spare.

Now, how do I know all this? Why I know this? Other than being a blogger myself, I’m a SEO specialist and my clients do consult me from time to time if it’s worth it to sponsor certain bloggers who ask them for sponsorships, and I want exposure.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Google Apps Standard - Free Version At Your Own Domain

Google Apps has been officially closed in the 2012. But you may still get it at your own domain with Google Apps - Free for 10/25/100 and even 1000 or 3000 users Standard Edition. You'll set your own domain as primary domain in Google Apps Admin and start using Google Apps on your domain for free for life time. From 1st October, 2015 there is option to change primary domain in Google Apps Free (Standard Edition). However, you can't add secondary domains, only domain alias is possible.

No more compromise with domain. You can now set your own domain as primary domain in Google Apps Free version. What you pay is just one time payment towards purchase of a Google Apps Standard (Free) Account. You will get the super admin credentials of Google Apps Free licenses; you can use it for free for lifetime. So, you don't need to pay any recurring fees for Google Apps. You can save huge $$$ every year. For example you can save $50 x 50 = $2500 on each year with a Free 50 Users Google Apps Free account. For details visit

The process of Google Apps setup on your own domain (set as primary domain) need about 10-15 minutes time. To get verified your domain you need to add a DNS TXT / CNAME Record at your domain DNS. You need to access to your domain Control Panel. You may use other alternative options / methods to very your domain ownership as well. It takes about an hour to get verified your domain with Google. But is most cases it takes just 5-10 minutes time. Then you need to set the MX records at your domain to enable email route through Google.

See about MX records values.

Until it’s not re-selling any Google products on custom domains (on domain alias or secondary domain) you are not violating the Google’s Terms of Service (ToS). When you get the ownership of Google Apps account on your own domain it's 100% legal. However, you need to be fully responsible for any violation of Google's after delivery of Google Apps admin credentials.

What's Get from Google Apps?
Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and much more. An all-in-one suite to communicate, store and create.

Professional email: 
Get custom email (, 15 GB of storage for each email, Gmail spam protection, powerful search and integrated calendars.

Customize UI: 
Set your custom login URL, logo so it appears on the sign-in pages and in the applications themselves. Set your theme suite your organization.

Freedom to work from anywhere: 
Create, edit and share files on the go from your desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad or even from smartphones.

Store and share in the cloud:
Save work files in Drive, access them from any device and share them instantly with teammates. No more sending attachments or merging different versions.

For more details you visit

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hide my Phone: Mobile Privacy App from Hide my Ass!

Interested in hiding your identity while using your mobile device? Take a look at The Mobile Privacy App from “HideMyPhone”. It helps you to ensure anonymity over the internet while browsing over your phone. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

How HideMyAss Ensures Security

This app is designed to use VPNs or Virtual Private Networks in order to ensure a secure connection. It allows you to be able to surf the web in anonymity even while on public accessed networks. VPNs work by establishing a line of communication from point to point where the data cannot be intercepted and easily read. By ensuring a high degree of trust in the inability to decrypt the packet or data exchange between two points, VPNs create a secure network.

In simpler terms, imagine a classroom full a students. John wants to speak to Jane on a private matter. However, they are on the opposite sides of the room. So, if John and Jane encrypt their letters to each other in a manner only they can understand, it doesn’t matter who passes the note. They can speak on private matters even though multiple students may be passing their letters.

VPN Configuration Options Available

The VPNs Hide My Ass use is set up to use several different types of protocols: PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. PPTP or Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is commonly found in Windows products. So, it’s very widely used and can be easily set up. L2TP, or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, is a way of utilizing IPsec to ensure anonymity. However, L2TP does not ensure confidentiality by itself. It has to use IPsec to do it. OpenVPN is an open source application that ensures VPNs. Open sourcing means that no one really owns the copyright and that anyone can have access to the code that ensures this. Either way, the privacy app offers several set up configurations you can use for a secure VPN.

For those planning to subscribe to the service, see the recommended “ HideMyAss discount ” guide for more information.

Media and History Information About HMA

Around 2011, HMA came under fire for releasing information that ultimately led to the arrest a hacker, Cody Kretsinger, involved in the Sony Pictures leak around that time. As reported by , HMA reported that they do not condone illegal activity and so provided login activity logs that assisted in arresting Kretsinger. This only goes to show that while HMA and their app can provide a way to combat man-in-the-middle attacks, it also points to the fact that HMA does collect some data on the user that can ultimately be tracked and traced back.


HideMyAss’s app can ensure a credible and acceptable level of anonymity for mobile users. Mostly attractive to customers who are looking for an affordable service, thanks to discount codes that provide the VPN for a very low cost. It can also provide several configurations in order to fit various needs.

However, it has to be pointed out that there is no such thing as anonymity on the web. In reality, it’s relative to the amount of resources you are willing to put forth for the level of security you want to ensure. It has already been pointed out that HMA does log your login activity. So, HMA can be useful for average anonymity needs on the web. However, higher level needs are not met with HMA.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Web Hosting Tips for Online Store Owners

Choosing a web hosting service for a blog or a static website is relatively simple. Choosing one when you are starting an online store, on the other hand, can be quite complicated. There are more things to consider when you are selecting a web hosting service for an online store.

Web Hosting Tips for Online Store Owners

The Basic Factors

Of course, you need to start with the basics. Determine the amount of hosting space, monthly data transfer, email addresses, FTP accounts, add-on domain names and other basic features you need and start finding web hosting options to choose from. Depending on the scale of the online store you are creating, you may also want to consider getting a VPS or even a dedicated server.

Reviewing these basic features will help narrow down the options. To take it a step further, set a budget for web hosting and eliminate hosting services that are too expensive for you. Thanks to so many options on the market, there is always a good web hosting service to choose no matter how much you are willing to spend on hosting services.

SSL Security

Next, it is time to start checking the hosting service packages for ecommerce-specific features. One of the first things you need to do is find out whether the hosting plans supports SSL security. Having SSL security in place means you can offer maximum protection against information theft and sniffing to your customers, which in turn will make your online store appear more credible in their eyes.

Some web hosting services now offer free SSL certificates. This is a nice addition nonetheless. The cost of getting a valid SSL certificate can be anything from £5 to £35 a year; some independent auditors and certification agencies charge more than that for additional features. Getting one for free and having it installed directly upon signing up will certainly make everything simpler and more affordable.

With the SSL certificate installed and configured properly, you can use HTTPS instead of the usual HTTP. You can also choose to protect only the Checkout portion of the site or the entire catalogue altogether. Either way, you are providing the best level of protection to your customers.

Shopping Carts

Most of the time, you want to use an already popular shopping cart system to set up your store. Wouldn’t it be easier if you can install the shopping cart of your choice in just one click? Or even better, wouldn’t it be great if the hosting service comes with a premium shopping cart that you can use for free?

Thankfully, some hosting companies are indeed offering free premium shopping carts such as Magento as part of their services. These shopping carts can be set up in just a few minutes. You can save anything from £10 to £300 or more when you can get the shopping cart of your choice for free.

Choosing a hosting service that offers all the right features means you can start your online store quickly and easily. Start your search for the best web hosting plan to use today and begin selling your products and services in just a few clicks.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2 Styles of Inventory Systems

Today we’re going to talk about inventory systems. Inventory systems and warehouse management systems are key to running a successful multichannel business. There is a wide range of choice available ranging from cloud based to legacy style systems. Today let us review two styles of inventory system.

There are two kinds of systems. There’s a perpetual system and there’s a periodic system, and it all has to do with those goods that you’re purchasing and selling. So let’s do a little comparison here so you understand the two different types of inventory systems available in the market.

2 Styles of Inventory Systems

Perpetual System

Under the perpetual system, all of the transactions are being updated real-time, which means that you’ve got cost of goods right up here at the front when you’re purchasing or selling goods. This provides visibility and real time control over your sales process.

Under the periodic system, all of the updating is happening at the end of the accounting period. And you’re going to have purchases and sales that are recorded separately, which means that cost of goods are all added up at the end of the accounting period as mentioned previously.

For sales transactions, under a perpetual system, there are two journal entries when an item is sold. The first one is the value of the inventory. The second one is the cost of goods sold.

Periodic System

Under a periodic system, we only have one journal entry, and that’s the sale value of that item that you’re selling. So what has to happen is that in accounting, we have to have a closing entry. Now you’ll notice under the perpetual system that this closing entry isn’t required. But it is required under the periodic inventory system. We need that to establish a final cost of goods. And again, that is done at the end of that accounting period, whatever period of time you set for that.

So there are some benefits here. The periodic system is very affordable. It’s very cheap. It’s what most small businesses are using. But this perpetual system gives you fully automated, real-time data.

Now what should you use? Well, most companies are using a perpetual system because they’re using advanced inventory management software to track all of their inventory. So if you’re a small business and you’re using this periodic system and you’re growing, you might want to consider moving over to a perpetual system and getting the software that automates all of your processes. It gives you the real-time data and helps you be more competitive.

When searching for an inventory system be sure that you can connect your choice of system with your other business software. Try to find an alternative that is compatible with your website, point of sale and accounting systems.  To find out more about system integration of inventory system.

Monday, September 21, 2015

3 Benefits Of WiFi Security Cameras

With the popularity of wireless networks, more people are continually opting for networked camera solutions for their home security requirements. A WiFi security camera offer more flexibility in their use, compared to wired cameras. They can be installed almost anywhere, requiring only a power source, and a battery pack. Modern WiFi cameras come with encryption, multi-way audio feeds, automatic night vision, as well as pan and tilt control.

A WiFi security camera have an in-built antenna, which is used to establish a connection with a wireless access point. Configuration and pairing is usually done by connecting the camera to a router via a standard network cable. The initial configuration requires assigning the camera an IP address and a port. Nonetheless, this should not worry you as it is automatic in most cases. The cameras also have a firmware, which facilitates their compatibility with other devices, and offers features such as zoom, pan, tilt, etc directly on your device.

3 Benefits Of WiFi Security Cameras

Here are the three (3) top benefits of having your very own WiFi security cameras:

Wireless Control

Snacking cables are often a nuisance. For security cameras, you might need to connect them outside using long cables. The beauty of wireless security cameras is that you don’t need all that. The cameras are simply connected via a wireless network. With WiFi, you can control and monitor each camera provided you are connected to the network. This can be done via a computer, Smartphone, laptop, or tablet connected to the internet, and the picture quality is unaffected. What you need is the right software, and you can view all what the security cameras can “see’’ from any location.

Night Vision

This feature allows your security camera system to record even in darkness. This can be very beneficial for people who are away on a regular basis. You can easily monitor the activity in your home in a distant place, even if it is night time there.  You can strategically position the cameras in your basement, or the garage, to keep an eye on the activity in such places. These are then integrated with you’re your email service or phone notification system, in order to alert you wherever you are in case of any intrusion.

Motion Detection

This allows you to record footage on a smaller portable hard drive. You can get rid of hours of footage, and easily find the essential footage. Hidden WIFi cameras can record images and transmit them to a hard drive, or view them real time, in order to take the right course of action. When they detect motions from an intruder or loot in your compound, they will send you an alert to your phone or security system, depending on how they are programmed.

When choosing a WiFi security camera system, you should list the compatibility options of the cameras. This will ensure that they are compatible with the type of WiFi network in place. The most common Wi-Fi networks are the 802.11b/g/n but recent times have seen the introduction of 802.11a. it is advisable that you look for those with all these options for forward compatibility, even with your future devices.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Simple Time Tracking: How It Can Benefit Your Efficiency and Productivity

Working from home is one of the benefits of living in the digital world of today.  No more sitting in traffic waiting to arrive at an office.  An end to feeling rushed to get out of bed and into said bumper-to-bumper grind.  Instead, you can sit in the comfort of your own surroundings, which is a pretty nice way to perform any job.  Nonetheless, there are certain dangers of being a remote employee, and many of them center on your domicile.  One of the main dangers of not having to travel to your place of employment is distraction.

This kind of job is full of points in the day where our attention can get pulled away from the task at hand.  As a result, our productivity goes down and the quality of our work suffers.  If you find that you are not the most disciplined sort, there are several programs that can assist you getting refocused and let your boss or employers know that you are really dedicating the proper time to your duties.  Specifically, you can download time and project tracking software to your computer.

There are several automated time tracker software options.  Most of them are going to offer time sheeting software that will specify how much time you spend on various tasks, time and billing software so your supervisors can know precisely what they are paying you for, and itemized duties lists that will outline exactly what is expected of you on a given project.

However, when you are attempting to run a business remotely with employees scattered possibly around the world, you need to be able to do more than track how much attention your team is devoting to their work.

You also need to be able to communicate with them, and they with each other, in order to ensure that you all are pulling in the same direction.  Thus the best time tracking programs will allow everyone to see where they fit in the grand scheme of a certain project, and be able to meet with one another to overcome any obstacle in the way of completion.

While businesses will want to be able to coordinate with a large number of home bound employees, if you are an individual struggling to complete your own tasks from home, there are free time tracker applications as well.

Worried that you are spending too much time doing meaningless things on your computer? Install a computer time tracker that will monitor your usage and remind you how much of a slug you are actually being.  Such applications are invaluable to independent contractors or single person businesses that understand perhaps more than anyone that time is money.

Therefore, do not get frustrated if you start your new work-from-home job and you feel like you are never getting enough done.  Rather, find out where your time is going by using time tracking software and return to the level of productivity that you desire.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Getting Started With Drones

 There is nothing more exciting than taking a drone out and flying it around you. These remote controlled objects allow you to experience breathtaking views of your favorite landscape and to explore areas that are otherwise beyond your reach.

While drones are commonly used for taking pictures and video, they aren’t limited to this. You can race drones, have in the air battles with them, or you can use them to take hide and seek to the next level. You are only limited by the possibilities of your mind and any local laws in place for these devices.

You might be wondering what some if the better beginner models are. After all, there are hundreds of drones of the market. Some are a great value, while others will fall short of your needs. Take a moment to consider the following.

Getting Started With Drones

DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro Hero Camera

A powerful drone that is easy to use. The controls are responsive to the user and the 5.8 GHz composite allows you to capture breathtaking video. The 32 GB storage card allows you to save the video you are taking so you can easily transfer the date to your computer and watch the flight and to relive the excitement. When you’re considering trying drones for the first time, this is an exceptional choice.

RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter from Wonder Chopper

Worried about damaging your drone? This 2.4 GHz will let you do everything you want, without a devastating crash. The drone has 3 blades and is virtually crash proof. Use it to get used to flying a drone. When you’ve mastered the art with this unit, you can move on to the models that range in the thousands of dollars.

You can get more tips here on the best drones for beginners. When flying any model of drone, it is important to pay attention to your surroundings. Telephone lines and trees can be problematic. Some models also have an incredibly limited range, so it is important you keep the unit within the areas that the manufacturer recommends. This can help you to avoid any unfortunate surprises along the way.

There is no denying that drones are the future of photography and outdoor entertainment. Take the time to browse a few models and discover just how fun and exciting they can be. With new models that offer new features coming out all the time, you’re destined to have an experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

7 Web Design Tricks and Tips

The way you organize and design your website is what entirely determines the results you are likely to get from it. This means that if you are looking for the most excellent results, you need to be careful with how you go about web design. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of people owning website have working ideas on how they can enhance their websites using the available tools. In this article, we discuss a few important web design tips and tricks you can use if you want to avoid hiring costly web design experts.

7 Web Design Tricks and Tips

Include Text in Web Designs

The fastest method that can help one learn more about any website is by scanning through its content. The website should not just contain relevant information but should have well arranged data. When any visitor gets relevant and easy to understandable data on your website, he will consider the site useful and visit it again. But if the data is not well organized the user may move to the next website.

Texts clarify or summarize the content of a website making it more useful. From hiring a web design New Zealand firm, we know that you must supply all of your text to the designer if you don't want to get into problems later.

Introduce Navigation Keys

This is the most important aspect on any website thus; you need to give it more weight. Internet users are not ready to click on a website that is difficult to navigate. This is why it is very important to introduce a search bar that can help visitors to easily find the information they want from your website. If you crowd information on a website, visitors will fail to get quickly and thus, waste a lot of their precious time.

Use of Animations and Graphics

Animation refers to the good imagery presentation of a situation. Animations are used to summarize information and avoid irrelevant details. It can also be used to present information which cannot be posted on a single page if prepared in a text form. Including appropriate animations on your website can help you attract more visitors since visitors will easily identify what your website is all about and this will certainly escalate the number of visitors you get.

Use of Images

Images refer to the real representation of a situation or information. If compared to animation, image is extra clear and easier to understand. Images represent a real object while animations may not be so real. Because of this, internet users like images that are real. Alternatively, you can consider including both animations and images on your website. All the same, you must ensure that they are attractive, colorful and presentable.

Check On Colors

For good results in web designing, you also need to invest a lot in colors. Often, if you use bright and reasonable colors, you will certainly attract more visitors. What you ought to be careful with is balancing the intensity of colors you use. Ensure that they don’t interfere with the visibility of text, graphics and images. Be cautious about dull colors like black and grey since they may not be quite visible to visitors.

Include Sound Files

Top rated web designs must include information that is in audio form. By the provision of information in audio form, it gives visitors a chance to see and listen to the content. Listening to audio information while reading what is portrayed gives more details about the topic and areas of action. Therefore, an ideal website must contain audio information to make it more prominent.

Include Video Files

The whole world has moved digital. Millions of digital videos are now available and are used to illustrate complex topics. Including video files in every content you post can help summarize the entire information in few lines. If clients get to save time while on your website, they will come again.

The features you use to complement the appearance of your website are what determine how users grade it. What you need to focus on is making your website user friendly and present each and every aspect in a logical way. The essential factors you must check on include navigation, organization and presentation of information on the website. If you implement the tips discussed in this article, your website will capture and appeal to visitors. Ensure, you hire an experienced web design expert.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Great Tracker, Great Job – A Cell Phone Tracking Software At Your Service

My brother owns a jewelry shop. Being in the business for the past 20 years now, he has made many loyal customers. At times these customers would just call my brother with an order and he would send one of his employees to deliver the jewelry at their house.

As all of you would know that a jeweler’s business involves really expensive stuff that could make anyone want to grab hold of it and run away. My brother got a bit worried at times thinking about this problem. Then a friend of his told him about a cell phone tracking software, with the help of which he can keep track of his employees at all times.

Great Tracker Great Job – A Cell Phone Tracking Software At Your Service

What does Xnspy do?

This cell phone tracking software gets installed in your employee’s cell phone and tracks you the exact location of your employee at any time you want. Xnspy takes only a few minutes of your time to get installed in your employee’s cell phone. Once you’ve received your username and password from Xnspy, you can access the entire cell phone data of your employee from anywhere you want. An added advantage is that this software is completely invisible and your employee does not get to know about its presence in their cell phone.

Exciting features:

Xnspy provides you:
  • Ability to view the exact location of your employee at any time you want to with the help of the Geo Location feature of Xnspy.
  • Access to all the call records of your employee’s phone with the time and duration of each call. You also have the option to record all the calls or a particular call if you intend to.
  • Access to all the Emails of your employee. 
  • Access to all the contact numbers in your employee’s mobile Phonebook.
  • The ability to record the surroundings of your employee’s phone whenever you want to. This feature is known as ‘Record surroundings’. 
  • Access to all the SMS messages records of your employee’s cell phone. This includes the messages saved in drafts as well.

Compatible with:

 Xnspy is compatible with a wide range of cell phone companies. These include:
  • Lenovo, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Acer, Dell and a few other Android phones having an operating system of 2.3 and above.
  • All the iPhone models having an operating system of iOS 6.0 and above. Latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models are also included in this.

Relax and work:

This cell phone tracking software turned out to be a tension releaser for my brother. Worried about an employee running away with the jewelry kept him upset at all times. Now with the help of Xnspy, my brother can relax a little and keep track of the whereabouts of his employee even while sitting at his shop. Great tracker, great job.

BloggersTech Disclaimer: This article is written for Bloggers Tech blog, but not written by Bloggers Tech. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Control Your Company's Budget and Your Employee Computer Activity with Time Tracking Software

When you run a business that has employees working and getting paid for on an hourly basis, it becomes important to track time. Time tracking software has many advantages over the more traditional, manual ways of time recording. With time tracking software for employees, you can be sure that there are no mistakes causing you to overspend on your company’s budget. It can help you trim your company’s expenditure considerably. Let’s look at the benefits of time tracking and what you can download for free for your company to get streamlined in very little time.

In earlier days, time recording was done through a task time tracker that was on printed sheets, which had to be manually signed in by employees each time they entered and exited the workplace. This caused a lot of delay in work getting done and precious minutes getting lost every morning and evening, which could have been better utilized at work. This kind of recording made tracking of employees’ work times a hassle for human resources. There could be a lot of mistakes in calculating time due to human errors in entering the time. Sometimes, the timings that were written could get smudged or illegible due to any spillages or other damages to the record books. Any such errors would lead to miscalculations which could cost the company dearly in terms of salary expenditures. This kind of time tracking also makes it difficult to track the timings of freelance workers.

With fully automated software for time tracking now on the Internet, it has become very easy for businesses to track their employees, whether full time or freelance. This kind of software helps managers have better visibility about the work habits of employees, while keeping the same level of accountability possible for employees who work remotely or on a freelance basis. With time tracking, you can also go a step further and get screenshots of the computer screens of employees from time to time. It has also become easy to manage time across multiple projects, so you can see exactly how much time you are spending on each and allocate time as necessary to those projects that need it more than others.

With free software for time tracking, you can also make sure that you send accurate bills to your clients about the time spent on projects. The software ensures transparency and accountability to clients, so that they are assured that there is no over billing being done as they can see exactly how many hours was spent on a particular project. As a company, you also know that your employees’ computer activity and time management is being closely monitored for greater productivity.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Can Technology Be Used To Build Genuine Relationships?

Today, we leverage the power of technology to reinforce our connections with those around us.
While Facebook is trying to get the next billion users on board, Snapchat is revolutionizing the
way we communicate. Instagram allows us to manifest our artistic side, and Skype enables us
connect with our loved ones across far distances. But what if you’re a new grad, entering the
workforce for the first time in an unknown city? Or a romantic, looking to discover your other
half? Or simply a solo traveller, overtaken by wanderlust, wanting to be immersed with the
language, culture, and people of your travel destination?

Sure, there’s Tinder for discovering new dates, LinkedIn for discovering working professionals, for discovering social gatherings, and Chat Roulette for discovering well ... people.
But are you really willing to entrust the rest of your life with a simple right swipe?

Taylr is a new iOS app that helps you discover and build genuine, authentic connections with
those around you. One interesting thing about this app is that your profile is composed of your
social media activities from various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This not only gives you a way to showcase your multifaceted personality, but also provides for a
much more interesting discovery experience of those around you. Because real social media
accounts are tied to real user profiles, Taylr naturally discourages cyber bullying or other
inappropriate behavior seen on anonymous social networks.

The other interesting thing about Taylr is that communication in it are entirely composed of
asynchronous video messages. Think snapchat videos, or video based text messages. Radical,
right? Well, not quite. According to Forbes, it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression, and a
Stanford University study pointed out that videos of teachers had a huge correlation on the
teachers’ end­ of­ semester evaluations. In the context of getting to know someone new, video is
by far the easiest way of measuring authenticity and compatibility. Plus, it allows for the delivery
of rich multimedia content (think playing a guitar song for your potential date, or showing an
investor a demo of your new startup idea), previously impossible with the text based
communication that we are all used to.

If you’re interested in seeing what Taylr has to offer, go check it out at or
search Taylr on the App store. We hope to turn a world full of strangers into a world full of

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2 Ways to Start and Create Your Own Blog

2 Ways to Start and Create Your Own Blog

I’ve started blogging way back in January 2011, and that means I’m turning 5 years in blogging. Other than this blog, I have other blogs too like my travel blog and my personal blog Pretty much, I have the experience on how to create your own blog and today I’ll be sharing some tips with you.

There are a lot of reasons you may want to start a blog, you may want to try out the said to be “blogging for money” or just want to make money with blogging. So whatever reason you have in mind, keep that in mind as your motivation before you start all this.

#1 Start from Scratch

This is the cheapest, hardest, but a fun way to do it. It’s cheap because most likely you’ll be paying everything for yourself, and you can have and start a blog totally for FREE. But the fees piles up with you want your own domain and want a hosting company host your blog, especially if you want a Wordpress blog. So yes, you’re the blog creator! The blog maker! But you don’t know how? Well, watch some tutorials in YouTube, ask me a question, or just hire me. LOL.

It’s also fun to do it because you get the control on what to name it, how you start it, and how you want it to be. It brings out the creative part of you, and it’s totally fun!

And of course, it’s hard. Though you get to name it, you must make sure that you’ll name it right, other than that with a lot of bloggers these days, even in your specific niche it’s hard to compete with these bloggers who have been around for years, who have an authority blog in the niche, and you want to be among them and make a name for yourself. Sometimes you’ll want to stop, you’ll lose the motivation to blog, but then if you keep on fighting, going, and doing what you’re passionate about you’ll love the prizes you get in each milestones.

Want to know how to start a blog? Lucky you, I already have blogged about it. Check out my blog post on "Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog?"

#2 Buy an Authority Site

Be warned. This may cost you since of course the website or blog that you’ll buy is already an authority site. The price will depend on the niche, the name, and how long it has been around and please don’t forget the seller.

What do I mean by authority site? They’re websites. Not just domain. You can buy just the domain, but it’s best to buy the whole website itself so you won’t lose ranking, the authority of the niche especially if it’s been around for years.

Where can you buy these authority sites? Well, one of the website I know where you can get authority sites is NICHE JET Authority sites, they’re all well managed by one of the people I trust in the industry, Jonathan Leger. So yes, basically NICHE JET is an authority website creator that is all ready for you to take over and control.

Luckily today, August 12, 2015 until August 15, 2015 he’s sharing with me a DISCOUNT CODE AND A BONUS for everyone who’ll be reading this post to enjoy.

All his sites up for sale are in Wordpress, with a domain (of course), ten 100% unique articles published, custom graphics, royalty free images, and of course authority in the niche.
Want to check it out? Click on the button below and use the COUPON CODE: DISCOUNTANDBONUS to get the discount and bonus. The code only works with my link. *wink*

Please note, that YOU will be getting a huge $150 discount and a ready-to-profit, complete Amazon store on its own domain with every authority site purchase! Which also means every customer will get TWO (2) sites on two separate domains, both ready to profit from day one!

Got a question about this topic? Leave it as a comment below and I’ll try my best to answer your questions.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

New and Emerging Trends In Real Estate Technology and Practice

The real estate business has taken a shape where technology plays a pivotal role in the search of houses. The property business has emerged as one of the most prominent industries for investment in the New Year. The business had suffered through the recession period but with the formation of the new government; the whole scenario changed. 

The overall growth in demand for housing across the country emerged as prominent and the investors are looking for the best houses across the country. At such a time, internet and mobile technology have come to be of great use. 

There are numerous online resources offering property details but no one does it like property portal The portal has emerged as a prominent tool for searching property online and merely after three years of inception, it has a marked presence in the country. The overall growth in demand for housing across the country has been effectively captured. 

Additionally, one can also find other information like a home loan for purchasing a house in Mumbai or real estate brokers in Chennai. The use of technology and innovative new use of data analytics has helped the portal create an affirmative action related to search of homes across the country.

How is technology being used in the property business?

Over the past few years, property business across the country has suffered because of the recession that hit the markets of the country. This was a time when the golden goose of the Indian economy stopped laying eggs. Builders were forced to get creative to reach out to the end users. In the process, they supported those who created services that helped property seekers find homes reliably. This was the time when the technology also emerged in the country quite prominently. 

The overall growth of the use of internet and the success of online retail established internet as a popular medium across the country. The advent of the mobile devices and their popularity globally added another facet to the technology incorporated in property business. Portals like started to utilize these services to offer the best kind of online services literally in the hands of the end users. The overall growth in demand for housing across the country has emerged quite popularly. 

Property portal has emerged as one of the most prominent new sources for finding properties or property agents. The portal and the app of the portal both allow end users to search properties as well as real estate agents in Chennai and fifty nine other cities. The overall growth in demand for housing across the country has been considered to be positive and such online resources have made it very easy for the end users to find houses and property related products.

Why would technology prevail?

It is believed that the there would be billions of smart-phone users across the planet by 2020. The availability of smart-phones and world wide web has allowed the property business to proliferate to the furthest extents of the country; which was not possible using conventional means. 

The availability of information at hand has not only helped end users but also the builders who are now able to track the preferences of the property seekers.

In Conclusion

Technology in real estate sector is here to prevail.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Capdase Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

I recently got this beautiful little but powerful item from Capdase, their Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker!

Just last year I’ve been slowly buying devices that are wireless, especially if I need it for my laptop, like for the computer muse for example, I’ve gone wireless! There is NO wired mouse that have lasted at least 6 months to me, it’s even a miracle that it will last for 3 months. So I’ve decided to go wireless, even though I have to buy batteries for at least once a month.

I’ve also gone wireless for my headset, it’s a miracle that a headset will last for about 2 months to me. Though it’s expensive comparing to the wired once, I did go for it – I’ll post the review of that headset soon!

Capdase Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

So, I’m very lucky that I was able to get my hands on this awesome item from Capdase! Here are something about the Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker that you might want to know about.

Design Rating: 3.5 stars
Features Rating: 3 stars
Sound Quality Rating: 4 stars
Value Rating: 4.5 stars

Bloggers Tech Rating: 4 stars

Compatible to:
iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus, iPhone5s, iPad Air2, iPad Air, iPad mini3, iPad mini2, iPad mini, One M8, Note 4,  BB Classic,  BB Passport

  • Compact wireless mono speaker works with most smartphone & Bluetooth capable devices
  • Exclusive bass system delivers a dynamic sound and deep rich bass response
  • Tough steel casing adds weight to stabilize speaker
  • Just 3 steps to pair, no complicated settings
  • Includes 3.5mm audio jack cable, for use with most portable music devices
  • Functions as a hands free microphone for use with most mobile devices (support varies by model)
  • Long lasting Lithium ion polymer battery, recharged by included USB cable

(Listed features and compatibility is from the official website of Capdase.)

Now, since with the features given to you by Capdase, it’s time for me to review the product and give you some insider view of it through these.

Capdase Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The BAD About Capdase Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Since I already have my own wireless headset, I let my Mama use it. She sometimes use it while she’s in the bathroom (to have some music while taking a bath) and since most of the music that she wants are on YouTube, I’ve noticed that there’s a delay to the sound, and the video seems to load really slow. I’ve transferred the speaker nearer since I want to make sure it’s not slow because of my internet connection, but when I transfer it the video stream is fast again.

But then again if you’re going to use it far from where you should be watching, the lag is just fine.

Limited Distance
I was able to compare how far it go wireless, comparing it to my headset my wireless headset wins! I was able to go to the kitchen with my headset, but with the speaker I was just able to reach the dining area

Cut Off When Blocked
I actually discovered this when I left the speaker on the living room and I was passing by and the sound goes off because I seem to be blocking the signal. I tested it again, walk away and it was back, I put my hands (blocking the signal) on the speaker and the sounds goes off.

The GOOD About Capdase Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Capdase Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review
Great Sound for a Tiny Speaker
I was actually really excited to try it out when I got home. The good thing about it is that I think it’s already charged, so I can test it out immediately. I was amazed by its sound for a tiny thing. It sounds better when everything around you is quiet or you’re in a bathroom.

My Mama was so fond of it too. She loved it that now she claims it to be hers. She’s still learning how to use the Bluetooth though – she said at first “huh? What’s Bluetooth? There’s no tooth here!”.

Compatible with NOT ONLY Smartphone and Tablet, but also to your Laptop
As I was reading the manual, I was worried that it won’t work with my laptop since I do watch TV series from time to time, especially now that HOOQ just gave me a 1 month free access. So I’d love to use it from time to time.

What’s great is that it works very well with the laptop. But I did have to update my laptop’s Bluetooth software since I was having a problem connecting it at first with my laptop. No problem with my smartphone and tablet.

Next and Previous on the Speaker
Another thing that I love about this speaker is this. I don’t have to go to my phone or tablet to go for the next song or play it back again. I just have to move a switch left to right or vice versa to go for the next and previous song.


The Capdase Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker is worth around P1,200 and if you’ll ask me if it’s worth it to buy? Yes it is! Bloggers Tech blog would like to give this speaker a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars. There are still some problems but it’s fixable.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Veems - Not Your Ordinary Messaging App

Veems - Not Your Ordinary Messaging App

How many messaging apps do you know on Android? How many of them are on the top 100 apps? No apps is perfect, yet. And voila! A new messaging app is born!

Veems is an instant messaging app with a kick. This app is not your ordinary app but an app where you can send stickers, yes Facebook Messenger also have this. But does their stickers have voices?

Yes, you read it right! Veems stickers has voices, and you can even make your own stickers with voices too. Take a picture and record your voice easily, in few easy steps and voila! You get your own sticker, you get a lot of choices to send to your friends and family that are on Veems.

I'd also say that there are some rooms for improvement for this app which is very doable. So, I do hope they'd be able to work on it and there's surely a higher chance for it to rank to the top 100 apps on Playstore.

Go on, try out Veems and discover Veems for yourself. You might find it useful for you and it may bring the creative side in you. I’ve sent an invite to few of my friends to try it out a bit and see if we’d stay for a long time, or we’d stop and go back to using what we’re used to.

A review on this app? Let’s see. I’ll be launching a new YouTube series for Bloggers Tech soon so let’s see if it will be able to make into the first few apps I’ll be reviewing. In connection with this new series, if you have any apps you want me to review please let me know. Don’t be shy to let me know about it! I’ll try my best to be in detail as I can.

Let us know once you tried the app, leave it as a comment below and let everyone know what you think of the app.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

UrbanDenoiser Player – Safe Music in My Ears

As someone who spent a lot of time on my gadgets like my smartphone, and as someone who loves music, I do listen to music on my phone even I’m just at home, waiting or hanging out at the mall, or travelling to somewhere. And I’ve noticed, for the past years my hearing is not that good anymore.

But then, I was introduced to this app which is (as of now) available at the Apple Store and Windows Store (they said it will be soon available at Play Store) called Urban Denoiser Player. What is it? It’s simply a music player that will automatically adjust your phones volume when playing music depending on where you are. So, yes that’s why the title of this blog post is “safe music in my ears” because it will adjust the volume that will be safe for your ears and still get the best and satisfying sound.

What it does? Well, you’ll be surprise.

Automatic Volume Adjustment

There are features on this app, options that you can choose on how you want the app will act on when it comes to noises. Like for example, if you’re at home and don’t want to be disturbed or hear your siblings playing and laughing, you may want to choose the “Denoiser” mode, if you’re at the street walking or at the mall you may want to go for the “Surround” mode wherein the app will detect any noises and will adjust the volume when someone talks or ask you – isn’t that cool, no need to get your phone to adjust the volume or remove your headset.

Personalized Sound

We all have different preferences on how much is too loud, my Mom and I surely have a huge different. Sometimes the sound that is not loud enough for her, is too loud for me.

With Urban Denoiser Player’s “Natural Sound” mode, first you’ll be spending few minutes to the app so it could study or know what is the natural sound to you. Then of course, after that every time you choose this mode, the sound settings will be automatically adjust to your pleasing.

Sound Mode Combination

Of course, you want the sound settings that would be ideal for you and safe for your ears, at the same time ignore the noises around you or let it automatically adjust when there’s a noise that needed to be heard- like someone asking you something.

So, there’s an option to combine the modes. You may combine the Natural Sound to the Denoiser, or the Natural sound to Surround – so cool!

Anyway, I’m still waiting for it at the Play Store since I don’t own any Apple or Windows smartphone or gadgets. So hopefully, they’ll soon release their version for Androids at the Play Store soon!

For more information about this product you may visit their website, or just go ahead and check it out and download it at the Apple Store!

Friday, May 22, 2015

How Can Excellent Videos Be Converted Into A DVD Like Format?

How can excellent videos be converted into a DVD like format

The entertainment sector has definitely seen a rise in the kind of video and audio enhancements that is to go underway. Yes, there are people that can promise you the world, help you understand about the benefits of such things, before they can actually come to the conclusion that such kind of things can be common place. The same goes about video converter rooster. Yes, there are a dozen of video converters, probably more, they can find in the market. Most of them started to offer the converter is free, but as time goes by, there are enticed in order to place a certain amount of pricing on the product. Some of them have not started pricing, but they are interested to do so. So, in this current situation, if you would like to go for converting a certain video file format for your compatibility to your electronic gadget, then you need to take the help of the Movavi Video converter for Windows.

However, most people still question that while the Windows 9.1, and not exactly Windows 10 for you When you have Windows 10 available to you. The fact is that Windows 10 was previously used as a standby feature for most of the smart phones. Most of the time, people realize that getting the best possible video converter is actually going to help them make the appropriate amount of video conversion within a short period of time. So, why would people not go for the Movavi video converter for Windows is beyond comprehension from a lot of people?

Look around, you’ll find that there are a lot of people looking into the video conversion, but unable to do so due to the lack of quality video converter. So, if you want to have those people, you need to take raw feed from them, then with the help of computer, install everything that they would like.

Above all, you find that getting the Movavi video converter for Windows would be the best thing that you would be able to do. This can not only help you to extract the juices, but also make sure that you will be able to get. So, it is important that you think about the your conversion, just to bring about the desired changes into the minds of people, and to support the current need for video conversion. For a better info on the entire campaign, it is important that you visit

Friday, April 10, 2015

How to Auto Share New Blog Posts on Social Media Accounts?

How to Auto Share New Blog Posts on Social Media Accounts

I'm not a full-time blogger. I do work online as a freelance SEO specialist and Social Media Manager, and I don't have the time of the world to also manage and update all my social media accounts may it be for personal or the blog, I can't immediately update my readers that hey, I have a new blog post and on the day I scheduled it to be published I want my readers to know.

Wait, don't get me wrong I don't use Wordpress. It's not that I hate Wordpress, I love it too but I can't afford or don't want to spend money on hosting and domain, plus I don't want to worry myself about my blog being hacked or malwares - which I don't have any of these problems with Blogspot/Blogger (well, so far).

So, I have to improvise and find ways on things and features I want my blog to have. Luckily there are smart people who do share their techniques online, and there are software available to help me out. And today, I want to share one of the ways or techniques I have in blogging for almost 5 years.

Blog Hacks

Yes, before all that, let me introduce you to BLOG HACKS it is a new YouTube video series of tutorials on ways to improvise with your blogging - and no I'm not going to teach you how to hack someone else's blog, but I'll teach you how to hack your own blog to make it all easier for you.

Please note that I just have access as of now for Blogspot/Blogger blogs if you have Wordpress problems I still may be able to help. So, do feel free to drop your questions at the BLOG HACKS DROPBOX. If you have a problem with your blog, I'm going to answer it through Blog Hacks if I have no other episode to prioritize. Please no RELATIONSHIP problems, I'm no expert on that.

How to Auto Share New Blog Posts on Social Media Accounts?

Let's get it on! What you need on this tutorial are the following:

  • Hootsuite Account (FREE is totally okay)
  • Social Media Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, etc.)
  • Feed URL of the Blog

Ready? Got it all? Then go on and play the video. I might talk too fast. Sorry!

For any concerns, questions about this tutorial, please feel free to leave them all as a comment below. Or, if you want to talk about some other stuff about your blog, go on and drop me a message at our BLOG HACKS DROPBOX or just use the contact page.

Don't forget to subscribe at the BloggersTech Channel!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

4 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Your New Tablets

4 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Your New Tablets

There are many different things that you need to understand when talking about choosing any device. The big problem is always that the diversity present on the market is really high.

It is quite difficult to choose something that is perfect since different sites will offer different information. As an example, check out this site.

The article presents news about Lenovo offering new Android tablets. That is the type of article you do want to read while most people remain focused on finding review articles, which can be quite partial.

The Price Factor

It is so easy to choose based on how much you are about to pay. This is the easiest approach but it is also the one that can lead towards making a huge mistake.

You need to be sure that you are offered the highest possible quality for the money you are about to spend. That is practically the definition of a really good purchase. If you opt for the cheap gadgets, you will end up with a table that is not that great. If you go for the really high prices, you may end up overpaying.

The Operating System

There are different operating systems that you can consider. The two that are the most popular are Android and IOS. While many choose the operating system based on subjectivity and easiness of use, you should think further and always consider the various apps that are available.

Based on the following factor, you will want to choose a tablet that does offer the exact apps you need.

Use Purpose

This is definitely the most important factor that you have to take into account when choosing a new tablet. The intended use is what will differentiate the various models that are available on the market and will show what you have to consider and what should never be considered.

There are gadgets that are intended for specific purposes. For instance, some of the tablets are perfect for graphic designers that want to use a stylus pen while creating logos or other design elements. Other tablets are much better for mobile games and some are great for office work.

Display Size and Quality

One of the most important parts of the tablet you are about to buy is the display. You should focus on one that offers a size that is suitable for your intended use. When referring to quality, this is something that is highly subjective but we are sure that you will find something that is suitable if you just think about size first and you do all that you can in order to be sure you are offered the best quality.

It is a guarantee you will want to read reviews about the tablets that you consider but make sure that the reviews are offered by high authority figures. That is the only way in which you can be sure that the recommendations made can actually be taken into account. Too many write fake reviews and you should not fall a victim.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Things to Remember When Buying A Domain Name For Your Business

Things to Remember When Buying A Domain Name For Your Business

There are various different things that you have to take into account when you buy your brand new domain name, the one that will represent your company or your brand on the internet. The problem is that most people out there make bad decisions. They do not think about all the factors that are of importance and the truth is that whenever you do anything connected with the internet, you have to consider people that will use the online world in order to locate services or products like the ones that are offered. This is so much easier said than done.

There are basically two options that you can consider:
A general domain name
A specific brand domain name

The second opportunity is always the one that is cheaper as an initial investment but you do need to eventually work hard at developing a proper online presence. That will take time and internet branding is not as easy as you may be tempted to believe right now.

Buying a general domain that has a specific appear is something that can obviously be considered. As you can easily notice on, there are hundreds of interesting domain names that you can buy right now and that are suitable for the brand identity that you want to create.

However, those that are really good will cost a lot of money. In many cases a small company does not have a large investment budget that can be directed towards just the domain name.

The really important thing that you have to remember is that you need to think about the future when you invest into a domain name. It does not matter if you sell luxurious products or pins. What counts is finding a domain name that is really easy to remember and that is either really easy to remember or can be branded.

The branding option is always the one that brings in the greatest advantages on the long run but you should think about whether or not it is something that you have the time and the resources to properly develop.

Look at all the sites that currently offer advice about choosing suitable domain names and do all that you can in order to brainstorm something that is suitable. Remember the fact that you have to be sure that your choice is a suitable one. Too many bad domain names are chosen every single month. Do not make a mistake!