Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog?

BLogging 101 How to Start a Blog

I was one of the organizers for the Cebu Blogging Summit 2014, and the heads want me to speak in front of everyone since most of the attendees seems to know me more. And that, they’ll be more comfortable if they’ll see a familiar person first before the rest of the speakers.

I’ve actually made a blog post about this tip but speaking at the event gave me a chance to talk about it in more detail.

But since we’ve started late and I’ve only got few minutes to share, I’ve talked to fast and summarize everything in less than 15 minutes. Some may have find it hard to remember, so I took the liberty of uploading my presentation so that the attendees and to others who were not able to come – and to those who wish to learn more about on starting their own blog – will be able to grab this opportunity to learn from this simple presentation.

Gay Aida Dumaguing of at the Cebu Blogging SUmmit 2014

I would love to record a video while playing this since there are points that I did not put on the presentation but have talked about it. But then I’m a bit busy now, so I’ll update the post anytime soon for the video. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy these slides that I have used at the Cebu Blogging Summit.

Then again, it’s pretty much the same with the one I’ve already blogged about – the Blogging 101: 5 Tips on Starting a Blog. But then, on the presentation it becomes 7 since I’ve realized another 2 tips.

Please do feel free t leave your questions on the comment box below and I'll try to answer it as much as I can. I might clarify it on the video too which hopefully I'll be able to make before the end of the year.

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