Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Find Your IP Address the Easiest Way?

Find IP Address

There are a lot of ways for you to find your IP address, I know about five (5) was to do it but let me just share with you the easiest way and simplest way to do it.

So this tutorial will be if you want an IP address lookup for yourself, and not someone else.

How to Find IP Address?

You don’t need any technical skills here, all you need is your computer, the ability to type and a web browser – any web browser will do but I am currently using Google Chrome.

Step #1: Go to

Yes, that's right. Just go to Google, and yes it's the tool we're using for this.
Find IP Address

Step #2: Type in "IP Address"

Go ahead and type in the word!
Find Your IP Address

Step #3: Found your IP address?

what I love about Google? It knows everything. Even your IP address.
Find IP Address

I've blurred mine for some reasons. But you'll be able to find your IP address just right there.

Please do take note that of course without an internet connection you won’t be able to use Google, so the other alternatives in finding your IP address will be wise. I’ll share with you guys the other ways in other tutorial that I’ll make on how to find IP address here in the Bloggers Tech blog.

Again, if you want an IP address lookup for someone else, this won't work. It only works if you want to know your own IP address.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 Must Learn Basic Tools Adobe Photoshop CS5

I’ve learned how to use the Adobe Photoshop at school in college, which is part of the course that I took in college – which is Information Technology. So I must learn how to use it and produce the photos that are required, know the tools to be able to pass and graduate.

What was hard with the class that I took is that the instructor is good, he’s really good in using the Adobe Photoshop but he’s not really good in explaining and teaching us how to use it. Sadly, way back then there’s no YouTube to at least learn it at least through basic Photoshop tutorials. So we have to actually read the book, websites and see the screenshots provided.

Good thing these days, there are already sites like YouTube wherein you’ll be able to find people who can do the job and what’s great is that, it’s totally for free for you to watch and learn!

5 Basic Photoshop Tutorials

A lot of my readers here are bloggers and they’re asking me sometimes how was I able to do things using the Photoshop and sometimes they want me to teach them. So hopefully, these couple of basic Photoshop video tutorials from will be able to help you learn at least the basics in using the software.

I’ll share with you my top five (5) Photoshop CS5 tutorials, video tutorials that are created by wherein it was uploaded by PhotoshopTute (no copyrights intended on my side) that I think you must watch if you really want to learn at least the total basics. Which are the following:

Photoshop Layer Basics

I think getting to know how to use the Photoshop layers will be able to help you understand and create multiple images into one. So in the Photoshop CS5 tutorial above will surely help you get to know the basics about layers.

Photoshope Basic Select

One of the questions that ask me when they watch me working on a photo is about selecting. This another basic photoshop tutorial will surely help you which is about the selection tool could help you create and select a photo.

Photoshop Cropping Options

I usually use the selection tool in cropping the photo, but I guess this is the best practice to do.

Free Transform

My friends saw photos of mine that I'm somewhere else or someone else, so with free transform, you'll be able to get the idea how I did it using the Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Background

The important thing in an image, or part of the image is the background. So I think the basic about the background and getting to know about the background layer is important,especially for newbies. No worries, it's just easy Photoshop tutorial it will be no sweat to you!

I’ve tried my best to find easy Photoshop tutorials online but these videos are the best that I could find. So if you have a better video then leave it as a comment below so others will know about the video, or probably about your video. And oh, the videos are not arranged on how important it is.

Again, the videos above are just the basic Photoshop tutorials something that you could start with in editing photos that you want to share on your Facebook or even your blog. You could totally make an image out of it using these Adobe Photoshop tutorials and hopefully it will be pretty useful too.

More of Photoshop tutorials, tips and a lot more coming here in Bloggers Tech blog, so follow us and subscribe to our updates to stay in touch!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Globe Telecom’s Free Facebook is Back!

I’m one of those people whose 24/7 on Facebook. Some people don’t understand why, but hey, it’s my job to be online and one of the things on my computer that does keep me awake is being online on Facebook. And lately, I’ve been going out a lot and traveling at least once a month for my other blog and doing my other job as an ambassador of a travel website. It becomes too expensive for me to still be online during my travel hours.

Luckily, just few days ago two of the biggest network in the Philippines announces free access online and starting on October 3, 2014 that includes Globe Telecom bringing AGAIN a FREE Facebook for all their subscribers!

The Success of the First Free Facebook of Globe

The Facebook Product Partnership Manager, Jackie Chang was present at the Social Good Summit Manila and shared the success of their partnership with Globe for the first Free Facebook.

Ms. Chang says, “Globe was one of the first telecoms to offer free Facebook to millions of customers and what we saw in the Philippines was astounding. Internet and data usage doubled. Because we were able to do that with Globe, we realized that there’s an opportunity to go beyond just free Facebook and give people access to a set of free basic services,”.

With that, the Senior Vice President, Globe Corporate Communications, Yoly Crisanto (who I’ve met at the Globe Digital Night) also spoke at the summit and says, “Past events have shown us how important communications is during crisis – from getting in touch with loved one, dispatching emergency teams into affected areas, and providing immediate relief operations, among others. Globe, being a telecommunications company, understands this to the fullest. Thus, we have partnered with Rappler for the Social Good Summit which seeks to discuss solutions for the greatest challenges of our time and ultimately unlock the potential of technology to make the world a better place,”

How to avail the FREE Facebook of Globe?

Sadly, this is not basing on what I did but this is what I’ve heard how to do this. My Globe SIM went nuts one day and I can’t send a text message or access the internet, even I still have my P100 on that number I have to change since I really don’t know what to do with it anymore and just switch network.

Anyway, from what I’ve heard this is how you’ll be able to get and avail Globe’s Free Facebook! It’s easy, and that is just by sending the text message “FREEFB” to 8888 and you’ll get a text message confirming your free Facebook access.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog?

BLogging 101 How to Start a Blog

I was one of the organizers for the Cebu Blogging Summit 2014, and the heads want me to speak in front of everyone since most of the attendees seems to know me more. And that, they’ll be more comfortable if they’ll see a familiar person first before the rest of the speakers.

I’ve actually made a blog post about this tip but speaking at the event gave me a chance to talk about it in more detail.

But since we’ve started late and I’ve only got few minutes to share, I’ve talked to fast and summarize everything in less than 15 minutes. Some may have find it hard to remember, so I took the liberty of uploading my presentation so that the attendees and to others who were not able to come – and to those who wish to learn more about on starting their own blog – will be able to grab this opportunity to learn from this simple presentation.

Gay Aida Dumaguing of at the Cebu Blogging SUmmit 2014

I would love to record a video while playing this since there are points that I did not put on the presentation but have talked about it. But then I’m a bit busy now, so I’ll update the post anytime soon for the video. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy these slides that I have used at the Cebu Blogging Summit.

Then again, it’s pretty much the same with the one I’ve already blogged about – the Blogging 101: 5 Tips on Starting a Blog. But then, on the presentation it becomes 7 since I’ve realized another 2 tips.

Please do feel free t leave your questions on the comment box below and I'll try to answer it as much as I can. I might clarify it on the video too which hopefully I'll be able to make before the end of the year.