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Homebuilt Helicopter as a Pastime

Whenever flying on your own using a homemade helicopter is brought up in a discussion, it is often expected that some people will respond with ridicule. Many people are unaware that that modern homebuilt helicopters are very capable helicopters which can serve as one of your hobbies.

If you are new to this like most others, you need to realize that standard parts that you can acquire from a car parts and hardware shop are sufficient to create your own helicopter – one that can really fly. If you want to take an easier route, homebuilt helicopter kits are available.

Homebuilt Helicopter as a Pastime

Comprising of rotor head, rotors, rotor blade, engine, a seat, control stick, foot controls, as well as a few more key features found in a traditional helicopter, a homebuilt helicopter can certainly carry a person and lift him or her off the ground.

You could be concerned of the risk of using such a homebuilt helicopter. The reality is a homebuilt helicopter is as steady as other kinds of helicopters given it flies on a great weather condition. These helicopters can fly as fast as 80mph and as high as 10,000 feet up to around 12,000 feet.

Homebuilt Helicopter as a Pastime
Mosquito XE Helicopter

Because a lot of homebuilt helicopters are ultralight helicopters (“ultralight” since each weighs between 150-190 pounds), it is not necessary for you to acquire a pilot license. The key distinction is that a homebuilt helicopter is a motorized air vehicle (with less power) yet it can provide a similar experience to that of a typical helicopter.

Homebuilt helicopters are quite stable. In fact, they are as durable as most helicopters - provided it flies every time there is an excellent weather condition. Since homebuilt helicopters are considered ultralight helicopters (they typically weigh approximately 150-190 pounds), you won’t have to worry about securing a pilot license. Homebuilt helicopters are motorized and can bring a person off the ground, giving him a similar experience as to that of riding a traditional full-sized helicopter.

There is no greater feeling than flying on your own. And this reality available to you thanks to a homebuilt helicopter. It offers a safe and thrilling ride, and it can certainly be enjoyed by everyone.

Homebuilt Helicopter as a Pastime

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