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7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse Review

I’ve been working online for years and one of my expenses is the computer mouse, because it gets easily damage with me. I used to buy the wireless mouse, and as you might know if the wire gets damage you can’t use the mouse anymore and need to buy a new one again.

A wired mouse usually last two (2) to five (5) months, I surely do torture a mouse that it may not last long enough. Even if I get the best mouse, the quality mouse like the Logitech and it still doesn’t last long enough for me. I say I’m a torturer to items, so if you want to check the quality of your product send it to me.

Anyway, I’ve actually tried a wireless mouse before and it was a Logitech wireless mouse. The problem I have with it is that it consumes a lot of battery, I think it was every 2 weeks it runs out of battery and batteries these days are quiet expensive. So I gave it to my brother who complains about the same problem.

7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse

I was actually thinking twice on buying this wireless computer mouse from and it looks great and affordable for me, so i think I really have to buy it for me. Check it out!

7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse Review

The wheels of the car won't move by the way, it would be way cooler if it could also move while your going up and down.

  It took me awhile to find the place where to put the batteries, or if it needed one. So I really did turn it around and over to check where to place the batteries that I've already bought.
7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse Review
Took me awhile and I realize that it should be at the body of the car and tadah! You should remove the roof of the car to get there. I was afraid at first if I broke something.

7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse Review

Just pull down the room from the top to down. You'll need a triple A (AAA) battery for this, NOT a douible A. Another problem I have is that since it was wireless, I couldn't find the bluetooth receiver (at first) and took me awhile also to find it.

7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse Review

At first it will just look like a black part of the design, but it's actually the bluetooth receiver for the mouse which is of course included. So surely, you won't lose the receiver since if you have to bring the mouse for a travel somewhere, you'll just put it back there.

7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse Review

I've bought it on and if you want to check out the mouse, just look for a 7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse on their site.

7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse Review

So far, I think I only replace the batteries every after more than a month. So I think its energy saver so far since when you’re not using the mouse it automatically turns off the connection – so I guess it helps to conserve the battery.

The Usability

The mouse is good, fast and easy to use. It’s comfortable too for my hand size. So I really like using it. The thing is, sometimes I have a Skype chat with my sister and I have to be a couple of meters away from the computer and still be able to browse my computer and having no worries about the length of the mouse.

The Quality and Durability

As for the durability it is pretty good so far, it already falls from my desk a couple of times and it’s still 100% functioning and still 100% complete. It has been with me for about 3 months already and it’s doing good so far, haven’t buy a new one and still using it.

There are also different colors available for the same mouse and you might want to check it out on their website. If you want to know more about then go ahead and check out their website, I’ll post some details on how their process goes soon here in Bloggers Tech blog.

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