Friday, April 25, 2014

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What's with the Heartbleed Bug?

the Heartbleed Bug

By now, most of you may have heard about the HEARTBLEED bug. Should you be aware? Yes, especially if you have online accounts like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, etc. It's all about the security of your account and we use our email like Gmail in getting in touch with our clients, accounts online and of course in our bank accounts like PayPal.

So to further explain to you why you should read the whole post and be aware of the heartbleed bug, I tried to find the best infographics I can post here in Bloggers Tech blog.

The Heartbleed Bug

First off, let us talk about what is heartbleed, what it is all about, why it is called heartbleed, how this happened, etc. this infographic below by Hugraphic is (actually) the only infographic I found that explain about the bug. So better check it out.

The Heartbleed Checklist

Don't rattle. Here's a more complete accurate list of websites or accounts (if you have one) that you should change your PASSWORD immediately and other than that IVPN suggested some other things you could do to ensure your security.

I've changed the accounts immediately after knowing all these, especially those accounts that may have my financial records especially the important accounts that I may have (even including Facebook).

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