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Pointers On How To Clean Your iPhone

Cleaning Your iPhone

Cleaning your iPhone, or any other Smart Phone, requires a little caution, but it is quite simple and safe to do if you follow the recommended instructions. These electronic devices are highly sensitive, as well as expensive. It would be foolish to attempt to clean them without first seeking proper instruction. If cared for properly, your iPhone can serve you well for many years.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on cleaning solutions or equipment designed specifically for iPhone cleaning. All it takes is a little patience and common sense. However, your iPhone will benefit and better serve you if cleaned on a regular basis. Care needs to be taken in cleaning the screen as it is very sensitive to the touch and to do it wrong could permanently damage it.

It is vital that you not allow moisture to get into your device. Liquids can damage the inner workings. This means you shouldn't be spraying any sort of cleaning solutions directly onto the screen's surface as the liquid could seep through the cracks and wreak havoc with the internal mechanism. Instead, any cleanser you use should be sprayed lightly onto a soft rag (such as a chamois or microfiber cloth). It should be no more than slightly damp. Use the cloth to wipe the surface of your iPhone screen, taking care to gently swipe your hand in one direction to avoid smudges or streaking. You don't want to be in a hurry when doing this.

Chemical agents should never be used to clean your iPhone or iPad screen as they can do damage and possibly affect the phone's function. The exception to this is a cleaner found at a computer or office supply store that is specifically designated to the purpose of cleaning your Smart Phone's screen. Normally, water and a small microfiber cloth will do just fine. Microfiber cloths can be purchased at any office supply or computer store. They can also be found at many Dollar Stores for a much more reasonable price.

You want to be sure not to use too much water, however. You may want to test it on a mirror or other glass surface prior to using in on your iPhone. Do not wipe the screen in a circular motion as that can leave smudges. If the first pass with the cloth doesn't do the trick, give it a second go-over. Take it slowly and be sure to cover every inch of the surface.

The screen tends to get smudgy quite easily as it is constantly being touched by oily fingers. The oils on from your fingers will eventually build up on the screen. Thus it is recommended you clean your iPhone once or twice a week. If you do, it will last much longer.

Both the iPhone and the iPad are touch sensitive and LED-backlit. Using a solution such as Windex is an absolute no-no. If they are, over time the chemicals in the window cleaner will wear down the protective coating on your phone's surface and it will become susceptible to scratches. Should you feel you have to use a spray of some sort, use a cleaner that has been designed for use on an LCD/plasma TV.

Your iPhone is an expensive and useful gadget to have for reasons both practical and enjoyable. Take care of it and it will serve you well for many years.

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