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Apps to Look Out for in 2014

Apps to Look Out for in 2014

Rewind ten years and consider the technology you carried with you day to day. How heavy was your laptop? Could your phone take high resolution photographs or did you rely on an actual camera to capture those moments you wanted to stash away or upload onto MySpace?

Facebook had only come of its infancy and Zuckerberg wasn’t yet an international success story. Jump to 2014 and the digital world has become the world, your world, my world, our world. We’ve become encompassed and defined by the devices weighing down our pockets and bags, organising our experiences neatly into apps.

Now the train has well and truly left the station and to remain engaged, organised and in control of the modern day-to-day, you need an arsenal of new developments to speed your way to the cutting edge. Speaking of edges, Brus Media has whispered in my ear, highlighting their four top apps for 2014. Get your download fingers ready.

Flipboard (Price: Free/ Platform: Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry)

You may have heard of Flipboard. Most devices come preloaded with the sharing app, quickly relegated to the useless crap cluttering my new phone column and forever ignored. Don’t dismiss this powerhouse of sharability simply because Android and iOS occasionally choose to slap it on before you buy or sign; Flipboard is your personal publication, packed with the stuff you give a damn about. Streamline your favourite news sources, topics, people, hashtags, pictures, blogs and video links into one place and present it to your friends (and internet friends), casually flipping through the daily updates that reflect your world view. Elegantly presented and easy to use, you’ll soon be obsessed.

Accuweather (Price: Free/ Platform: Android and iOS)

People are preoccupied with the weather. Is it raining or is a shower threatening your plans later? Perhaps it’s too hot, but how hot is it? Is the heat relative to humidity and when can you expect the southerly change to blow through? From current temperatures, to UV indexes, visibility and pressure zones, Accuweather feeds the beast lurking within. The weather forecasts are extensively detailed, so you have all of the information at any given time, routinely update on the hour, or for those who like a long term glance, daily reports are easily read and shared with anyone who cares.

Kindle (Price: Free/ Platform: Windows, Android and iOS)

For those who love to read but see little point in buying another power sucking device, the Amazon Kindle app turns your smart phone or tablet (or phablet!) into a Kindle eReader without the added price tag. Cool, huh? Simply sign in with your Amazon account or create one, if you’re a little wait for that bandwagon, browsing the extensive book store and downloading your favourite titles without making a trip into a shopping centre and paying the pricey mark up.

Visually pleasing and colourful, this slick eReading app will allow you to fiddle with the font size, change the margins and play with the line spacing to ensure the best reading experience possible. Not only is your library syncable across all of your devices, but it will mark where you’re up to in each volume.

Godus (Price: TBA/Platform: Android, iOS and Windows)

Okay, I know Godus isn’t technically an app in the traditional sense; in fact, it isn’t an app at all, unless you consider facilitating hours of enjoyment and procrastination an app characteristic. If this is so, Godus will not disappoint. Propelled and funded by a Kickstarter project in late 2012, Godus is the masterful follow up to the much-played Populous, a sandbox of absolute dominion.

Similarly, Godus places the user into the very powerful shoes of a God, allowing you to define, refine and paint your world, from the mountain ranges and oceans, to the very sociological and anthropological order of the people you now control. Wars can be waged, peace can prosper, trade may thrive, it’s all down to you really, and what you imagine your world should be. Crisp visuals, with an impressive resolution, I have yet to test gameplay, but I think Godus will be one to watch and enjoy.

What app will blow your mind in 2014? You’ve heard my predictions, now add your own below in the comments!

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