Friday, February 28, 2014

Reasonable Doubt 2014

Reasonable Doubt 2014 Samuel Jackson Dominic Cooper

The title itself of this movie has actually attracted me immediately, think about it. You’re in doubt but you’ve got a reason why doubting on something, so it made me curious what’s to doubt for?

Since I was a kid I’ve been really interested on laws, I even thought that I’ll be a lawyer when I grow up. So after reading the synopsis of this movie, obviously I immediately want to watch it. Plus, with Samuel L. Jackson as one of the main characters have pretty much convinced me to really watch the movie. He’s a great actor as far as I know – and movies I’ve watched.

Reasonable Doubt 2014 – Movie Review

After I watched the film I immediately told my Mama to watch it, and when she did she actually said “it’s been a long time since we’ve watched a movie like this...” A movie that has a good twist, an unexpected twist but smart one and made the whole story of the movie worth it.

Don’t expect that Samuel L. Jackson will go Captain America on this movie, this movie is more on the story, the revenge, the justice and not an action movie though there are guns involved and some murder weapons but there’s not much action going on. It’s a crime and thriller movie, there could be a bit of drama but it’s more on crime and justice. Some of the people who have already watched the movie were actually disappointed but I think the movie is pretty good.

But surely, it’s not that type of movie that you’ll lost track of, there are some movies out there that there are some parts that you can let yourself be disturbed, but this one you may want to play back again the part that you’ve missed due to some disturbance – or maybe ask someone “what did he said?”.

It’s logical story and has “reasons” on why things happen, what happen, what’s the connection of these people to what happen. They even show what is the connection of the scene on the beginning of the movie to the whole story, which is really good – some movies left some part out.

I also applaud the writer of the story, the characters are smart. Some writers make their movie characters stupid or dumb sometimes that you may really hate the character. In this movie, the detective, the suspect and the lawyer is smart.

Overall, it’s an above average movie. So I want to rate it with 3.8 stars out of 5 stars. I think the IMDB is rated very poor, I don’t understand why. Maybe they expected way too much from the movie and the character played by Samuel L. Jackson, but they shouldn’t and you should not.

When you watch the movie, pay attention to details and the story so you would get what’s going on. I’ve watched the movie twice because when I first watched it, I have to leave it pause for hours since I was doing something important.

Movie Safe for Kids?

There’s no bed scene, there might be some parts that they should not watch (bloody stuff), so I think it’s better to watch it with them if you’ll let them watch this movie since it’s a RATED R movie.

NOTE: R — Restricted. Children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian.

If your kid will get who did who somewhere in the middle of the movie, then your kid is smart and observant.

Play it or Skip it?

I would say, if you love crime movies or shows, if you want logic movies, then better watch it. If you like action, and expect a lot from Samuel L. Jackson in this movie then skip it.

Spoiler Alert!

If I give you some spoilers you might have an idea of the whole movie already. But anyway, if you insist go on and read. In our spoiler alert, I’ll just share what are my thoughts on the character’s situation but then it may reveal the story, so sorry for spoiling the movie.

Atty. Mitch Brockden (Dominic Cooper) is actually innocent and should not feel guilty of what happened, other than drunk driving. If you’re a lawyer working for the DA, maintaining your status and clean name, you would’ve done the same but as for an ordinary person like me I think I would’ve stayed.

As for Clinton Davis (Samuel L. Jackson), I totally understand his side. Thanks to him a little girl was safe, but then the lesson here is not to put justice on our hands though it may look like to you that justice system is not fair but just be cautious on everything.

Movie Trailer

Movie Plot

When up-and-coming District Attorney Mitch Brockden (Dominic Cooper) commits a fatal hit-and-run, he feels compelled to manipulate the case to acquit the accused criminal (Samuel L. Jackson) who was found with the body and blamed for the crime. Following the trial, Mitch's worst fears come true when he realizes that his actions freed a guilty man, and he soon finds himself on the hunt for the killer before more victims pile up.
Source: Wikipedia

IMDB Rating: 5.5

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Basics Behind Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The society today has embraced cloud computing with much awe due to its impact and usefulness. Even social sites like Facebook has taken root in this technology and are ready to employ this tactic for its effectiveness in today’s economy. The benefit of cloud computing to businesses is that, it creates a link between computers within a workplace, thus saves time and money which would have been used to buy necessary resources like user software’s.

Cloud computing brings the true worth of advanced technology to many companies, as many people continue realizing its benefits.

How does cloud computing work?

Cloud computing works under a dedicated and integrated network, where a company and its employees can access information offered in online databases.  Specialized companies offer these cloud computing services to other businesses, which entrusts their mode of work and data to the computing company.  This information is relied from a secure data server, in both front end and back end services.

In cloud computing,   a front end interface can be accessed from a user’s computer through a web browser. Log in details are however needed for one to be able to access services provided in the cloud server, because all the information in the servers is secured. This information can be accessed at any time of the day, where company installed software can be accessed and used without any conflicts. Basically, cloud computing is the ability to network both software and hardware functionalities to different computers. It works by making available necessary and required information, accessing databases and using company software, thus making it possible for one to work from almost anywhere.  Front end services can only be availed once back end services have been set up and in place in the servers.

Back end services and hardware infrastructure make up the main brain in cloud computing. These are composed of highly powerful hardware and software applications, which can accommodate multi users on the go. For cloud computing to be possible, programming mechanisms that enable networking and service sharing in front end services are needed. Once these services and software has been installed in the serves, it is then possible for users to log in and access data at their own will, without necessarily having to purchase copies of required software.   Through cloud computing, software utilities and other resources can be shared among employees in a company through multiple logins, which saves money, time and resources.

Although cloud computing may be a complicated mechanism, all the hard work is left to the companies that provide these services. These companies mastermind every service needed for end users to use it with ease. Back up procedures and systems have to be set up to secure clients data and information, which is done using remote data servers. Dedicated servers provide the ultimate data safety needed to public, private and hybrid cloud needs, as well as provide easy access whenever the information is needed.

One thing we know for sure is that, cloud computing is new and advancing very fast. Software manufacturing companies are the ring leaders of making this a possibility, and continue to advance the service to make it available for all to use.  We can thus be sure that, cloud computing will become influential for the betterment of business operation. It will also help minimize on both hardware and software costs needed when operating an IT related firm.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Apps to Look Out for in 2014

Apps to Look Out for in 2014

Rewind ten years and consider the technology you carried with you day to day. How heavy was your laptop? Could your phone take high resolution photographs or did you rely on an actual camera to capture those moments you wanted to stash away or upload onto MySpace?

Facebook had only come of its infancy and Zuckerberg wasn’t yet an international success story. Jump to 2014 and the digital world has become the world, your world, my world, our world. We’ve become encompassed and defined by the devices weighing down our pockets and bags, organising our experiences neatly into apps.

Now the train has well and truly left the station and to remain engaged, organised and in control of the modern day-to-day, you need an arsenal of new developments to speed your way to the cutting edge. Speaking of edges, Brus Media has whispered in my ear, highlighting their four top apps for 2014. Get your download fingers ready.

Flipboard (Price: Free/ Platform: Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry)

You may have heard of Flipboard. Most devices come preloaded with the sharing app, quickly relegated to the useless crap cluttering my new phone column and forever ignored. Don’t dismiss this powerhouse of sharability simply because Android and iOS occasionally choose to slap it on before you buy or sign; Flipboard is your personal publication, packed with the stuff you give a damn about. Streamline your favourite news sources, topics, people, hashtags, pictures, blogs and video links into one place and present it to your friends (and internet friends), casually flipping through the daily updates that reflect your world view. Elegantly presented and easy to use, you’ll soon be obsessed.

Accuweather (Price: Free/ Platform: Android and iOS)

People are preoccupied with the weather. Is it raining or is a shower threatening your plans later? Perhaps it’s too hot, but how hot is it? Is the heat relative to humidity and when can you expect the southerly change to blow through? From current temperatures, to UV indexes, visibility and pressure zones, Accuweather feeds the beast lurking within. The weather forecasts are extensively detailed, so you have all of the information at any given time, routinely update on the hour, or for those who like a long term glance, daily reports are easily read and shared with anyone who cares.

Kindle (Price: Free/ Platform: Windows, Android and iOS)

For those who love to read but see little point in buying another power sucking device, the Amazon Kindle app turns your smart phone or tablet (or phablet!) into a Kindle eReader without the added price tag. Cool, huh? Simply sign in with your Amazon account or create one, if you’re a little wait for that bandwagon, browsing the extensive book store and downloading your favourite titles without making a trip into a shopping centre and paying the pricey mark up.

Visually pleasing and colourful, this slick eReading app will allow you to fiddle with the font size, change the margins and play with the line spacing to ensure the best reading experience possible. Not only is your library syncable across all of your devices, but it will mark where you’re up to in each volume.

Godus (Price: TBA/Platform: Android, iOS and Windows)

Okay, I know Godus isn’t technically an app in the traditional sense; in fact, it isn’t an app at all, unless you consider facilitating hours of enjoyment and procrastination an app characteristic. If this is so, Godus will not disappoint. Propelled and funded by a Kickstarter project in late 2012, Godus is the masterful follow up to the much-played Populous, a sandbox of absolute dominion.

Similarly, Godus places the user into the very powerful shoes of a God, allowing you to define, refine and paint your world, from the mountain ranges and oceans, to the very sociological and anthropological order of the people you now control. Wars can be waged, peace can prosper, trade may thrive, it’s all down to you really, and what you imagine your world should be. Crisp visuals, with an impressive resolution, I have yet to test gameplay, but I think Godus will be one to watch and enjoy.

What app will blow your mind in 2014? You’ve heard my predictions, now add your own below in the comments!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Pointers On How To Clean Your iPhone

Cleaning Your iPhone

Cleaning your iPhone, or any other Smart Phone, requires a little caution, but it is quite simple and safe to do if you follow the recommended instructions. These electronic devices are highly sensitive, as well as expensive. It would be foolish to attempt to clean them without first seeking proper instruction. If cared for properly, your iPhone can serve you well for many years.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on cleaning solutions or equipment designed specifically for iPhone cleaning. All it takes is a little patience and common sense. However, your iPhone will benefit and better serve you if cleaned on a regular basis. Care needs to be taken in cleaning the screen as it is very sensitive to the touch and to do it wrong could permanently damage it.

It is vital that you not allow moisture to get into your device. Liquids can damage the inner workings. This means you shouldn't be spraying any sort of cleaning solutions directly onto the screen's surface as the liquid could seep through the cracks and wreak havoc with the internal mechanism. Instead, any cleanser you use should be sprayed lightly onto a soft rag (such as a chamois or microfiber cloth). It should be no more than slightly damp. Use the cloth to wipe the surface of your iPhone screen, taking care to gently swipe your hand in one direction to avoid smudges or streaking. You don't want to be in a hurry when doing this.

Chemical agents should never be used to clean your iPhone or iPad screen as they can do damage and possibly affect the phone's function. The exception to this is a cleaner found at a computer or office supply store that is specifically designated to the purpose of cleaning your Smart Phone's screen. Normally, water and a small microfiber cloth will do just fine. Microfiber cloths can be purchased at any office supply or computer store. They can also be found at many Dollar Stores for a much more reasonable price.

You want to be sure not to use too much water, however. You may want to test it on a mirror or other glass surface prior to using in on your iPhone. Do not wipe the screen in a circular motion as that can leave smudges. If the first pass with the cloth doesn't do the trick, give it a second go-over. Take it slowly and be sure to cover every inch of the surface.

The screen tends to get smudgy quite easily as it is constantly being touched by oily fingers. The oils on from your fingers will eventually build up on the screen. Thus it is recommended you clean your iPhone once or twice a week. If you do, it will last much longer.

Both the iPhone and the iPad are touch sensitive and LED-backlit. Using a solution such as Windex is an absolute no-no. If they are, over time the chemicals in the window cleaner will wear down the protective coating on your phone's surface and it will become susceptible to scratches. Should you feel you have to use a spray of some sort, use a cleaner that has been designed for use on an LCD/plasma TV.

Your iPhone is an expensive and useful gadget to have for reasons both practical and enjoyable. Take care of it and it will serve you well for many years.