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The Advantages of Being a Digital Designer

The Advantages of Being a Digital Designer

Do you fancy yourself an artist? A technical expert with a creative edge? Would you sell your second arm for a top-of-the-line WACOM tablet or yearly upgrades on your CAD software collection? Before you saw of your limbs, sigh at the lack of employment (though who isn’t with you there?) or fall prey to shuffling off non-essentials on ebay to cover the expense of being the best in the business, indulge in a little positivity. What’s so great about being a digital designer, anyway? Do you remember? Take a breath, put your junk back on the floor and sit on your butt, reading down the following list and absorbing the positive vibes. Go on, we all need to remember where we’ve come from occasionally, only if to acknowledge where we’re going versus where we want to be.

You Are an Analytical Creative

Do you remember the right-brain, left-brain test in high school, dusted off when the rainy day DVD’s had been exhausted and the teaching staff desired to make a half-hearted bid to be educational? It seemed silly to categorise yourself accordingly then, and for good reason, digital designers are usually a balanced mixture of practicality and creativity. It’s never fantastic to be too much of one thing, as you’ll be transported far from the point of a project, into a realm of conjecture or professional obstinacy. If you’re 100% practical, you’ll never be able to conceive the sophistication and joy of a beautifully rendered design, but if one is too creative, say goodbye to any shred of productivity. So, you’re perfect!

Flexibility – How Low Can You Go?

Similar to the bygone party game Limbo, designers must be flexible and able to fulfil a number of capacities; indeed, you may be suited to a number of different fields (introducing a highly desirable variety element), as creation, design, implementation and support are required across the spectrum, from the more technical disciplines ( click here for more details), to digital artistry. Don’t be afraid to experiment with free-lancing opportunities, pick up new skills and get your feet wet across the multi-tiered rock pools of the design sea.

Progress, Progress, Progress

Designers are blessed with a degree of autonomy, as beginners usually start in-house, grasping the basics, making contacts and understanding the mind-melding nature of office politics, before climbing the ladder into new positions. After cutting one’s teeth on big, small and medium sized projects, the word freelance starts to bubble beneath the discontentment of your soul, and yes it will boil, as creative people (whether they’re practical or not) are not always suited to working for other people or realising their vision. You may have one of your own. If this is so, and with enough experience, nothing will prevent you from flinging your own start-up into the fray, whether it be a competing agency or sole trading liscence. Similarly, design is almost a universal language; you can work anywhere in the world, trading in identical skill bases.

Do you feel amazing yet? You should. Being a designer is more than just an occupation, it’s a lifestyle. What do you love most about design? Let us know in the comments below.

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