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Remote Access for Macs from Mobile Devices

Remote Access for Macs from Mobile Devices

The online revolution has entirely changed the way we interact with each other and do business. Life has become more mobile than ever before, especially with the ability to work or connect remotely. Thanks to excellent and readily available remote access solutions, it is possible to access your entire desktop even when it’s thousands of miles away.

Reliable remote access to hosted Windows applications and desktops from Windows PCs has been around for some time, but finding the right solution from your Mac has previously required a bit more work. Luckily enough, there are some products which really do fill the gap. It is worth noting that the following do not require your computer to remain running, as most can ‘wake it up’ via an online connection.

  • Ericom Remote Desktop Connectivity. Here is an RDP client for Mac which guarantees speed. Utilizing compression and acceleration software, Ericom will give you an excellent display on your Mac machine for even some of the most graphics-intense programs, such as PPT and Flash. This is a great solution for content which includes high resolution of complex graphics and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android devices and others.
  • LogMeIn Ignition. Just install an app on your remote Mac and LogMeIn Ignition will give you access to an exact copy of your desktop on your iPhone or iPad. There are more expensive features which can be added on top of the base price, including HD video support and printing via AirPrint-friendly printers. You can of course also transfer files using this system.
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop. This also utilizes a useful app to enable you to have full use of your Mac on your iPhone or iPad by using the internet or a local network. Splashtop is a very quick and responsive system, although it might end up slowing down the resolution on your remote computer. However, this is probably a small price to pay for the convenience of accessing your entire desktop from a mobile device.
  • Mocha VNC Lite. Instead of using an app as a basis for your virtual desktop, Mocha VNC Lite, as the name would suggest, makes use of a traditional VNC client in order to connect your Mac to a remote mobile device. Usefully, it allows you to share remote files by either a cloud service or e-mail which will appear in your synchronized folders if you use an iPad.
Don’t forget that once you’ve set up your remote access using any of the above products, it is worth taking full advantage of the suite of Mac tools available. For example, you can use iChat even with remote access, allowing you to talk or share a screen with anybody from practically anywhere.


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