Monday, December 1, 2014

Prepaid Customers To Enjoy Smartphone Ownership With Globe's GoGadgets Offer

Yet again moving to the forefront of the industry, Globe Telecom has decided to increase the reach of smartphones by creating a new offer designed to give prepaid customers the ability to get discounts on devices as well as rebates. The program is GoGadgets and promises to be groundbreaking for many.

GoGadgets represents a true innovation in prepaid cellular service in that it lets customers build a prepaid bundle of their own choosing by simply selecting a device from a set menu of Android offerings, starting from affordable rates such as P2,699 to P7,899.

In order to create this type of bundle, a prepaid customer just needs to select the promo combination they prefer, the length of the promo period and the registration period. No additional requirements exist! Customers then have an opportunity to earn back some of their money through GCash each time they sign up for a GoGadgets promotional offer. The end result is that their devices cost virtually nothing.

GoGadgets offerings include the CloudFone Excite 400dx, complete with interchangeable battery capability, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4GB of internal storage and 512 MB RAM. Battery life for this device is an impressive full day with heavy usage and upwards of 2-3- days with lighter use. The Samsung Trend Lite is also available, and it boasts a 4-inch screen, 3-megapixel rear camera and a 1GHz processor.

This offer follows close after another of Globe's innovative offerings, GoSAKTO. From its initial 2013 launch, GoSAKTO gave prepaid consumers the freedom to build a promo of their own design, letting them select the number and type of calls, data and text available. This provides the ultimate in flexibility. An enhanced GoSAKTO program launched this June added extra value, letting customers add new apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more to their personalized promo, resulting in the ability to build over 200 million different feature combinations.

Any Globe prepaid customer can get started with this program by calling *143#, selecting GoSAKTO from the menu and selecting "choose a gadget."

If you would like to learn more about GoGadgets from Globe Prepaid, text the word GadgetINFO to 888 at no charge.

Monday, November 17, 2014

3 Best Things Users Love About the Samsung Galaxy S3

3 Best Things Users Love About the Samsung Galaxy S3

I’ve been in search for a new phone for months now since my phone (Samsung Galaxy Y Duos) is not enough for my current lifestyle anymore. Though there are a lot of phones that I can choose from, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of my choice though it’s a 2 years old phone – released on 2012.

Watching videos online, listening to people that have already used this smartphone from Samsung I was able to pick out the best things or features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that the users loved. And I think it’s just worth it to share it with you guys, I thought you might want to hear all about it too.

The 4.8 inches Display

This Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 1280 by 720 and a PenTile display – and some don’t like a phone with PenTile display but you really can’t tell (well, except you’ll try to see it in a very low resolution). The phone has a great resolution in high contrast, fluid with no stutter, and very responsive that is said to be better than Nexus phones.

Better than Your Point and Shoot

Yes, they do say that the Samsung Galaxy S3’s camera is better than your point and shoot camera, and even way better than the Nexus’ camera  – which is what I am looking for since I need to document every detail of my travel and update my social media accounts with quality photos. Plus, the users loved the fact that the camera has a lot of features itself.
Samsung Galaxy S3 sample photo. Photo Credits to PhoneArena
Samsung Galaxy S3 got an 8 megapixels camera at the back that can take 1080p videos with sharp auto focus that says to work well in low light. There’s also a camera at front, lower than the back since it’s only 1.9 megapixels but it’s already good enough for skyping purposes.


To be honest, this got me to love the phone already since I really need a phone with a big RAM. I’ll actually be happy with 1GB RAM, but giving me a phone with a 2GB RAM is really a gift from heaven for me – and that is because I only have 256mb (too slow and low for me).

It’s already 2014, is it worth it to buy? Yes, they say so even for a 2 years old smartphone. The price is though too high for my budget since it’s sold around P10, 000 ($223) to P20, 000 ($446) – well that is for a 16GB internal memory. I've checked out Amazon and for the new one (not used) is sold around $254 (and it's already unlocked but I can have it for less than $200 if I have it throgh a network in the US, but then again it's not applicable to me). But basing on what they’re saying it’s a worth it phone to buy!

Are you using the Samsung Galaxy S3? Share with us on what you think about the phone, and let me know if I should really buy it or not. Thanks!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

10 Basic Areas of the Hootsuite Dashboard

10 Basic Areas of the Hootsuite Dashboard

I’ve been using Hootsuite ever since I’ve started working as a SEO specialist, I’ve tried other social media tools too but there are only two (2) tools that standout the most and help me in social media management.

Just few weeks ago, I’ve been selected to be one of the volunteer Hootsuite Ambassador here in the Philippines and I got the opportunity to learn more about using Hootsuite.

Today, let me share with you the basic areas in the Hootsuite dashboard that you’ll usually encounter in day to day basis in using the tool. These are basic areas, both available on FREE, Hootsuite Pro, and Enterprise account. So, I think knowing these basic areas of the dashboard can be really helpful to people like you who are interested in using this social media management tool for business or personal use.

Hootsuite Dashboard 1.0

I’ve placed a number in each areas, please refer the description about that area through matching the numbers below.

1. Social Media Accounts

Basically you'll be able to find here all your CONNECTED social media accounts. You must select a profile from a specific network on this area before publishing, posting, or updating your status.

Hootsuite Dashboard 1.1

The star means it's one of your favorite profiles, and the pin sign means you're pinning the profile and that pinned profile will be constantly selected until you unpin it.

2. Compose Message 

I don't know what to call this area exactly, but it's simply where you can compose or write the message you want to post on your social media accounts. When you click on that area, you'll see the photo on Hootsuite Dashboard 1.1 wherein it will automatically expands to give you a better view and better area to write on.

It's actually a bit similar to Facebook since you can attach photo, add a map, and use the privacy option. But then, since this is a social media management tool, you can totally schedule any updates you want to post or update on your selected social media accounts.

3. Tab

I love the tabs since I do have my personal account, my blog's accounts, and of course my client's accounts to manage and with the tabs you can organize all your social media accounts so you'll not get overloaded with information and tasks.

You can rename the tab, you can re-arrange it, and you can add any contents you want it to have that we call "streams".

4. Add Stream

It's a button, when you click on it another small window will appear that will let you select what type of streams (or feeds) on a specific column.

Hootsuite Dashboard 1.2

Select the social media, select your social media account, and then select what type of streams you want to be updated with and see.

5. Add Social Network 

Of course, you can add multiple accounts on different social networks but please do note that for FREE Hootsuite users it is only limited to 3 social media accounts.

As for what social media account you can add, you can add Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Wordpress, and Mixi. But you can get streams (but not update) for multiple social media accounts through their app directory.

6. The Stream

The stream is like the feeds on Facebook, but you can be specific on what you want to read or know about. There are multiple types of streams that you can enjoy but that all depends on what social media site.

Hootsuite Dashboard 1.3
I've made the example stream above wherein all mentions on Twitter are in one (1) column so I'll get an update about it. You can specify streams for hashtags, topics (search), scheduled posts, etc.

7. Quick Search

You can use this area to search Twitter or Facebook about something, like hashtags. It's as simple as that.

8. Hootsuite Conversations

If you're working with a team, you can talk with your team here. You don't have to go outside Hootsuite to talk to them.

Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

9. Stream View

Since you can place multiple streams in one tab, surely there are streams that you wish to see immediately. You can adjust the viewing size through this tool and arrange it as you may like.

10. Hootsuite Panel

When you hover in this area this will expand and you'll see more options that you can play with at Hootsuite. You can also find the settings, app directory, analytics, tools, and more options with Hootsuite.

Love the features, go ahead and try out Hootsuite for social media management. You may visit and try it for FREE, or go ahead and try the Hootsuite Pro for 30 Days totally for FREE!

Tried it? What do you think about Hootsuite? Share it with us through living it as a comment below.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Find Your IP Address the Easiest Way?

Find IP Address

There are a lot of ways for you to find your IP address, I know about five (5) was to do it but let me just share with you the easiest way and simplest way to do it.

So this tutorial will be if you want an IP address lookup for yourself, and not someone else.

How to Find IP Address?

You don’t need any technical skills here, all you need is your computer, the ability to type and a web browser – any web browser will do but I am currently using Google Chrome.

Step #1: Go to

Yes, that's right. Just go to Google, and yes it's the tool we're using for this.
Find IP Address

Step #2: Type in "IP Address"

Go ahead and type in the word!
Find Your IP Address

Step #3: Found your IP address?

what I love about Google? It knows everything. Even your IP address.
Find IP Address

I've blurred mine for some reasons. But you'll be able to find your IP address just right there.

Please do take note that of course without an internet connection you won’t be able to use Google, so the other alternatives in finding your IP address will be wise. I’ll share with you guys the other ways in other tutorial that I’ll make on how to find IP address here in the Bloggers Tech blog.

Again, if you want an IP address lookup for someone else, this won't work. It only works if you want to know your own IP address.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 Must Learn Basic Tools Adobe Photoshop CS5

I’ve learned how to use the Adobe Photoshop at school in college, which is part of the course that I took in college – which is Information Technology. So I must learn how to use it and produce the photos that are required, know the tools to be able to pass and graduate.

What was hard with the class that I took is that the instructor is good, he’s really good in using the Adobe Photoshop but he’s not really good in explaining and teaching us how to use it. Sadly, way back then there’s no YouTube to at least learn it at least through basic Photoshop tutorials. So we have to actually read the book, websites and see the screenshots provided.

Good thing these days, there are already sites like YouTube wherein you’ll be able to find people who can do the job and what’s great is that, it’s totally for free for you to watch and learn!

5 Basic Photoshop Tutorials

A lot of my readers here are bloggers and they’re asking me sometimes how was I able to do things using the Photoshop and sometimes they want me to teach them. So hopefully, these couple of basic Photoshop video tutorials from will be able to help you learn at least the basics in using the software.

I’ll share with you my top five (5) Photoshop CS5 tutorials, video tutorials that are created by wherein it was uploaded by PhotoshopTute (no copyrights intended on my side) that I think you must watch if you really want to learn at least the total basics. Which are the following:

Photoshop Layer Basics

I think getting to know how to use the Photoshop layers will be able to help you understand and create multiple images into one. So in the Photoshop CS5 tutorial above will surely help you get to know the basics about layers.

Photoshope Basic Select

One of the questions that ask me when they watch me working on a photo is about selecting. This another basic photoshop tutorial will surely help you which is about the selection tool could help you create and select a photo.

Photoshop Cropping Options

I usually use the selection tool in cropping the photo, but I guess this is the best practice to do.

Free Transform

My friends saw photos of mine that I'm somewhere else or someone else, so with free transform, you'll be able to get the idea how I did it using the Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Background

The important thing in an image, or part of the image is the background. So I think the basic about the background and getting to know about the background layer is important,especially for newbies. No worries, it's just easy Photoshop tutorial it will be no sweat to you!

I’ve tried my best to find easy Photoshop tutorials online but these videos are the best that I could find. So if you have a better video then leave it as a comment below so others will know about the video, or probably about your video. And oh, the videos are not arranged on how important it is.

Again, the videos above are just the basic Photoshop tutorials something that you could start with in editing photos that you want to share on your Facebook or even your blog. You could totally make an image out of it using these Adobe Photoshop tutorials and hopefully it will be pretty useful too.

More of Photoshop tutorials, tips and a lot more coming here in Bloggers Tech blog, so follow us and subscribe to our updates to stay in touch!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Globe Telecom’s Free Facebook is Back!

I’m one of those people whose 24/7 on Facebook. Some people don’t understand why, but hey, it’s my job to be online and one of the things on my computer that does keep me awake is being online on Facebook. And lately, I’ve been going out a lot and traveling at least once a month for my other blog and doing my other job as an ambassador of a travel website. It becomes too expensive for me to still be online during my travel hours.

Luckily, just few days ago two of the biggest network in the Philippines announces free access online and starting on October 3, 2014 that includes Globe Telecom bringing AGAIN a FREE Facebook for all their subscribers!

The Success of the First Free Facebook of Globe

The Facebook Product Partnership Manager, Jackie Chang was present at the Social Good Summit Manila and shared the success of their partnership with Globe for the first Free Facebook.

Ms. Chang says, “Globe was one of the first telecoms to offer free Facebook to millions of customers and what we saw in the Philippines was astounding. Internet and data usage doubled. Because we were able to do that with Globe, we realized that there’s an opportunity to go beyond just free Facebook and give people access to a set of free basic services,”.

With that, the Senior Vice President, Globe Corporate Communications, Yoly Crisanto (who I’ve met at the Globe Digital Night) also spoke at the summit and says, “Past events have shown us how important communications is during crisis – from getting in touch with loved one, dispatching emergency teams into affected areas, and providing immediate relief operations, among others. Globe, being a telecommunications company, understands this to the fullest. Thus, we have partnered with Rappler for the Social Good Summit which seeks to discuss solutions for the greatest challenges of our time and ultimately unlock the potential of technology to make the world a better place,”

How to avail the FREE Facebook of Globe?

Sadly, this is not basing on what I did but this is what I’ve heard how to do this. My Globe SIM went nuts one day and I can’t send a text message or access the internet, even I still have my P100 on that number I have to change since I really don’t know what to do with it anymore and just switch network.

Anyway, from what I’ve heard this is how you’ll be able to get and avail Globe’s Free Facebook! It’s easy, and that is just by sending the text message “FREEFB” to 8888 and you’ll get a text message confirming your free Facebook access.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog?

BLogging 101 How to Start a Blog

I was one of the organizers for the Cebu Blogging Summit 2014, and the heads want me to speak in front of everyone since most of the attendees seems to know me more. And that, they’ll be more comfortable if they’ll see a familiar person first before the rest of the speakers.

I’ve actually made a blog post about this tip but speaking at the event gave me a chance to talk about it in more detail.

But since we’ve started late and I’ve only got few minutes to share, I’ve talked to fast and summarize everything in less than 15 minutes. Some may have find it hard to remember, so I took the liberty of uploading my presentation so that the attendees and to others who were not able to come – and to those who wish to learn more about on starting their own blog – will be able to grab this opportunity to learn from this simple presentation.

Gay Aida Dumaguing of at the Cebu Blogging SUmmit 2014

I would love to record a video while playing this since there are points that I did not put on the presentation but have talked about it. But then I’m a bit busy now, so I’ll update the post anytime soon for the video. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy these slides that I have used at the Cebu Blogging Summit.

Then again, it’s pretty much the same with the one I’ve already blogged about – the Blogging 101: 5 Tips on Starting a Blog. But then, on the presentation it becomes 7 since I’ve realized another 2 tips.

Please do feel free t leave your questions on the comment box below and I'll try to answer it as much as I can. I might clarify it on the video too which hopefully I'll be able to make before the end of the year.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FREE Mobile Internet for Smart Prepaid Subscribers

Got an e-mail from Smart Communications few days ago on their latest launch, and that is latest offer for all their prepaid subscribers starting on September 26, 2014.

As to why they’ll provide this to their customers, the Smart Communications Chairman, Manuel V. Pangilinan says “We are launching this initiative to provide a much larger number of Filipinos the opportunity to try out and experience the Internet, enjoy its benefits and, as we at Smart like to say, live more…

Mr. Pangilinan added “This special offer is specifically designed to assist our prepaid subscribers who make up the bulk of our population. Many of them already have the mobile devices capable of accessing the internet but have yet to use them to go online. In this way, Smart can effectively promote digital inclusion and spread the benefits of the Internet in the fastest and most effective way possible...

How to Avail the Smart FREE Mobile Internet?

Since Talk n Text and Sun Cellular is under Smart Communications, the Talk n Text and Sun subscribers can also enjoy the FREE internet on your mobile through sending the “FREE” text message to 9999. The registration is free and the mobile internet is free!

Once registered, you can consume your 30MB FREE mobile internet daily. Beyond that is not free. Still, 30MB was enough for me to post and update on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all about the Cebu Blogging Summit 2014.

Other than the 30MB limit per day, there are also sites or apps that is not included. But you can use it for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, Easy Taxi, Gmail, etc. and not for peer-to-peer uploads and downloads, VOIP, messaging, and videos.

This free internet of Smart is only available until November 30, 2014. I’ve also heard a lot of complaints and I haven’t used the free internet that much so I’ll be updating this post anytime this week to give my update or let’s just say review of this free internet on your mobile device. I don’t have a pocket WiFi and I do use mobile internet when I’m traveling or just not in my home. So let’s see!

Update: Smart’s Free Internet service extended to January 2015

Friday, September 26, 2014

3 Must Know Guardian Blade Saga Characters

3 Must Know Guardian Blade Saga Characters

Just last week, I was invited to come over to the presscon of TV5, a network here in Cebu Philippines for their new TV series the Guardian Blade Saga.

The Guardian Blade Saga

I can write all about it but hey, since they gave me a copy of the trailer it’s much better to hear it all about from them. So, here you go! Watch the video below:

Since it was a presscon, I was able to meet and greet with the actors and actresses of this new TV series and coming there gave me the opportunity to be able to watch the pilot episode of the Guardian Blade. With that, here are the main characters of the series that you must know about.

Lando Kuldoroy

3 Must Know Guardian Blade Saga Characters Lando

The story revolves around Lando role played by Jefferson  Yu, an orphaned boy who has the pastor taking care of him. The pastor raised him since he was young and it seems the pastor himself got some actions to share too.

Lando have a unique ability, and that is the ability to make an object move by force through his mind and the pastor trained him to hide it from everyone else. So yes, he’s smart, a geek, a nobody in their school and yet a powerful young boy.

Lieutenant Mirabel Greaves

3 Must Know Guardian Blade Saga Characters Mirabel

The nerdy and bubbly soldier from the feature, and with her sharp mind and skills in handling weapons she’s been tasked to protect Lando. The role is played by Monica Sacay who’s also bubbly and girl in person just like Lt. Mirabel.

Watching her on the pilot episode, she’s noisy, bubbly and I’d bet she’ll be the girl for Lando but then Lando is in love with someone else. So, hopefully Lando will fall for Mirabel in the future episodes.

Captain Tamara Angelus

3 Must Know Guardian Blade Saga Characters Tamara

Now this is the serious and tough girl, the war veteran of the future, well of course she’s a captain and I’d say Danikka Anne Ocampo played it well and her tough look helped it a lot too.

Tamara is the leader of the special force known as the Guardians of the Free Peoples of the Earth on the year 3095. With Mirabel, they are sent to the year 2014 to protect Lando.

There are other more characters that you might want to get to know, but for me these three characters are the ones you’ll watch mostly about.

The Guardian Blade Saga will air tomorrow, September 27, 2014 at 11:00am to 11:30am and that is every Saturday at TV5.

Let me know what you think of the pilot episode.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Minimalistic Gmail Cheat Sheet

The Minimalistic Gmail Cheat Sheet

If you're a Gmail user and want to learn how to use Gmail easier, faster and using simple cheats then check out this infographic.

Before starting out and doing the shortcuts yourself, please do make sure that you've turned on the shortcuts, else the shortcuts will not work. The instruction on how to turn it on is included in the infographic, thanks to the creator of this infographic.

I love Gmail and that's why I am a Gmail user too. If you're not a Gmail user yet then register and check it out yourself. I've switched from Yahoo to Gmail and do not regret it so far.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Top 5 Tech Products That You Could’ve Bought During The SM #TechSale

I’m saying “could’ve” since as I am writing this, it’s already the last day of the tech sale. Sorry guys! I wasn’t able to give you a heads up with the sale but I did share about it on the fan page and my Facebook account. Also, I visited the mall just yesterday so it’s a bit too late to make you rush to the mall – is it?

Anyway, check out these top 5 tech products that you could’ve grab during the SM Cyberzone tech sale. No cash, but a BDO card holder? You could’ve still grab these items since (it seems that) the tech sale is more on offering you the tech products for installment with zero interest.


I’m not sure if the smartphone of Samsung is included in the tech sale since they’re separated from the crowd but surely, Acer had something great to offer you. One of the Acer’s smartphone that I was really attracted to is the Acer Liquid S1 that is only worth P8,000 plus. Check the little guy out!

What I really like about this little guy is the quality of the camera, and the Acer peepz says that the Samsung S5 is in this phone. I’ve been wanting to buy a new smartphone since my current phone, the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is not enough for my lifestyle and work – I only have Facebook, Instagram and Cymera app; nothing else. So being able to upgrade could’ve helped me a lot, not only in my work but also in blogging.


Already have a smartphone but want a tablet? From Lenovo, Asus, Acer and Apple’s iPad tablets were there and it’s all up yours with an installment plan. I was able to check out the Asus Memo pad but I was more interested on the Asus Fonepad, but the Acer S1 won my heart over the tablets.

And oh, the tablets are on the table. Those are Asus tablets and fonepads, the girls are also bloggers in Cebu who are my friends.

And yes, the Apple iPad was there and I believe the iPad Air with 16GB memory is worth P15,000 plus. Also up for grabs for installment.


With these days, it seems necessary to have a computer of your own and as an online worker, traveler and blogger, a new laptop for me could’ve been the greatest gift of the year since my current laptop seems want to retire.

Different laptop brands are available, from Dell, HP, Lenovo and Acer were there, open for installment! The cheapest laptop I found was P15,000 but I totally forgot the brand. The high end ones, with 4GB Ram and 1TB HDD are there too for at least P30,000 to P40,000 (more or less).


Lucky me, Canon offered a FREE cleaning for Canon DSLR users but because I have to use the camera for the event I didn’t have it cleaned.

But they have something to offer though other than that, but I don’t have the poster. What I know though is that when you buy a Canon DSLR they’ll be giving you another camera, a Canon point and shoot camera.


And of course, the printers are there and they’re mostly from HP. They’ve presented and offered their top printers for everyone to grab, again for cash or installment.

I've actually took a couple of videos during the tech sale but I'll make a separate post for that. I'll try to keep you guys updated with the latest deals though when I get the chance.

So how these tech products could've change my life if I was able to grab the chance? I work online, I almost do everything online and having all these top 5 products could totally help me not only in blogging but also with work. Sadly, don't have a BDO card and the cash so better luck next time, aight?

Get yours now at the SM Supermalls’ Cyber Month Tech Sale!! #31HappyCyberDays #EverythingForTheTechieInYou

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bloggers Tech Top 6 Camera Wish List

Bloggers Tech Top 6 Camera Wish List

I would like to admit something, I’m a camera addict. If I could collect all the cameras around the world, then I will. Right now, I own 2 cameras but carrying an additional one (1) DSLR camera owned by my brother – who lets me borrow it because I’m using it for my work as an Ambassador. Still these cameras (for me) is not enough to have, I want more!

The thing with technology these days is that, every now and then there are more technologies released that are better, upgraded and more ideal for me to have. So I end up not buying the item that I want, and wait for the new one – which is really expensive.

So today, let me share with you the top 5 cameras that I’ve been dying to have but impossible to have – unless I’ll become a millionaire. Check out these photo and video cameras that I think you might like too:


I’m not sure in your country, but here in the Philippines GoPro is really in demand and a lot of people to put their hands on it but it’s just way too expensive that I could totally buy a new laptop. As you might now, there are a lot of tourist destinations here and we’re actually rich in terms of great locations. Having a small, compact and great quality camera will be really useful here.

As a travel blogger (too), the GoPro HERO will be really useful for me. I’ve been wanting to take photos and videos of myself, friends or family underwater (since this is a waterproof camera too). Plus being able to take quality photos in small and easy to hide camera will be really great. There are a lot of thieves here, it’s hard to take street photos with a DSLR which might end up getting robbed.

There are a lot of GoPro Hero cameras released already, any will do for me but the latest will be really great which is again expensive for me. So, I think at least the GoPro Hero 3 will do! Still expensive but hey, I’ll try to have this one day - It’s just that cameras are not on top of my must buy list. Check out this video comparison between the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition and the GoPro Hero 3 by RatedRR:

Samsung NX Mini

I believe the Samsung NX Mini is the latest camera released by Samsung that has WiFI and the feature I love most about it is that you can directly share all the photos you took to your smart phone, and that’s why they call it the smart camera.

It’s available in pink, white, black, mint green and brown. But if I’ll be able to buy one, I’ll surely buy the white one – I don’t know why but I like white and red ones, it’s decent and tough looking.

Check out their advertisement!

This camera will be really useful for me and the blog. It will be fast, easy and more fun for me on sharing the events, activities and capture every moment that I am at. Imagine how I’m in love with this camera. Check out this video review by Jims Review Room, if you want to go into details:

Canon EOS Rebel T5i

As I’ve mentioned, I really don’t have a DSLR camera that I really own and the Canon EOS Rebel T5i will be totally cool and ideal for me to have. With my part time job (as an Ambassador), blogger and as a person who loves taking photos, it will not only be a camera that I’ll have for fun but a camera that I can make a living – or help me with my job.

The DSLR camera that I am currently using is also a Canon, I’m pretty happy with Canon so far with the Canon 500D but then what I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t take videos. And that is why I have to carry an extra point and shoot camera that can take an HD video, which is my Sony Bloggie.

So anyway, if you’re looking for a DSLR camera for yourself then check out the Canon EOS Rebel T5i by TopLevelReviews and find out why I want to have it.

I believe that it’s a compact camera, not a professional camera but since I’m not planning to actually be a professional and that professional cameras are expensive, this DSLR camera will be great for my type.

Nikon 1 AW1

I’m an underwater camera lover, because I’ve been wanting to shoot underwater and that’s why I’m including the Nikon 1 AW1 on my wishlist. Why? Well, it has a professional DSLR look, it seem to take a decent video and photo and it’s shock proof (great for clumsy person like me), waterproof and dust proof.

Check out this video from Lexy Savvides of Cnet Australia who just throw it on the (errr.. somewhat kind of a) pond.

Canon Powershot D30

If I can’t have the GoPro Hero or Nikon 1 AW1, then the Canon Powershot D30 waterproof camera will be good for me. It seems it’s the waterproof camera with the deepest dive. And though I’m not a diver, I am planning to dive one day and having a camera that can go deeper with me and can stand it, then I’ll love to have the camera!

Here’s a video for the Canon Powershot D30 explained by Paxtons Camera Video Digital and showing off the camera. The video and photo seems to be decent enough, let me know what you think:

Panasonic HC-X920

The Panasonic HC-X920 is actually a camcorder, and if you were able to visit my travel blog I do shoot videos of places (mostly hotels) that I’ve been. I only have few videos on my YouTube account and that’s because it was just on the year 2013 that I have my first video cameras, or let’s just say my Sony camcorder and Sony Bloggie.

Interested? Check out this video camera test by Geoff Dean for the Panasonic HC-X920.

It's really clean, clear and the video looks so professional which is great for my blog.

But let's be realistic here, these cameras are way too expensive for me. I could only afford a camera around $500 and I have to save more than I am doing now which makes it impossible for me to get one. But, with the help of blogging and getting more projects online hopefully I'll be able to get my own DSLR camera. As of now, I'm juggling between these two (2):

Canon EOS Rebel T3

It's the cheapest DSLR camera of Canon, I believe it's also called the Canon EOS 1100 for other countries. It's a lot similar to the current camera that I am using and borrowing from my brother, which is the Canon EOS 450 but this one (the 1100) got the capability of taking HD videos - which is great.

What I love most is that it comes in red. I don't know what's with red, it is really attractive for me. The Bloggers Tech blog is red, my Son Vaio laptop was red and now this one too. And oh, check out this Canon 11000 or the Canon EOS Rebel T3 review by fellow Asian DigitalRev:

Nikon D5100

I believe as (now) a travel blogger and a wanna be travel photographer, having an ideal camera for a traveler is ideal for me. Light weight, easy to use and lots of functions and useful is superb! And that's how I found the Nikon D5100, it made me drool!

I was searching for the best camera for me and for the Nikon's side, I believe it's the Nikon D5100. Why, well I know I might be fooled and can be fooled but it's all because of this video (that I believe created by Nikon) wherein it showcases some best functions and features of the camera that will be great for me. Check this out!

I don't know what's with me and the stuff in red, the Bloggers Tech blog is red, my Sony Viao laptop was red, and these 2 cameras comes in red. Wooohoo!

If you notice, there’s no Sony camera on my wish list. That’s because I don’t like buying Sony products anymore, because I bought their Sony Vaio laptop and it just lasted less than a year and now my sister don’t want to give or buy me anything anymore. Blaming me for the quality, but I do admit that I do overuse my gadgets, especially the things that is really useful for me but most of the laptops I had lasted years and not months. So now, I’m avoiding on buying Sony product. Well, unless it’s a gift (LOL).

Still the Sony cameras I have are doing great so far, the Bloggie is okay and after a year of using it I’ll hopefully be able to share with you at least a short review. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to find ways to get an opportunity to get the latest cameras to be able to give you guys my personal review (since the videos above are not mine) but most likely I have to buy it myself.

I hope you enjoyed my picks for the top photo and video cameras on my wish list. I’ll try to make another wish list for mobile phones, hopefully soon here in Bloggers Tech blog.