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Article Builder Review – Better than a Private Label?

Article Builder Review

I think it was just a couple of months ago that I’ve published a post about the Article Builder here in Bloggers Tech blog. Article Builder is a great source of content for posting on your blog or for your link building purpose – when we’re talking about SEO.

So I think it would be just right to share with everyone my Article Builder review. I’ve availed its service just for a day, just to see what’s inside it, get some content and see what it really offers – and of course if it’s worth for your money.

The Article Builder Review

As a SEO specialist myself, working for 3 years in this industry and working with clients around the world I have the experience and knowledge on how important it is (the content) in building quality links to your website.

So as usual, I’ve break down a couple of areas about the Article Builder to discuss and share with you. In this way, we all have a good insight about their service. But first off, let me share with everyone one of the article that I got from Article Builder.


If you’re able to read at least a paragraph of the article above, it’s actually a good article. Some PLR may be sold for around $5 in this quality (I had some interest in buying PLR articles before) but most of the PLR articles I found are usually bulleted  - to show the main idea or the topics need to be discussed which is good.


I’ve used the tool in checking the article’s uniqueness and the above article is 0% unique – which means it has been used and published on the other site(s). So, we should avoid this to avoid getting penalized by the search engines and also plagiarism.

That’s the same with PLR articles - there are PLR article sellers out there that sell bulk of articles and to a limited number of buyers only. For example for $15 for 10 articles it will be only sold to 100 buyers and some may sell it to a limited number of buyers but it will cost you more.

The solution to this is to SPIN or rewrite the article. Why do that? Why not write a new one? Well, it will be a lot easier as a blogger or writer to write the article since the article that we’ll rewrite is already there, we just have to change a couple of format, words, and make it as your own. So the article writing is of course will be a lot faster and easier since the idea and information is already there.


What’s great about Article Builder is that it caters a lot of niches. So if you have more than 2 blogs and don’t have time to update it (which is very important) or maybe you’re running out of idea (especially if your blog are in different niches), the Article Builder will be totally useful for you.


Well, if you ask me, if you’re buying PLR articles and have different blogs, need a lot of content, then it would be best to at least try the Article Builder.

So to answer the question, my answer would be YES.


As for this, we need to compute it right? So let’s say you update your blog at least once a week (just like here in Bloggers Tech blog) and have 5 blogs. Let’s compute it for next year, shall we? Since it will be too late to compute the expenses you’ll have for this year since it’s already November.

Anyway, the internet has provided me with 52 Monday’s in 2014 but let’s just say we’ll need 50 articles for the year. I’ve also looked up online the price of the cheapest PLR article pack online which is $5 for 5 articles in the same niche.

So here’s my computation:
$5 – per article pack with 5 articles
x5 – the number of blogs that you have

As we can see, if you’re just willing to add $47 on your expenses on your site you then could be able to update your blog not just once a week but possibly every day and that is catering different blog niches and you can add more blogs and have them all updated every day.

So as for this Article Builder review, if you have different sites and different blogs that you need to update at least once a week then having the Article Builder will be totally worth it. I think this would be ideal to SEO companies who want to give more resources to their writers or want to be able to spin quality articles and produce more articles out of it.

Bloggers Tech Rating on Article Builder

To be able to ensure the great use of the Article Builder and avoid plagiarism and getting penalized by search engines, you’ll need a writer to rewrite these articles or at least an article spinning software like the Best Spinner. So it may cost you more than $297 to make and have the quality article that you need.

I’ll give the Article Builder by Jonathan Leger a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, since you’ll still need someone else to rewrite the article to ensure its 100% unique. But it’s way better than using scrapping software since this one are well written by human and you can just use other terms for the words in the article.
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Article Builder Software

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