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4 Cellphone Etiquette Tips

4 Cellphone Etiquette Tips

Cell phones are great if you want to get into touch with another person. They can also make a life better, but you have to be sure you know what you're doing with one. This article has some guidelines for you to follow to make sure you know how to use a cell phone properly.

When You Drive

If you are driving, it's never a good idea to text someone else. This may also be illegal depending on where you live. The reason why this is dangerous is because it takes you attention off of the road. If you were to strike and kill someone, that is something you can never take back so you need to be sure that you're able to protect yourself and the other drivers out there by only using a text feature when you're stopped.

Don't Shout

Most cell phones were made so that they amplify your voice and you don't have to yell into them. Talk like you normally would and if that doesn't work then look through your settings to see if you can adjust your voice so that you can get someone else to hear you without you having to yell. It will also keep you from letting other people hear what you're talking about to another person.

Pay Close Attention To Things

If you're going to be talking to someone else, you have to make sure that you take your ear off of your phone and speak with that person while the person on the phone waits. If you're driving, you may not want to answer your phone at all just to make sure you're safe.

Texting People

If you really want people to get annoyed with you, then you can start sending them texts as forwards. Basically these things should be avoided at all costs because people don't like spam messages most of the time. Try to avoid insulting people when you text as well. While you may think something is funny, there are going to be people out there that don't think that it's funny and they may quit speaking with you.

Calling At Decent Times

Make it a point not to call someone when they could be busy or asleep. After 10PM most people are going to be in bed. You also should avoid calling someone when you know they have to work because you don't want to interrupt them. If someone doesn't answer, don't call them back a bunch of times either.

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