Friday, October 4, 2013

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The Smartphone - Is It Right for Me?

The Smartphone

The telephone has long been a mainstay of modern communication. Even with so many ways to communicate through email, social networking and instant messaging, being able to speak to someone at distance is just as revolutionary and invaluable as it was when the telephone was first invented and as a blogger and SEO specialist myself, smartphone is pretty useful for me specially here in Bloggers Tech blog. Landlines are still useful, but the fact is that people are much more on the go now than they used to be, and the public phone is all but dead, making a cell phone just as essential to everyday life as an automobile, or a refrigerator.

The so called smartphone appeared on the market about a decade ago now, and it is essentially a mini computer as well as a telephone. Is it necessary to always have a computer in your pocket? Maybe, maybe not. Depending on your lifestyle and type of work, a smartphone may or may not be right for you. This article will help you make that choice. Read on to find out more.

Internet Access

Some types of business involve a lot of travel. The smartphone can access the internet on the go, virtually anywhere. If you use the internet heavily in the course of your business, you may very well want a smartphone. Granted, non smart phones, such as a traditional style Nokia, can also access the internet, but they do not do so through wi-fi. Rather it is done through the telephone network, and this can be costly. Also, websites on such phones are not as user friendly as they would be on a smartphone.

Keeping a Diary

People have kept business diaries for thousands of years, but never before has the diary reminded you when an appointment was. If you forgot to check the diary, you missed the appointment. Recording an important event in a smartphone gives you the advantage of an alarm reminding you when and where you need to be. Interactive calendar and clock tools are invaluable to keeping your life in sync.


Smartphones can entertain you during downtime. But I'm not into video games, you might say. That's alright. Do you enjoy reading? You can upload your favorite books or magazines to a smartphone. Do you like watching television? You can watch TV on your smartphone now too.

Overall, sometimes things look glittery on the shelf, and we think we just have to have them. The reality is, after using them for a few weeks, they become mundane, or something we put on the shelf. It's then that we realize we were really just caught by advertising, or the lifestyle such advertising was promoting. Will a smart phone be like this for you? It might to be sure. But particularly for the business professional, this is unlikely to happen. The opposite is most likely to happen, because in today's fast paced world, you can't afford not to be connected to business colleagues. Visit your local electronics store to find out more, and feel free to ask the merchant questions. They want to help you get the best from your phone, which in turn will help you to get the best out of life.

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