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Logo Design Secrets: Seven Things To Keep In Mind

Logo Design Secrets

When customers see your logo, what do they think? Do they see your brand positively? Is it compact enough to fit in a small space, yet powerful enough to jump out and grab their attention? Creating a powerful, compact logo to represent your company can be done if you take these seven factors into consideration before you enter the design process.

Logo Design Requires Research

You must understand the company and who they are trying to reach before designing a logo to represent them. The long and short term goals of the business must be considered. Ask yourself some questions. If the company is planning on expanding, make a forward thinking logo that will encompass the past while charting the future.

To Stand Out From The Crowd, The Logo Must Be Unique

The greatest logos are simple. They put a new spin on an old idea. A unique design will quietly assert the companies values and directions without being overly garish. A good design will cause the customer to pause and associate the logo with the company.

Simple Lines Create Memorable Logos

A logo spurs brand recognition and should not be cluttered with extras that will distract from its purpose. Simple lines are pleasing to the customer and are immediately recognizable. When logos are too cluttered, the customer becomes confused. Distill the essence of the company into its core values and illustrate those values.

Logos Must Be Flexible

Logos are displayed upon a variety of media. Some designs work great on storefronts or company banner heads but fall short when they are placed upon packaging that may deform. Be aware that your message can change with the media that it is displayed upon and take steps to ensure its integrity. The colors should work well against multiple backgrounds for best effect.

Reduce Clutter And Increase Impact

The human brain can only process so much information. If you include illustrations about every product in your line within the logo, you will lose customer interest and switch the emphasis from company brand to product lines. Product lines change over time but your company will remain in business. Too much information reduces the overall impact of a well-designed logo.

Use Fonts To Promote Readability

Fancy fonts are great on greeting cards but they are illegible when viewed from a distance. Your customer should not have to work hard to get your message. Find fonts that are easy on the eye to enhance legibility. Variations on classic fonts can be modified through color choice.

Color Has A Powerful Impact

Use complimentary colors to make your logo pleasing to the eye and ensure that it will look good against a white background. To define your logo, consider highlighting it with contrasting colors to make it stand out. If your design is very powerful, you can employ a stark contrast such as black on white. Your choice of color will define your company in powerfully emotional ways.

Design is geared to serve a purpose. Logo design should capture the spirit of your company in a memorable way. Simplicity and power are your friends.

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