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How to Remedy a Computer Running Slow?

Computer Running Slow

Have you recently discovered your computer running slow? As electronics age, they may not always work like they did when brand new. However, when it comes to a PC, it's likely there's a fixable solution to boost the computer's speed back to where it previously was.

Think about the recent changes you have made to your computer. Have you downloaded files or software from the internet? Many times, the free programs out there can be laced with malware or spyware, both of which can slow down an otherwise perfectly healthy computer. The solution is to get rid of the adware so your computer will be fast once again!

It is important to run a virus scan on often, to detect and remove the junk that will cause your computer running slow problem. Be sure to use a reputable software for this procedure, and not just any free program you find online - often times, the cheaper they are, the more damage rather than good they can do.

If you've cleaned your computer of any adware and it's still running at a less than stellar speed, there are other things to check. Next, I recommend looking at the RAM or Random Access Memory. Make sure you have enough RAM to properly run your operating system. A 32 bit system typically requires a minimum of 3GB of ram, whereas a 64 bit system needs 6GB of ram.

It's also a good idea to remove any buildup of temporary files or cookies that could be stored on your computer. Too much of these without ever being cleaned can be the reason for a slow running PC. Run a disk cleanup from the start button every few months to keep your computer free of sludge that can reduce its efficiency.

Having too much saved on your computer can also be a likely problem for its performance. Save documents or photos to an external hard drive or online storage when possible. Keeping as little as possible on the actual device will help keep it performing like new.

If you are struggling with a computer running slow, know that it always mean you need to replace the device. Usually, a simple cleaning is all your PC needs to get back to running in an efficient state. Try the above tips as well as set a schedule for regularly cleaning your computer so that it continues to run like it should.

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