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Computer Networking Basic And You

Computer Networking

In the world of modern computers, having a basic knowledge of computer networking is helpful to any homeowner.  With wireless networking becoming more and more commonplace, knowing a few computer networking basics can help anyone set up a proper home network that will provide quality access for every Wi-Fi enabled device in the house with the wireless principles.

In order for a network to function, there are two very basic devices that must be used in order for information to flow properly.  These devices are known as routers and switches.  While these two devices may look somewhat similar, they function very differently in any network setting.

Routers are what most homeowners will be familiar with, especially the wireless kind.  In a nutshell, a router is a device that streamlines internet access and tunnels it to the various computing devices around the home. Some routers do this through wired connections, but most models offer a wireless transmitter as well using wireless principles. Routers essentially take a single modem and allow it to hit more than one device at a very low cost.

But routers do more than just allow someone to browse the internet from more than one device.  They also have an impact on how the internet sees your devices.  A properly set up router can change which devices get priority access to the data stream, and can even help protect information by blocking certain streaming data from coming in or going out. They are very handy devices indeed.

A switch on the other hand, is a very basic computer networking device that actually connects various computers in a single room or even a large building to the same network.  This is done locally without having to send data through the internet.  This allows the various devices that are connected to the switch to communicate with each other and easily transmit data securely.

Un-managed switches are the most common for home use, and they offer very little outside of their networking function.  Managed switches however, allow for many adjustments to be made by an expert.  These adjustments can allow the switch itself to be remotely monitored by a network admin so they can control the flow of information.  This is very important in high end businesses such as banking firms, as it allows restricted information to be monitored closely for security purposes.

As anyone can see and to clear up for everyone here in Bloggers Tech blog, a basic understand of these two networking devices is key to setting up a proper, and secure, computer network with networking basics knowledge.

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