Friday, August 30, 2013

Computer Networking Basic And You

Computer Networking

In the world of modern computers, having a basic knowledge of computer networking is helpful to any homeowner.  With wireless networking becoming more and more commonplace, knowing a few computer networking basics can help anyone set up a proper home network that will provide quality access for every Wi-Fi enabled device in the house with the wireless principles.

In order for a network to function, there are two very basic devices that must be used in order for information to flow properly.  These devices are known as routers and switches.  While these two devices may look somewhat similar, they function very differently in any network setting.

Routers are what most homeowners will be familiar with, especially the wireless kind.  In a nutshell, a router is a device that streamlines internet access and tunnels it to the various computing devices around the home. Some routers do this through wired connections, but most models offer a wireless transmitter as well using wireless principles. Routers essentially take a single modem and allow it to hit more than one device at a very low cost.

But routers do more than just allow someone to browse the internet from more than one device.  They also have an impact on how the internet sees your devices.  A properly set up router can change which devices get priority access to the data stream, and can even help protect information by blocking certain streaming data from coming in or going out. They are very handy devices indeed.

A switch on the other hand, is a very basic computer networking device that actually connects various computers in a single room or even a large building to the same network.  This is done locally without having to send data through the internet.  This allows the various devices that are connected to the switch to communicate with each other and easily transmit data securely.

Un-managed switches are the most common for home use, and they offer very little outside of their networking function.  Managed switches however, allow for many adjustments to be made by an expert.  These adjustments can allow the switch itself to be remotely monitored by a network admin so they can control the flow of information.  This is very important in high end businesses such as banking firms, as it allows restricted information to be monitored closely for security purposes.

As anyone can see and to clear up for everyone here in Bloggers Tech blog, a basic understand of these two networking devices is key to setting up a proper, and secure, computer network with networking basics knowledge.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Internet Security Tips For Everday Use

Internet Security

As a tech blog, I think it would be just right to share some internet security tips with everyone who are reading this blog. The internet is a wonderful place for people of all ages to enjoy.  Everything from a quick search for a nice family meal recipe for cooking an enjoyable dinner, to online gaming or even browsing stock options is open to anyone with even the most basic of internet connections and let me just say, security software will surely help.

But as fantastic as the internet can be, it can also be a very dangerous place for anyone unaware of how important internet security can be.  From internet novice to world wide web expert, there are some basic internet security tips that should be followed in the day to day happenings online, generally you need to have a computer security to ensure every user of your computer are safe.

Password Strength

A common reminder in company e-mails is to use strong passwords for all of your accounts.  This number one reminder is there for a reason.  If someone is able to get into your personal e-mail or banking account because your password isn't strong enough, they will suddenly have access to a slew of information that you really don't want them to have.  Eliminate this risk by choosing a strong password with both numbers and letters, that has nothing to do with common information about yourself such as your birthday or children's names.  Also, use different passwords for all of your accounts, especially your personal e-mail.

Secure Sites

One very easy way to protect yourself while shopping online or just browsing around the internet, is to look at the web address before entering any personal information.  A website starting with "Https" rather than "Http" means that there is an internet security protocol installed on that site, and any information you enter will be transmitted through encrypted code.  This makes it far less likely to be intercepted by basic hacking programs, and will give you the peace of mind that you need.

Beware The Public Network

In a world of Wi-Fi and coffee shop domains, it is very important to understand just what open networks are.  Any unsecured Wi-Fi network has the potential to allow in any number of unsavory tech savvy people that just want your credit card information.  So always use proper firewalls when browsing on open Wi-Fi, and never visit sites that you wouldn't want others to see, such as online shopping or banking sites.

At the end of the day, simply playing it smart while playing online can save both your mind and your wallet and there are a lot of security software available these days who are updating and improving their softwares to provide you with the best service for your computer security and for your whole family. So remember, there is no greater internet security than a strong mind and a close eye.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mobile Phones - Keeping In Touch Today

Mobile Phones

The world of mobile phones has come a long way from when it first started.  Years ago, even owning a personal phone that wasn't attached to your wall at home was a status symbol of the rich and famous.  And even then, they were very large and would be unrecognizable to the youth of today's cell phone generation, especially these days that there are phone deals offered.  But today, everywhere you look you can see nothing be seas of mobile phones moving in and out of peoples pockets.  Even small children have started to catch onto the craze of owning their own smart phone.

Advocates on both sides of the cellular phone debate have made compelling arguments for the use and discontinuation of mobile phones.  One side cites how simply arming the youth of the world with smart phones has led to a breakdown of proper communication skills.  But in reality, the cell phones of today have led to more ways for people to keep in touch with each other than ever before.

First and foremost there is the obvious.  A cell phone is a phone, and there are a lot of types of phone available phones, from regular, iOs phones to android phones - generally the smart phones but of course the cheap phones are the traditional regular phones that functions only for call and text.  Anyone can pick it up, dial a number, and actually talk to a person on the other line.  And for most of the populated world, there is reception enough for a person in New York City to easily call someone in Taiwan and have a nice three hour conversation that would never have been possible a few decades ago and it becomes a lot more easier for everyone with phone deals and latest mobile that you can avail these days.

But the mobile phones of today don't just allow for phone calls like the days of old.  Instead, they have the ability to send short messages via texting.  And while many experts agree that text message shorthand has broken down most language quality, the end result is still the same.  People of all ages are able to communicate through this medium in silence.

Smart phones, however, don't just stop there.  With built in wi-fi access and data plans, these smart phones can access the internet and everything that comes with it.  With the latest mobile phones these days that we call "smart phones" that has mobile broadband, people are able to check into social networking sites and make plans with friends across the globe or even just in the room next door to theirs in the local dormitory.

So at the end of the day, the modern day cellular phone has opened up new worlds of communication to people of all ages and nationalities.  The next time you see that roaring wave of cell phones flashing across the courtyard from you, take a moment to enjoy how far technology has come.

More topics and informative will surely come and be shared here in Bloggers Tech blog, so keep on track with us. I'll also try my best to make some cell phone reviews but I have to get my hands on these expensive ones - so as of now, I'm still looking for a sponsor to let me at least lend these phones, so hopefully soon I'll be able to post a review on my current phone.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Google Voice Search And Siri - Closely Matched

Google Voice Search And Siri

Siri and the new Google Voice Search seem to be a comparable match. When Apple created Siri it was a new-wave sensation, but the capabilities of the Android Jelly Bean’s voice seem to be equally impressive. And today, we'll all talk about it here in Bloggers Tech blog.

The Androids voice actions were brought to the front of the market when Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was introduced. It became a new interface to consider, and made voice search available from any screen. The Voice Actions seemed to be fairly accurate as well.

When using your voice to make a phone call, Siri’s simplicity is hard to beat. All you have to do is hold down the iPhones’ 4S’ home button to launch Siri and state who you want to call. Google Voice Actions is not quite as smooth.

First you have to swipe your finger upward from the bottom of the home screen and then say “Google” or look for the microphone icon and tap it in the search window. Google Voice Actions also seems to be more accurate when you speak through a Bluetooth.

Sending a text with the iPhone 4S is also fairly simple. You simply state that you want to send text and Siri will ask what you would like to say. It will then transcribe your sentences making it easy for voice control without having to touch or look at the screen.

Google Voice Actions seems to be just as accurate, and transcribes your words into error free well written characters. The difference is that Google’s software does not tell you what stage of the texting process you are in.

It provides you with a faint chime alert to indicate when it is listening. This means it is a limited hands-free operation because you have to use the screen.

Siri vs. Google Voice Infographic

I found this infographic to help us put the difference between this two, and this will really help us in making this all clear and giving us different views.

There are many other comparisons that we can make from dictating an email to searching the web. Siri is definitely ahead for its polish and depth, however Google Voice Actions is not far behind in matching accuracy for the tasks that you can do.