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3 Common Reasons that A Computer Will Run Slowly

Computer Will Run Slowly

There is nothing more annoying that starting up your supposedly fast computer, and then slogging along to try and complete the tasks that you want to complete. Why does a computer slow down over time, especially in today's advanced world? Here are a few of the most common reasons.

A Severely Fragmented Disk

This is a background problem that many casual computer users are completely unaware of. The way that this occurs is innocent enough: through the normal use of your computer you will add programs and files and store them to your local drive. These different types of file are not always organized the right way, and the CPU has a hard time finding them when you call them back to the forefront.

Too Many Programs Running At Once

Bloatware is a term that many experienced computer users are aware of. When you buy a new computer, this is the software that the manufacturer installed for you, whether you wanted it or not. Having this stuff on your computer at all is bad enough; but the real kicker is what it does to your speed. Most of these programs are set to run during startup by default, and continue to run unless you close them. This eats up your RAM and can slow your computer to a crawl.

A Virus

This is the reason that most people know about. Often, computer viruses will work just like real viruses: self-replicating and using up resources until nothing useful remains. Getting hit by a virus is pretty much a death knell to your computer's speed unless you reformat.

Why is my Computer Running Slow?

In addition and to have more information about any reasons why our computer is slow, I have found this infographic from Driver Boost that I believe would be very useful to include this in the post to give everyone reading the Bloggers Tech blog a better understanding on how these things works.

These problems are common, and they are annoying. The good news is that they are not unbeatable. If you educate yourself and equip yourself with the proper tools, then keeping your computer running smoothly is a lot easier than you think.

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