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What is Android Software?

What is Android

So you have no doubt heard of an Android phone. They have been around since late 2008. But, what is Android? Put simply it is an open source operating system for phones. The company Android Inc. was purchased by Google in 2005. Though 3 men who were the driving forces behind the company remained.

It was first introduced in 2007 at the same time as the start of the Open Handset Alliance. This alliance is made up of a group of major companies that develop software, hardware and some telecommunication corporations as well. They are committed to promoting open source standards for cell phones.

What is Android Source Code? 

It is based on Linux and it can be found under Apache License through Google. This allows software modifications to be made and freely distributed. So manufacturers as well as cell phone providers can work the code as it suits them.

What is Android doing to further benefit the users of this operating system?

There are a large amount of developers working to create a variety of applications. These applications have greatly extended the uses of our mobile handsets.

By late 2012, just 4 years after the release of the first Android phone, there are now over 700,000 different applications. You can easily download them via Google.

HTC became the first cell phone manufacturer to grow their product base on the Android system. And Samsung quickly followed suit. Thus HTC as well as Samsung have wisely used this operating system to their great advantage.

The ability to customize the phones home screen makes an Android phone a treat to own and use. It also gives wireless companies the opportunity to design the appearance of the handsets to distinguish them as their own. Thus it becomes easier to identify a Sprint Galaxy handset from a T-Mobile Galaxy handset.

So, today Android has gained worldwide popularity as the mobile platform to have. You will never run out of possible apps to download. Whether you are a gamer or want to listen to a good book while you work. The app is there, not to mention the vast musical library at your fingertips. Sitting in a waiting room? Why not grab a movie to watch, or plug in the kids during that long drive.

These phones are getting smarter all the time, if you just think it, it will come and we'll all be talking about it here in Bloggers Tech blog!

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