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How to Have a Caricature Yourself?

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The chances are, you have already seen great caricatures or you may have even had one done at a party or on the boardwalk at the beach or even at your favorite theme park. There are many wonderful caricature artists out there who can create amazing drawings or paintings of clients such as yourself or any number of famous people. Today, caricatures are quickly becoming a cool way to capture the essence of someone's personality with a twist. However, what you might not know is that you can actually caricature yourself without having to visit a caricature artist.

You can actually caricature yourself by either using software or sending off your picture to an artist to have them create the drawing for you. Today, lots of people are visiting websites of wonderfully talented artists and having them create a caricature of themselves or of a loved one to be given as a gift. When you stop to think about it, this makes for a great way to do something fresh and new for a gift perfect for the holidays, a birthday, graduation, anniversary or any number of occasions. All you have to do is a little bit of research on how the process works and you will be on your way to having a cool caricature that captures your personality and any interesting quirks.

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But then, for other options, you will also find the software to use is actually quite user friendly. Generally, you will be able to upload your photo, choose the style of the caricature and even add special touches or embellishments to your piece. While some software might call for you to do a little bit of drawing and editing over your uploaded photo, others will do a lot of the work for you.

When you want to have an artist create your caricature for you, you would upload your photo online and then pick and choose all of the features that you would like included. After you decide how you would like to caricature yourself, you may even have the option of choosing a print size, background images or a frame to display your caricature in. Once the artist finishes your caricature, he or she will either send you your digital print via the internet or make arrangements to have your printed hard copy shipped to you. It really is that easy to caricature yourself.

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