Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Have a Caricature Yourself?

photo to caricature

The chances are, you have already seen great caricatures or you may have even had one done at a party or on the boardwalk at the beach or even at your favorite theme park. There are many wonderful caricature artists out there who can create amazing drawings or paintings of clients such as yourself or any number of famous people. Today, caricatures are quickly becoming a cool way to capture the essence of someone's personality with a twist. However, what you might not know is that you can actually caricature yourself without having to visit a caricature artist.

You can actually caricature yourself by either using software or sending off your picture to an artist to have them create the drawing for you. Today, lots of people are visiting websites of wonderfully talented artists and having them create a caricature of themselves or of a loved one to be given as a gift. When you stop to think about it, this makes for a great way to do something fresh and new for a gift perfect for the holidays, a birthday, graduation, anniversary or any number of occasions. All you have to do is a little bit of research on how the process works and you will be on your way to having a cool caricature that captures your personality and any interesting quirks.

Here at Bloggers Tech blog we can totally help and have you a caricature yourself online through our CARICATURE ME service (click here for our service). Below, you'll find a video where we demonstrate on how we process our orders:

But then, for other options, you will also find the software to use is actually quite user friendly. Generally, you will be able to upload your photo, choose the style of the caricature and even add special touches or embellishments to your piece. While some software might call for you to do a little bit of drawing and editing over your uploaded photo, others will do a lot of the work for you.

When you want to have an artist create your caricature for you, you would upload your photo online and then pick and choose all of the features that you would like included. After you decide how you would like to caricature yourself, you may even have the option of choosing a print size, background images or a frame to display your caricature in. Once the artist finishes your caricature, he or she will either send you your digital print via the internet or make arrangements to have your printed hard copy shipped to you. It really is that easy to caricature yourself.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why You Should Get A Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of the thousands of mobile phones available on the market. You may be asking yourself what makes it better than all of the other available choices. You will know all of this after you read the information below.

It is an Android phone, so you can expect everything you have on the phone to stay safe in the cloud. This means that anything you have stored on the phone will be safe, even if your phone is lost. Apps, photos documents, contacts and music will all be safe and waiting to be stored on your replacement device.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Features

The screen is large in size (4.65 inches) and is Sprint's first HD Super AMOLED phone. This means that everything you see on your phone will be in HD quality. Pair this with the fact that the display is curved and the face of the phone is keyless, and you will be able to see quite clearly in areas where there is a lot of glare.

This is one of the few phones that support Google Wallet. This can turn your phone into a very simple way to pay for purchases at any store that has a MasterCard PayPass kiosk. As an added bonus, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can keep track of all of the loyalty and rewards programs you are a part of, so you don't you do not have to worry about missing out on any deals.

The phone has a touchscreen, so if you are one of those people that loves the feel of effortlessly typing away without worrying about sticky keys, this is a definite plus. The touchscreen keys are fairly wide, so you don't have to have super small fingers in order to get the most out of this particular phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus had a 5MP camera. This is a big draw for all of the people out there that love cheesing for the camera. You don't have to worry about taking terrible quality pictures any longer. All of your photos will be nice, clear and ready to be seen by all of the people you choose to share them with.

As stated earlier, there are many of phones out there especially we have a lot of smartphones to talk about here in Bloggers Tech blog, but there are so many good points about this one that there is no need to look for another. The best thing is that you can find this phone at a price that is less than many phones in its class. Do you really need any more reasons why this is the phone for you?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What is Android Software?

What is Android

So you have no doubt heard of an Android phone. They have been around since late 2008. But, what is Android? Put simply it is an open source operating system for phones. The company Android Inc. was purchased by Google in 2005. Though 3 men who were the driving forces behind the company remained.

It was first introduced in 2007 at the same time as the start of the Open Handset Alliance. This alliance is made up of a group of major companies that develop software, hardware and some telecommunication corporations as well. They are committed to promoting open source standards for cell phones.

What is Android Source Code? 

It is based on Linux and it can be found under Apache License through Google. This allows software modifications to be made and freely distributed. So manufacturers as well as cell phone providers can work the code as it suits them.

What is Android doing to further benefit the users of this operating system?

There are a large amount of developers working to create a variety of applications. These applications have greatly extended the uses of our mobile handsets.

By late 2012, just 4 years after the release of the first Android phone, there are now over 700,000 different applications. You can easily download them via Google.

HTC became the first cell phone manufacturer to grow their product base on the Android system. And Samsung quickly followed suit. Thus HTC as well as Samsung have wisely used this operating system to their great advantage.

The ability to customize the phones home screen makes an Android phone a treat to own and use. It also gives wireless companies the opportunity to design the appearance of the handsets to distinguish them as their own. Thus it becomes easier to identify a Sprint Galaxy handset from a T-Mobile Galaxy handset.

So, today Android has gained worldwide popularity as the mobile platform to have. You will never run out of possible apps to download. Whether you are a gamer or want to listen to a good book while you work. The app is there, not to mention the vast musical library at your fingertips. Sitting in a waiting room? Why not grab a movie to watch, or plug in the kids during that long drive.

These phones are getting smarter all the time, if you just think it, it will come and we'll all be talking about it here in Bloggers Tech blog!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Make Money Blogging - Monetizing Your Traffic!

Make Money Blogging

Establishing your own site is not like but there are lots of competition that is truly ready to get a bigger share of the pie. Every single scheme and strategy yow will discover to augment your sales would be immensely beneficial.

We have to admit to our own selves. Most of us are into it for that money and that is using and make money blogging and we're not going to waste our time and energy used just for the fun of it. Lots of sites will not hold off until hell freezes well over simply to see their profits. Though you can find someone who takes things frivolously there will always be those people who rather to see profit any given day.

It is not uncommon knowledge that without traffic,  we have no business. Like all business, with no customers you don’t have sales. Traffic signifies all of the people that get an opportunity to see what you have to offer. A lot more people who see your products the more people there would be to purchase them.

Not one person puts up an site that doesn’t expect to have profit. We've got a start-up capital that should be obtained. With a regular traffic, we at least have an opportunity to reach that goal probability. Making money with the traffic would enhance your chances of making the top from it.

Making Money through your Traffic

One of the best and many proven way of making a profit through your traffic are obviously advertising. The internet generates hundreds of thousands on hundred of thousands of traffic every day. Most of them are seeking something. While many are simply in search of information there's also a great percentage that is certainly looking for something that they need.

The internet has shown to be a very trustworthy source in finding what was considered to become a very unsearchable product. The internet made the world a smaller place; you may advertise a product from the depths of Istanbul and still have a buyer from the center of Philadelphia.

Making traffic is not an easy task. If executed successfully this could open up a pandora Box of opportunities, but you have to contend with lots of sites to have  lots of traffic flow. One benefit is monetizing your traffic flow.

Which means, to reach the core of it a lot more traffic you make the more possibility you are thought of as a desirable, pleasing, in a way that an excellent traffic going site is easily convertible to profit. Fundamentally traffic means profit. Advertising is the name of the game; when using the good advertising scheme you should use your traffic flow in your favor.

Once you have good traffic you will have a significant amount of potential customers, customers that are willing to pour money into your coffers through make money blogging. Aside from that these are also traffic that could be redirected to sponsored links that happen to be ready to pay you for a sizeable part of traffic that you've generated.

This plan is known as “pay-per-click”. Through every click, there will be a visitor that goes to your website makes on an advertised link you'll be paid. The more traffic you make and the better clicks that happen would mean to additional profits.

Affiliate Programs

Another way of monetizing your traffic is through affiliate programs. You'll be able to link up with many other well known sites and online companies and monetize your traffic using a portion of sales made by traffic coming from your site.

The basic idea is traffic created from your website goes to the other site that can offer a product which you don't carry. Many programs can continue to keep track to make records of transactions that have been authorized because of site linkage.

When purchases are made by customers that had been led on your site to their site you've got a portion of that sale. Affiliate programs will give you the good thing about monetizing your traffic without worrying about actual need for carrying or promoting a particular product.

There are so many techniques and tactics to monetize your traffic and make money blogging, and I'll try to share more about it here in Bloggers Tech. But anyway, all you will need are a bit of hard work and the desire to launch it effectively with a profit-earning site. The internet is really a veritable way to obtain information, lots of tips and guides are offered everywhere in how you can monetize your traffic and then make your site a fantastic profit earner.