Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top 5 Facebook Games of February 2013

Though you could just simply go to Facebook apps and click on TOP GAMES just to find out the top games on Facebook, but this is my personal top Facebook games - and that means these games are the games I play and I am currently playing.

And yes, I do play games (on Facebook). It's how I simply relax, spend my leisure time, and make myself stop thinking of work. It's hard when you're working at home, every time you see your computer, you see work. So, that's why I play games because I'm becoming too workaholic sometimes that some people are afraid that I'll take over their jobs. LOL.

My Top FB Games of February 2013

This is my first top Facebook games list, and I'll try my best to make it simple for everyone. I'll also be having some Facebook games reviews which is I'm trying to fit it all in, since I won't be making money from it anyway. LOL.

#5:  Social Wars

I believe this is one of the favorite Facebook games of most people but most of my friends on Facebook does not play this - and I dunno why - but I'm playing it.

What I like about this game though is that it's somewhat like World of Warcraft, but cute version. Or maybe it's more appropriate to compare it to Red Alert (OMG! I'm so oldies!). It's simply having soldiers train, with more advanced skills like instead of normal soldiers, there's a new training academy for you to build to train soldiers with bazooka (boom baby!).

I've played this game for about 2 weeks already, it's a good game for me. But due to resources (gold, wood, steel, oil) you'll be spending some few bucks if you're not patient - and that's if you want to spend your money.

Also, what disappoint me in this game is that it loads SO SLOW. I have to refresh the browser (Chrome) twice, for me to be able to play the game. That's one of the reasons why, I don't play the game much and lost some interest. But then again, it's a good game.

I recommend this for the boys, if you love DOTA, Red Alert, then probably you'll love this game. Most of my friends who are playing this are boys actually. I'll give you more input and review about this Facebook game very soon here in Bloggers Tech blog.

#4: Dragon City

This is a game that I believe has the same creator with Social Wars, it's not that really attractive graphics but with dinosaurs and a combination of RPG and strategies it's also a good game.

My niece, Ella, love dinosaurs and every time she sees me playing this game she just want to take over the computer and play it herself. But I'm having problems in explaining her what is BREEDING (yeah, I think her parents should talk to her about that), and other stuff that is hard to explain to a 4 years old kid.

Again, since they have the same creator with Social Wars, this game is also slow in loading the game. This is even worse because even though the game is loaded, the graphics (e.g. your house, dinosaurs) are not loaded yet. You have to wait a bit more to let the graphics load too.

Also, I'm impatient and so from time to time I get to spend some few bucks just to be able to hatch an egg, feed the dinosaurs, etc. So just a warning on that part.

#3: Baseball Heroes

I think I've been playing this game for about months already (more or less about 4-5 months) and at first I've enjoyed it but as time passes by, it's too repetitive and boring. Not too much challenges since ON THE GAME or tournament all you have to do is bat.

The tricky part of this game is that being able to arrange your players and enhancing your players, which I'll share with everyone soon here in the blog through my Baseball Heroes review - coming soon!

#2: Village Life

I was not really attracted with this game at first, another ANCIENT role playing game. But then out of curiousity I played it. I had great fun at first - because they make a baby, the girl gives birth, you must supply some fun stuff, food, etc.

One of my problem on this game is that again, it loads too slow - and obviously I hate that. Also, it's too expensive. One key (used in unlocking some supplies) is 25 Gold and with your $5 you get 100 gold, so for $5 you get only 4 keys, and 4 keys unlock 2 or 1 supplies. And that's why it's too expensive for me.

I've got lots of tips to share on this Facebook game though, since I'm already level 36 and still playing it. But as time goes by, it's boring, repetitive and no more challenges. All you have to do is supply and make them happy - duh!

#1: Market Land

I've been playing this game for 3 days already and so far I like it. It's quiet similar to Chefville but this one is a store and not a restaurant. It's where you give customers some goods for them to buy, order it from suppliers, make your store bigger (and aiming for a mall - maybe?).

In 3 days, I've only spend $1 and got lots of stuff from my $1 - and that's because there's new deal that they have which I grab to see how much and what I could buy from my $1.

The thing is, if you're a busy person, then don't go for this game. You'll surely get addicted and become worries if your supplies are out. I think its okay if you're busy and can control your addiction, but just to warn you this game can be addictive.

And that's all of it. My top 5 Facebook games of February 2013 and I'm not sure if we'll have a monthly check on this since sometimes there are new games after months, so let's just see.

Watch out for my Facebook game reviews coming up here in Bloggers Tech very soon!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Google Nexus 7 Giveaway

Google Nexus 7
We've just launched a giveaway yesterday and we've got another one here for today on Bloggers Tech blog, and I'm trying to keep it up to give you guys more giveaways to join and win some awesome gadgets and cash. Just to keep everyone happy here.

So anyway, I bet you've heard of the Google Nexus 7 and today, thanks to our fellow bloggers we've got a Google Nexus 7 giveaway just for you.

Please do read the details below to make sure that you are qualified to join in this giveaway and get the chance to win this amazing prize. Ready?

Google Nexus 7 Giveaway

Welcome to the Google Nexus 7 Giveaway

This giveaway is brought to you by Pink Ninja Media, Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, Pink Ninja Blogger, Crazy about Deals, Capris Coupons, Bloggeres Tech and some of our very favorite bloggers from around the globe.

We have all come together to offer you a chance to win a Google Nexus 7 16 GB.
The Google Nexus 7 16 GB has over one million pixels, sharper text, HD movies and games are more vivid. You will spend less time charging the Google Nexus and more time doing the things that are important to you. Check out a few awesome features:
  • 16 GB onboard storage
  • 7” high-definition touchscreen
  • 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution
  • Built in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v2.1
  • Android 4.1 OS (Jelly Bean)
  • All the great Google perks: search, voice, Gmail, contact sync, calendar, talk, maps, street view, YouTube, Google Play and much more.
This fabulous giveaway is organized by Pink Ninja Media and Jenn's Blah Blah Blog, and will run from April 25th, 2013 at 12:01 am EST until May 26, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. Open Worldwide, must be 18 years or older to enter. If the winner is from outside the US they will be able to choose a gift card of their choice. The amount of the gift card will be equal to the cost of the Google Nexus Tablet ($200.00). To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: BloggersTech.com is not responsible for shipment of prize, nor was I compensated for this event. Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond to winning email coming from jennsblahblahblog@hotmail.com. This giveaway is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or associated with Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media network. If you have any questions please contact Jenn at Jenn's Blah Blah Blog.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Canon EOS REBEL T4i - Photo Ready Giveaway


These past few years, we've been really addicted to taking photos to each occasion and events in our lives. As simple as our food in breakfast, we take a photo of it in our phone and announce it to the world with Instagram. Right?

How much more if we've got a great quality camera just like the Canon EOS REBEL T4i plus its accessories! You'll surely love to take photos of anything that you can see and capture every moment of our life.

Luckily for everyone we've got a giveaway today here in the Bloggers Tech blog where we'll be giving away the Canon EOS REBEL T4i. Below are the details of the giveaway so make sure you'll be able to read it so that you'll know the limitations of the giveaway and of course, to see if you're qualified to join and win this amazing camera!

Welcome to the Photo Ready Giveaway Event

Organized by: Mom Powered Media

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Now let's talk about the fabulous prize package which includes:

Canon EOS REBEL T4i 18.0 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 3-inch Touchscreen and Full HD Movie Mode (Body) - Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II SLR Zoom Lens - Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom Lens - Telephoto & Wide Angle Lens Set - 3 pc Filter Kit: UV/ Polarizing filter/Fluorescent correction & Case - 32 Gigabyte SDHC Secure Digital Memory Card - Secure Digital USB Card Reader - Universal Memory Card Wallet - Pack of LCD Screen Protectors - Additional LP-E8 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Replacement Battery Pack - Well Protective SLR Camera Gadget Bag w/Pockets & Strap - Full Size 59" Tripod W/Case - Focus DVD Guide to Digital SLR Cameras - Focus Digital Grey Card Set for color correction - Focus 5pc Deluxe Lens Care & Cleaning Kit - HDMI cable

One lucky winner will receive the Canon EOS REBEL T4i Prize Package {detailed above}!

Giveaway ends May 14th at 11:59pm, open worldwide residents, ages 18+. Residents outside of the US will receive a $750 Amazon GC instead. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Bloggers Tech is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please contact teri@mompoweredmedia.com with questions or to see your business or blog featured on the next big event!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Best Spinner Review

The Best Spinner Review
I've been using the Best Spinner software for more than 2 years now and I haven't switched to any other software since then. It doesn't mean that I'm already happy with it, I am expecting some more improvement especially its database of synonyms.

The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner is used in creating a new and unique rewritten article from an article, you can create multiple of new article from a single article using each words synonyms. As you may know, the article is considered unique when it's not 100% duplicate (obviously) so to solve the duplicate issue is to reconstruct the sentence, rewrite or use the synonyms of the word.

The Best Spinner Review

To demonstrate to everyone the functionality and the use of the Best Spinner to make a new unique article that you can post on your blog (if you're a blogger) or want to use this to submit articles in order to build new links to your site. Here's the video I've made for everyone to give a better look and quick tour around the Best Spinner software that I've been using for years.

I think it's just right that I would give and post the Best Spinner review here on the Bloggers Tech blog, right?

The User Interface

I give Jonathan Ledger a big bravo to the user interface of this software. But honestly, at first I didn't like the interface but that was the first design of the software and I am very much happy with the new one. I believe you've seen the video and quick tour, so as you can see everything is at its place and easy to navigate.

The Function

The functions is very simple and I know it takes a hard work to gather the synonyms for each word and phrases, but hopefully they'll be able to update the database and correct some misspellings and words on the database which can be corrected.

So I do hope, they could update the database and correct the words and synonyms in the database. There are also some bugs from time to time, but what's great about Jonathan Ledger is that he tries his best to update the software and entertain the bugs that have been reported by its users, which is really good. So if you've got problems go on and report it.

The Support

So as mentioned above, the support of the team is good. I usually get a reply within 24 hours when I reported an issue through their ticket support. It's also best to include the screenshot of the error (if you have one) so that they'll be able to figure everything out why you're encountering such problem.

The Best Spinner Review Rating

All in all I would like to give the Best Spinner a total of 4.5 stars out 5, so yes the 0.5 is due to the database of synonyms.

Will I suggest you to use the Best Spinner? Sure! It's worth it especially if you've got tons of articles out there and tired of manually rewriting the article, then the Best Spinner software will be totally useful for you.

Try Out The Best Spinner

So for you to try out this excellent software by Jonathan Ledger, then just check out the buttons below for any discounts and offers that the Best Spinner software have.

Try the Beset Spinner for $7 for a 7 day trial, Then $77 / year.

Reviewed By: Gay Aida Dumaguing
Reviewed On: April 15, 2013
Blog: BloggersTech.com

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bloggers Tech - Pro Bono

Bloggers Tech Pro Bono

If you have read my ABOUT ME page, then you already know why I have this Bloggers Tech blog. So to serve the purpose, and since I'm way too puzzled which topic and which tutorial I should have first - not to mention my hectic schedule.

But anyway, I was able to think of this idea (and I don't know why I just thought of this now) that I would like to call THE PRO BONO.

The Pro Bono

You might have heard of this word from lawyers or TV series (with lawyers - like Drop Dead Diva), and yes I do think it's also applicable in this idea on my  head.

Pro Bono is actually a term that is in short for the Latin "pro bono publico" which means "for the public good." but then it generally refers to free services that a professional provides to poverty-stricken clients, non-profit groups or charitable organizations - which I believe (or I think) in some countries, they required to have.

And I would guess, you guessed it right. I'll be having A TOTALLY FREE SERVICE to offer my FELLOW BLOGGERS (ONLY) since I know not all of you are techie enough to fix some issues on your blog or want to have something on your blog. But of course, there are some terms and conditions that you must agree with.

Pro Bono Service

I can't be totally specific on what and where I could help. As you may know, I'm a graduate and carrying a degree in B.S. Information Technology - so most likely I know how to fix your website, your blog, I understand the programming language, etc.

So I think it would be best if you just message me your problem, and if I could help and willing to include you on my PRO BONO then you'll surely will hear from me.

Pro Bono Terms and Conditions

This is not my first time to offer FREE SERVICE, I've been actually using my skills and offering it for free to quiet a number of people already - and I just realize that now. So, to avoid issues, misinterpretations, confusions, etc. Here are my terms and conditions

  • By filling up the form below, it does not guarantee that you'll be included in the Pro Bono of Bloggers Tech blog. 
  • Bloggers Tech Pro Bono can only be claimed once a year. So if you have another problem, consult it next year. There are a lot of people who also needs my free service and I need to work also.
  • Bloggers Tech Pro Bono does not mean I'LL SOLVE EVERY SINGLE ISSUE that you have on your blog. Ones you're included and accepted in this segment, you'll only allowed to consult and have one (1) to two (2) issues to be solved - depending on how it will take. Maximum time to be spend must only be 1 hour.
  • Bloggers Tech Pro Bono is FREE of charge. No fees.But will just entertain and fix the problem that you've stated.
  • Bloggers Tech Pro Bono service and the blogger is not responsible for any issues that you may encounter that is BEYOND or NOT IN the scope of the Pro Bono. E.g. The issue solved is your blog comment area, if there's an issue in the content or other areas.
  • Bloggers Tech has the right to reject or cancel the service if the blogger and Bloggers Tech have some issues.
  • The Blogger (blog owner) must agree to give access to the blog and tools if needed. If you don't want to give an access, and have an issue on your blog that you want to be fix, how can I fix it?
  • The Blogger (blog owner) must agree to have the problem solving to be recorded. In this way, if there are any other fellow bloggers that have the same issue, it will serve as a tutorial on Bloggers Tech blog.
  • The Blogger (blog owner) will have its blog name, blogger name and a link to your blog when you are accepted to have the Pro Bono.

Bloggers Tech Pro Bono Testimonials

As I've mentioned above, THIS IS NOT MY FIRST TIME. I spend some of my time on Facebook groups and some of the fellow bloggers have these issues on their blogs and needed help - so I volunteer to help them out.

I can't keep track of everyone who I've helped but here are some of them who wants to share their experience with me... and again this is FREE. 

Met her in an FB Bloggers group and from her profile I came to know she is an IT expert with the technical know how, someone I need to help me with my blog. I was a new blogger then and having difficulty how I should properly install those weird widgets like FB share, like, tweets so that I can join blog syndication and be able to promote my blog posts. I PM her with regards to my inquiry asked her how much she will going to charged me? She immediately replied and told me that it can easily be done and most important of all she will be doing it for me for FREE.

Wow! she's a real great gal, someone I didn't know personally at all but here she is willing to help me at NO COST at all. She told me that I just need to make her admin of my blog so that she can fix everything. That's it, after a few more minutes, its all done. My blog was fixed. So, personally I owe her a lot for what she did to me. Since then I was able to promote my blog posts very well, joined syndication and earned my PR1. Thanks to Ms. Gay Aida Dumaguing.

Gigi Celemin-Beleno

Why I'm Doing the PRO BONO?

I know a lot of you may ask, why I'm giving away MY SERVICE for FREE! There are a lot of reasons actually, but among them are:
  • The Feeling of Helping. Being able to help someone who's helpless or at least needed help is PRICELESS. The joy you bring to them, is als o the joy you bring to yourself. It feels good you know.
  • Bloggers Tech Tutorial. Since we'll be recording the whole thing, it will be also posted on the blog as a tutorial so surely, a lot of people will also learn from this - probably not right away but in the future there might be also people who'll find it useful. I've got a content, I've got a video, it's all in one blow - right?
  • Learning from the Mistakes. As a programmer, I've been trained not to do the TRIAL AND ERROR method, meaning you code the project, make it run, if there's an error fix it. We could do that, I do that but I believe it's much more better to run it with less error. So learning and knowing how to solve these issues you have, may also help me know in the future on how to solve the problems. But this time, it will not only be me who'll be learning but also the others who'll be watching the tutorial and the people in the future.
Above is my top reasons, and I hope it's enough for you to know why I'm doing this. Remember, my clients pay me with a minimum of $5 in one hour but yours is totally for free.

How to Apply for the Bloggers Tech Pro Bono?

Simple, just fill out the form below. Be as thorough as you can so I don't have to e-mail you and ask what it is all about and in the end you're not accepted. Convince me that you need help, so if your reason is that you don't have time to do it - please don't give me that.

Request a Tutorial

Lastly, you may request a tutorial, though I've got a lot of ideas on my mind, so in this way I would know what you need and still be able to help out. Just use the contact page to request a tutorial.