Monday, March 25, 2013

Article Builder Software - Making Auto Blogs that Google Really Likes!

Article Builder Software
I’ve been struggling for months in balancing my life in updating this blog, my other sites and my clients sites.  Then I found the Article Builder software by Jonathan Ledger, where you can automatically improve your blog’s content.

It's not a secret to everyone that content is THE most important aspect of any website or blogs like Bloggers Tech blog. Think about it and ask yourself, what makes ANY blog or website in the internet better or worse than any other website? Well, obviously the answer is the content.

I don't think that you can deny the fact or arguing that point. People go to your website to read, to gain knowledge and see what you have to offer. But when you own several websites and blogs like me, particularly websites on topics or niche sites that you know little about and the big question is not should have published content (that's obvious.) The problem is "WHERE will I get the content?", We sometimes feel our brains drained, no ideas what to post and information you can share to the world – it’s crazy!

For years most Internet Marketers like me and even bloggers like most of us here, one of  the choices that we have are the following:
  1. Writing the article ourselves 
  2. PLR articles
  3. Hire a Writer
  4. Using a tool to make a content, this almost always needs re-written.
All of these choices can be good, but the fact is they ALL need money, time, or even both for each and every content.

If you hire an article writer, they’ll be charging per article written for you, per number of words and depending on the niche (sometimes). So most likely you’ll be spending more or less $5 per item.

So, if, you are like me that does not have any spare time to share, and you certainly don't want to spend money every time you want an article - which is pretty much every day and so for a long while now. There has been a "hole" in the market, and that is for a tool that not only creates content but also makes unique, excellence content that is so high in value that it does NOT require to be re-written at ALL and will not cost you more money every time you’ll want more content.

Article Builder Software

Fortunately, not long ago, one of the primary Internet Marketers in the world, Jonathan Leger, developed a tool that does just that!

Think it's impossible? Then you should go and watch this video below:

As you can see, Jonathan accurately has made the ultimate unique content creation tool! With the 100% of the content that it creates is human edited, so you'll be able to read it well and makes perfect sense ... it really is QUALITY content.

Article Builder software produces an approximately unlimited source of articles in over 80 niches with further niches being added frequently, and the total preeminent part of it is that these articles are accurately made with the push of a button!

Importance of Updated Blog

’ve actually tested this here on Bloggers Tech where instead of updating the blog two to three times a week, I’ve been updating it once a week which cost me in having a lower page rank. Before I used to have PR3 and now it’s a PR2 blog – yes, I went crazy when the page rank update gave me my new PR.

It’s extremely important to have your blog updated, for onsite optimization and increase the visitors on your blog, which both totally can give a huge effect your blog page rank.

Article Builder Software Price

Article Builder is available for only 297 PER YEAR which means you’ll only be spending $24.75 per month for a content that pass Copyscape and your blog are updated – cheap right?

I know that having this product and paying it one time for $297 is expensive, so here’s the thing, I’m offering you the QUARTERLY SPECIAL of the in demand ARTICLE BUILDER software where you can try out this incredible software for only $87 for 3 months – for a limited time only please!

Article Builder $297/year

Article Builder Software

Article Builder $87 for 3 months

Article Builder Software

Am I Using Article Builder? 

As I am writing this right now, I am itching to buy and get at least the 3 months plan. Hopefully, with being more patient I could try it out myself and you will surely notice that here in the blog. I’ll be of course sharing my review for this software – hopefully soon!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chatwing: Take Control of an Ultimate Chat Box chatwing

The Internet may have provided us with everything we need to know that have benefited us in different ways, yet it is a rare opportunity to come across information and tools that can empower us fully. I've been an online surfer for a decade now, and I know that information overload can be burdening. Many widgets are available claiming to be the best in the field but when tried, failed the test. One of my online buddy, a successful blogger suggested an ultimate chatbox that according to him has become really reliable and greatly benefited his website- Chatwing chat software.

The website chat app looked simple at first, but when I explored its features proved to be really dynamic and efficient. I was fascinated with the variety of choices I have in terms of modifying the widget. Chatwing offers CSS customization, too, but I think the available advance mode is more than enough to personalize the chat tool.

There are two main ways to modify Chatwing chatbox- the basic and the advance mode:


In the basic mode of customization, users can change the color of the chatbox. Users can also choose the font style and size that will be compatible on their website’s content.

chatwing chatbox

Message body background color is also adjustable. Make it as colorful as possible but still visually appealing to web visitors. Good color combination applied to the chat box can contribute to livelier discussions.

chatwing emoticons

Cute emoticons are available, too, to express your feelings effectively during interactions. This lets you clearly share your thoughts on a certain topic.

chatwing avatars

Web visitors have various options when logging in—if they want to stay private they can log in as guests and choose a cool avatar that will represent them in the chat room. The above image show some of the avatars offered. You would surely find one that will fit your personality or image you want to project.

chatwing the ultimate chatbox

The basic mode allows you to manage the log in the system you’ll apply in your chat software. The more options the greater the social expansion opportunity for you and the more improved your web visibility becomes. Imagine, this is just the basic mode, yet you can already do a lot of things with the chat widget!

The advance mode is more elaborated and lets you unleash your creative side full time! With the advance mode,  you can choose from numerous readily available themes and activate the word filter option. Chatwing’s advance customization mode will be discussed in the next article and can be accessed in Chatwing blog. If you are serious in improving your web traffic and customer service quality, do find time to read the article and install Chatwing chat app as soon as possible.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grammarly Review - Proofread Online!

Grammarly Review - Proofread Online!
I admit, I’m not a perfect blogger and just because I’m a blogger that does not mean I’m a great writer. There are wrong grammars, wrong sentence construction and all on every post that I publish here on Bloggers Tech blog. But through blogging, I've been trying to find a way to improve my writing skills and of course at the same time be able to share what I want to share with everyone here.

So I found this website online that I totally got interested with because of how well it reports the mistakes of your essay. This is a proofread service actually, wherein you can just enter your essay to proofread and hit Grammarly REVIEW button and your essay will then be proofread.

I would say this is one of the tools that is very useful for me, and if you’re like me who has a weak writing skills, then you’ll find this tool to proofread online.  If you’re a student and keeps on having corrections on your essay or paper, then have this tool! Right now they offer a 7 days trial for everyone to grab!
Grammarly can check an article or any content for proofread, to give you the correct grammar, sentence construction, spelling and make sure your write up is unique. So today, we have a review for this useful tool not only for writers but for us bloggers as well.

Grammarly Review

It’s been a long time since the last time I gave any review and put it up here on Bloggers Tech, so hopefully today you’ll get another review through this Grammarly review.

Back To School Sale

Visit Grammarly!


Below is the screenshot taken, and as you can see, the user interface of Gammarly is pretty simple and very friendly, my 10 years old niece can even make use of it and knows which and where to click to get the job done.

grammarly review

One of the problems though is that from to time it does not finish the job, so you have to refresh it. But no worries, Grammarly automatically save the content you wish to be checked every time you click on any of the button (except the trash and clear button).

Also the synonyms button might be useful for you too, it will suggest synonyms (obviously) to make your sentence much more better and your whole article to be unique - which will help you in avoiding the plagiarism issues.

Other areas that you'll find useful is the progress bar, wherein it gives you how much more work on this article needs to be checked and edited. The report or the errors can also be see on the left side where it gives you what types of errors they found on the article.


Grammarly is not online a proofread service but also a plagiarism checker – great eh?

The usual button you’ll use will be most likely, the Grammarly REVIEW button and the check for PLAGIARISM button – the functions speaks for itself right? The other button that you might use frequently is the clear button, wherein it clears the content in the white board just below it. The white area is wherein you will paste the article or essay to be checked.

Another great feature of Grammarly is their General, Business, Academic, Technical, Creative and Casual type of reviewing your paper. Therefore, if you have an article that will be posted on your business blog, tech blog and other niche blog, it's no sweat for Grammarly!

Grammarly Proofread Service

Proofread with Grammarly - Worlds Most Accurate Grammar Checker
Grammarly can help you with having your write ups be reviewed, detecting and making corrections on grammar, spelling and sentence construction through having it proofread online. Though your Microsoft word already detects this, there are some other issues that Microsoft word couldn't detect, but Grammarly could.

Also, if you want an essay proofread service, Grammarly could totally do it. Comparing to Microsoft word, they could detect that you're using the terms "OUR, YOU, I" which is not allowed in an essay. They also suggest terms that is more proper to use for your paper which is totally awesome.

The downside is that, it does suggest for you to change the construction of your sentence, but it does not give you options and they'll take care of editing the construction. So you must read the message, see what's wrong and see if your message is still there.

Take a look at the screenshot below. They have a sample sentence with the same error that I have, and provide the correct construction of the sentence. So still, you must manually check and edit this, send it again and see if the error is now gone.

proofread online

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

As for their plagiarism checker, I have don't have any problems with it so far. What's great about it is that they only not tell you that it has a duplicate, but also gives you where you'll find the duplicate content. In this way, you're sure that your content is unique, and if there are any duplicates you can change it to make it unique.

Take a look at the screenshot below where I copied a content on my blog and have it check for plagiarism through Grammarly.

plagiarism checker

Grammarly Ratings

As part of this Grammarly review, my ratings for their service is 4 stars out of 5. This is because there are times that it lags and/or I need to resubmit my content for review, like if I want an essay proofread there are times that it gave me an error telling me that to resubmit again to be reviewed. But anyway, it is successful the next run but time is gold, so every submission or every click of the button should be 100% perfectly running proofread service.

Another is that, sometimes I don't know how to fix the issue. I'm puzzled on how to fix since they only give an example on how to fix the issue and NOT suggest a construction to fix it - like Microsoft word does.

Proofread Your Essays for Grammar Errors and Instances of Plagiarism.

But all in all, it's a great tool especially for a blogger and SEO specialists like me who aims to publish UNIQUE articles and contents all over the internet. This is also advisable for SEOs out there who spins content to build links to their website, I use Grammarly to get that 100% unique content and avoid plagiarism, also of course to have that readable and great content to be submitted for publishing. Please take note that the monthly subscription already includes the service where you'll be able to submit your content to check for plagiarism.

Though there's still space for improvement, I suggest to use tools like this if you want to improve your writing skills - especially for blogging. Since through this, you could assure yourself that your content is readable and AVOID the feeling of being ashamed of people or friends who'll be reading your content and see some errors, and of course Google penalizing you for duplicate content.

Also, for students who wish to have Essay proofread service, this might be a great tool for you. But I would suggest just to avail their service when you've got at least a portion of your essay to be reviewed - it would be great if you're already at least the half of your essay. Since this is monthly subscription, so you'll be paying monthly for this - but may stop anytime you want to stop.

I'm also one of the monthly subscribers of Grammarly and now, I'm also one of the affiliates. So yes, if you want to avail the service of Grammarly, then please do use the link below or click on the banners or just click on the button below to go their website.

Visit Grammarly!

Reviewer: Gay Aida Dumaguing
Date Reviewed: March 12, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 FREE Tickets

Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 FREE Tickets

Few weeks ago, I've announced here on the blog about the upcoming event, the Social Media Influencers Summit 2013! As I've mentioned on the post, there are paid tickets available but there are early bird promos for everyone to grab.

Because we love you guys and we would really love for everyone to come and join us in this big event, we have think about many ways to have you guys come and jump in to Cebu Philippines. Well, obviously we did found ways to give you guys a chance to attend the event for FREE....

Yeap! You've read that right! FOR FREE! With awesome freebies that awaits you and of course a great knowledge you can gain and unforgettable experience for you to have and they are...

FREE 20 Tickets

So we decided to giveaway 20 Tickets for FREE! Just be the FIRST 20 to register and you've got a sure seat that awaits you for this big event for influencers and wanna be influencers! How to do it? Just simple, fill out the form below or CLICK HERE to fill out the form.

It's not necessary that you're a blogger or influencer, if you want to join and be one of the people who'll witness this event, then go on and sign up!

Be a Participant

Another way is to be a blogger or community manager participant, and if you are a blogger or a community manager,, then you might want to hear this!

To qualify for the Giveaway for the Top 50 participants, we will be needing you to do all of the following:

  • Promoted Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 in your Blog or Community. Those who have posted a blog about the event has the chance of winning other Prizes and Giveaways.
  • Your Blog/Community should have at least a PR 1 to qualify to this contest.
  • Follow us on Twitter (
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Interested? Then CLICK HERE to find out more and fill out the form!

Plus, the first 50 registrants to join as a participant will receive the following:

  • Limited Edition “I AM A SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER” T Shirt
  • Limited Edition ”I AM A SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER” Mug courtesy of PRWORKS
  • Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 Kit

There are actually more FREEBIES awaits you this Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 event! I would really advice that everyone join in the fun!

To find out more on how to participate this event, just visit or visit the Social Media Influencers Summit event at