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The Google Chromebook Pixel

The Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel is the official laptop for cloud halfway between Ultrabook and MacBook Retina touch!

Who would have thought that the most advanced laptop in 2013 would have been made directly from Google considering that there is a wide range of laptop computers from Tesco already in the market with so powerful characteristics? And this is the Google Chromebook Pixel! Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that something big was coming, but for sure nobody expected something like that and in so little time.

The Chromebook Pixel is an ultraportable laptop made to perfection with unique features in a combination of touchscreen Ultrabook fused with a MacBook with Retina display but at the same time radically different from the two brands of Apple and Intel, starting from the OS.

Before going crazy in the characteristics of the Chromebook Pixel, must be noted that what we face is a laptop with Chrome OS, a derivative of Linux as Android built around the Chrome browser, its apps and an intensive and highly dependent on cloud services. Simple, beautiful, minimal, safe, impossible "to break" ... and incredibly limited. Its limits, which are intended, are caused by the settings of the operating system, closed to any external app except those offered in the Chrome Web Store.

Well the Pixel is here, and with a hardware design to be frightening. We start from the display: 12.85 inches diagonally with a new format of 3:2, density of 239 pixels per inch and a resolution of 2570 × 1700px, touchscreen. Google calls it the most detailed screen ever on a laptop and it's right, because it beats slightly the MacBook Pro Retina (only 100pixel in height). The chassis is minimal, square and made of anodized aluminum. Screws, speakers and ventilation holes are cleverly hidden, while the backlight gives us the right typing comfort even in the dark.

The Google Chromebook Pixel

Under the shell there is a class hardware Ultrabook, with a Core i5 1.8 GHz, 4GB DDR3, HD Video Camera with 4 microphones for noise cancellation, of course Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, but only two USB 2.0 ports. Local storage is small, only 32GB of SSD so to work alongside terabytes of data (only free for the first 3 years) on Google Drive. The battery life is not awesome, just 5 hours, however the overall dimensions and weight are good, just over three pounds.

The prices are not far away from the laptop with which it competes. There is talk of € 1215 for the Wi-Fi version, or about € 1375 for the version with 4G connectivity and 64GB SSD. The availability is now limited to Great Britain (Wi-Fi) and the United States. It can also come with a fashion cover, same covers that Ipad proposed.

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