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4 Free Printable Valentines Day Card

It's that month of the year that I just want to hide because I'll just see couples kissing and hugging, and all. All around me. Many of my friends ask to make them a valentines card for their love ones or special someone, and to save everyone else some time and be able to give that best valentines gift and make that special person fall in love with you, then here we go!

First of, let me share these Valentine's day gift ideas, a brief history of valentines and then we move on to the downloadable and printable valentine card.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Cynics say that Valentine’s Day is actually a fallacy invented by the greeting cards market to enhance our overdraft, just in case the Christmas credit card bill is beginning to subside. Arguably the worst point about Valentine’s Day is hitting the shops, typically in the final minute, to join everybody else within a manic look for a tasteful present but most of the people send flowers and valentines day card.

What so special with February 14?

Theories around the topic abound, but this one particular is just as well romantic to ignore. Despite the fact that the Catholic Church at present recognizes 3 various saints named Valentine who have been martyred on 14 February, one of the most probably contender is usually a Roman priest in the third century, Bishop Valentine.

At this time, Emperor Claudius feared that young men who have been married had been much less most likely to join his legions of soldiers than single men, so he banned marriage. On the other hand, the Catholic Bishop Valentine believed that marriage was a holy institution preferred by God, so he secretly continued to marry young couples.

Claudius found that Valentine was disobeying his orders, so he was thrown in jail. There, he fell in appreciate with his jailer’s daughter, and legend has it that he sent her a note, shortly just before his death, signed “From Your Valentine”.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day would be the best day to propose for your loved 1, and every person knows that the right proposal is accompanied by the ideal ring.

Needless to say, locating the best engagement ring is a thing you'll desire to place important time and work into. From picking out the shape from the diamond to obtaining the appropriate ring size, taking the time for you to do your research beforehand will provide you with added reassurance as you pluck up the courage to ask the significant query.

Valentine’s Cards

Even though you are not proposing come February 14th, a Valentines card continues to be a fantastic technique to mark the occasion. A fantastic solution to make your card meaningful, without the need of breaking the bank, would be to build a card yourself, and you will find loads of excellent websites to assist you.

If you need a real-life, physical card, it is simple to obtain a website exactly where, for just a couple of quid, you could opt for from a collection of cards from recognized brands for example Me to You, after which personalize them as a lot as you like by altering the words and colors around the card. You'll be able to even upload your personal photographs. Then possess the printed card sent either to you, or far better nonetheless, have it sent anonymously direct for your recipient.

You'll find even web-sites that are totally free of charge. A lot have a massive selection of cards for Valentine’s Day and you are bound to locate a thing appropriate to become emailed for your sweetheart.

Free Printable Valentines Card

As promised I've made a ready to print valentines card for everyone where you could just go to a cafe or any shop that they could print this, best if they could print it in colored for best quality. 

All designs in the front is from DryIcons.com that's why its included in the printable file, just to give credit to the guys behind DryIcons for their hard work. Please take note that this printable valentines card is for PERSONAL USE only, if you'll use it for commercial use, that's another story since DryIcons is also selling these wonderful graphics.

If you want to have your very own personal valentines card, then let me know and I might help (but charges may apply - no worries, I'm not really expensive). 

Without further adieu, here are the free valentines day card that are all ready to print and all ready to give to your special someone.

Free Valentines Card - Pure Hearts

Free Valentines Card - Tree of Hearts

Free Valentines Card - Hanging Hearts

Valentines Day Card

Free Valentines Card - Be My Valentines

Tips for thsi Free Valentine Day Card

The Valentines Day cards above are actually in PDF format, so you can't actually edit the file or even the image. You can use Adobe Acrobat reader or try out the FREE PDF reader, the Foxit Reader (the one I'm using).

The design above is ideal to be printed on short bond paper, and then print it out (best if its in colored ink), and then fold and we're done! You've got your very own ready to use valentines day card. Also, you might want to cut the paper to into the same size of the image, especially the last one.

On paper types, I would suggest to use a photo paper, because it's glossy, thick and more like a card. It will just cost you few dollars for one piece of photo paper. So more or less, it may just cost you around $5 (if I'll just base the costs here in my country.

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