Monday, February 25, 2013

The Google Chromebook Pixel

The Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel is the official laptop for cloud halfway between Ultrabook and MacBook Retina touch!

Who would have thought that the most advanced laptop in 2013 would have been made directly from Google considering that there is a wide range of laptop computers from Tesco already in the market with so powerful characteristics? And this is the Google Chromebook Pixel! Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that something big was coming, but for sure nobody expected something like that and in so little time.

The Chromebook Pixel is an ultraportable laptop made to perfection with unique features in a combination of touchscreen Ultrabook fused with a MacBook with Retina display but at the same time radically different from the two brands of Apple and Intel, starting from the OS.

Before going crazy in the characteristics of the Chromebook Pixel, must be noted that what we face is a laptop with Chrome OS, a derivative of Linux as Android built around the Chrome browser, its apps and an intensive and highly dependent on cloud services. Simple, beautiful, minimal, safe, impossible "to break" ... and incredibly limited. Its limits, which are intended, are caused by the settings of the operating system, closed to any external app except those offered in the Chrome Web Store.

Well the Pixel is here, and with a hardware design to be frightening. We start from the display: 12.85 inches diagonally with a new format of 3:2, density of 239 pixels per inch and a resolution of 2570 × 1700px, touchscreen. Google calls it the most detailed screen ever on a laptop and it's right, because it beats slightly the MacBook Pro Retina (only 100pixel in height). The chassis is minimal, square and made of anodized aluminum. Screws, speakers and ventilation holes are cleverly hidden, while the backlight gives us the right typing comfort even in the dark.

The Google Chromebook Pixel

Under the shell there is a class hardware Ultrabook, with a Core i5 1.8 GHz, 4GB DDR3, HD Video Camera with 4 microphones for noise cancellation, of course Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, but only two USB 2.0 ports. Local storage is small, only 32GB of SSD so to work alongside terabytes of data (only free for the first 3 years) on Google Drive. The battery life is not awesome, just 5 hours, however the overall dimensions and weight are good, just over three pounds.

The prices are not far away from the laptop with which it competes. There is talk of € 1215 for the Wi-Fi version, or about € 1375 for the version with 4G connectivity and 64GB SSD. The availability is now limited to Great Britain (Wi-Fi) and the United States. It can also come with a fashion cover, same covers that Ipad proposed.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Spy Sunglasses with HD Spy Cam

Spy Sunglasses

Since I was a kid I'm totally addicted to these spy gadgets, growing up with spy kids movies and spy movies like the Matrix, it sure makes me want to be a spy too. As expected, I'm drooling to these spy gadgets and one of these gadgets is the Spy Sunglasses.

You know the Matrix guy right? MIB? They're pretty cool with their sunglasses on and it's a total plus to being a spy. Having a HIDDEN CAMERA on your sunglasses, makes it more totally cool too!

Remember those spy movies? Stuff are coming out from one small item, some items have very amazing features too like a pen that when used, it blows up! Well, that's not here in the blog but we've got something better! I'll be selling some awesome spy gadgets here with great quality spy cam on it - because I'm just that addicted to cameras.

HD Spy Sunglasses

So I got this HD Spy Sunglasses and I'm going to sell it here on Bloggers Tech blog, I'm thinking maybe you guys would love to have one of these too. I'm planning to use this on one of my adventures so that I don't have to hold any camera on my hand and just enjoy the moment.

It's an HD Spy gadget that I know you guys would really love to have! Check out these photos that I have for everyone!

Spy Sunglasses Specs

As for the techie peeps out there I know you'll ask for the specifications of this product and they are as follows:
  • Spy Cam for Photo & video recording function 
  • Spy Camera Video Format: AVI ,640*480(default),1280*960/720X480 resolution (for choose)
  • Photo Format :JPG 1280*1024 resolution
  • Recording Speed: 30fps
  • Product Size: 150*50*38 mm (folded)
  • Physical weight: 60g
  • USB: 2.0
  • Power Supply: buil in Li-polymer Battery
  • Memory: Support TF/Micro SD card, Max. 16GB
  • Player: Quick time, Real player, Storm codec
  • Operation system: No need for driver installation if the operating 
  • System is Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ VISTA or above (windows 98 is excepted) 
  • extra 5 color lens for choose: yellow,white, blue,grey,black ,Frame 
  • color:glossy Black/ (camouflage .rubber house add USD2/PCS)
  • Product accessories: USB cable, User manual ,charger,Cleaning cloth,glass bag
Memory card is not included in the purchase, but anyway you may buy in the store nearest to you. It's just cheap anyway and you may use up to 16GB SD card for this.

As for the sample output, I was just able to record a very short few seconds video so I just decided to share with everyone the shots from this product which is below.

Spy Sunglasses with Spy Cam Price: 2,000Php

Down Payment Required: 1,000Php
Priority Order: 3,000Php

* Price does not include PayPal Fees and shipping cost.
* Priority Order is when you don't want to wait and want the product right away.
* I accept multiple orders in a week or month and get the product in cheaper price.


I can give you 6 months personal warranty for this product, non-replaceable but no worries, I'll test the product myself before sending it to you or we could talk via Skype (if you're really that far) to inspect the product yourself.

Payment System

As of now, I only accept payments via:
  • PayPal
  • Bank CASH Deposit (UnionBank)
  • Meet Ups (for Cebu Philippines residents)

**For payments via Bank Cash deposits, please contact me for bank account details. For meet ups, please contact me to set schedule.
**Paypal Fees is NOT included in the price.

How to Order?

I don't want to have stocks of these Spy sunglasses at my house so I only accept MADE TO ORDER basis. I'll try to have at least 10 stocks with me so that you can have the product right away, but this is only for first come first serve. As for those who are not able to get the first 10 stocks then please wait AT MOST 1 month for me to send the product to you.

The process is pretty simple actually.

Step #1: Pay AT LEAST A DOWN PAYMENT. Which is half the price of the product. But I would advice to pay in full to avoid other fees (e.g. PayPal fees)

Step #2: Fill out the form below with your TRANSACTION CODE provided by PayPal or any unique code provided by the bank.

Step #3: Wait for verification. Please save my e-mail and please take note that you won't going to receive any other e-mail relating to your order but just from this e-mail. In this confirmation, I'll let you know how many days left we'll wait. Usually, every end of the month I'll be cutting off the orders so that by the first week of next month, I'll be able to ship it to you.

Step #4: Pay your balance and shipping fees (if applicable).

Step #5: I'll provide you the tracking number or we'll meet to give you the product.

For your orders please fill out the form below and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

There are more spy gadgets with spy cameras coming soon here in Bloggers Tech blog! Also, more spy sunglasses designs are coming up soon!

Friday, February 15, 2013

ABT Electronics - President's Day Sale, Price Drop and More!

Here's the favorite thing that most of you guys love to know from Bloggers Tech blog, I've successfully finish an app and trying to find a way to launch it soon for this. I'm thinking of having it a PAID app, but surely it will be totally affordable for everyone so that you could make money from your blogs.

So anyway, here's the list of ABT Electronics Coupons and deals that you might want to grab. Please be aware that the links below are affiliate links and it will totally help me in keeping this blog alive and keep on sharing some tips, deals and other discussions that you guys might love to hear and have from me.

Most of the deals below are price drops and of course there's the ABT President's Day Sale.  The items on sale are mostly cameras and other gadgets that I want to have also. So enjoy these discounts, and save more through using the links below:

Abt's President's Day Sale - Save Throughout the Store!

Start Date: 2/15/2013
End Date: 2/19/2013
11% Price Drop: Frigidaire Stainless Steel Over

Start Date: 2/12/2013
End Date: 2/24/2013
11% Price Drop: Panasonic Full HD 3D Blu

Start Date: 2/12/2013
End Date: 2/29/2013
20% Price Drop: Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music System

Start Date: 2/12/2013
End Date: 2/29/2013
12% Price Drop: Samsung 8GB Galaxy Tab 2 Garnet Red Wi

Start Date: 2/12/2013
End Date: 2/29/2013
10% Price Drop: HP 2000 Series Black Laptop Computer

Start Date: 2/12/2013
End Date: 2/29/2013
SAVE up to $147 on a lens w/ purchase of a Nikon 1 camera

Start Date: 2/4/2013
End Date: 3/3/2013
Purchase select Sony Alpha DSLRs and save $100 on a lens

Start Date: 2/4/2013
End Date: 3/3/2013
Purchase select Nikon DSLRs and SAVE up to $250 on a lens!

Start Date: 2/4/2013
End Date: 3/3/2013
2 FREE 3D glasses w/ purchase of select Sharp HDTVs

Start Date: 2/4/2013
End Date: 3/10/2013
25% Price Drop: Sony 60" Black LED EX645 Internet HDTV

Start Date: 2/12/2013
End Date: 3/32/2013
New At Abt - Mattresses and Accessories

Start Date: 2/13/2013
End Date: 5/32/2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Social Media Influencers Summit 2013

Few days ago, I got invited to join in and be one of the organizers of the upcoming big event for social media enthusiasts. As an invitation by a good friend and brethren in the church, who's also a known blogger and the current Cebu Bloggers Society (CBSi) president, Ruben Licera Jr., I joined in and was able to meet fellow Cebu based bloggers.

Social Media Influencers Summit (SMIS) will be the annual event event by iNewMedia Online and of course the CBSi that will surely inspire and educate the social media users and learn the responsibilities of using the power of social media.

Social Media Influencers Summit

The event will be held at JCenter Convention Center of JCenterMall at Mandaue City, Cebu on March 16, 2013 (Saturday). 

View Larger Map

Bloggers Tech Social Media Influencers Summit

Yes! I, your Bloggers Tech blogger will be at this event and one of the participating organizers for this event. So I would like to personally invite everyone to come and join us big event, and I assure you that you'll enjoy and learn a lot.
This is the first formal meeting of the upcoming
Social Media Influencers Summit 2013. Photo
 Courtesy of Herbert.
All I can tell and share with you guys as of now is that this is big, there's no official list yet who'll be the speakers for the event but the clue is they're INFLUENTIAL people in the social media world - think about it.

The Partners and Sponsors

Well of course, we've got some sponsors for this event and they are the following:

The Speakers

We already have confirmed speakers right now, but we're also waiting for the others that we've invited to speak and share to inspire everyone. One of the confirmed speakers are the following:
  • Maria A. Ressa
  • Janette Toral of Digital Filipino Club
  • Fitz Gerard Villafuerte of Ready To Be Rich
  • Lisa Marie Mirasol of Pinay Travelista
  • Mary Jane Cabrera
  • Hannah Almira Amora
  • Atty. Ethelbert Ouano
Please visit for more details and update list of speakers for this event.

Event Beneficiaries

This event is not all just about learning, speaking, sharing, trending, but it's also about helping other people who are in need of our generous help. Through this event, we will be able to send our help to the following beneficiaries:

Doc Buboy - Kidney Transplant Fund

World Vision

Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.

For more details about the beneficiaries please visit the official event website.

How to Join?

I'm one of the people assigned to invite NON-CBSi members to join in this event. I don't have the form for the registration yet, but please do like the Bloggers Tech blog fan page to get updates about the event and of course the registration.

But anyway, if you want to come and join in this huge event please buy our LIMITED TICKETS via this link:

Please visit the link above for the ticket prizes, we also have early bird promo so please if you want to come then buy now! I would advice that you go for the premium tickets, I swear you'll love it! *wink*

We're all excited for this event and I do really hope that you'll be able to come and join us as we go #TRENDINGFORWARD - tweet and share, use the hashtag!

See you there!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

4 Free Printable Valentines Day Card

It's that month of the year that I just want to hide because I'll just see couples kissing and hugging, and all. All around me. Many of my friends ask to make them a valentines card for their love ones or special someone, and to save everyone else some time and be able to give that best valentines gift and make that special person fall in love with you, then here we go!

First of, let me share these Valentine's day gift ideas, a brief history of valentines and then we move on to the downloadable and printable valentine card.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Cynics say that Valentine’s Day is actually a fallacy invented by the greeting cards market to enhance our overdraft, just in case the Christmas credit card bill is beginning to subside. Arguably the worst point about Valentine’s Day is hitting the shops, typically in the final minute, to join everybody else within a manic look for a tasteful present but most of the people send flowers and valentines day card.

What so special with February 14?

Theories around the topic abound, but this one particular is just as well romantic to ignore. Despite the fact that the Catholic Church at present recognizes 3 various saints named Valentine who have been martyred on 14 February, one of the most probably contender is usually a Roman priest in the third century, Bishop Valentine.

At this time, Emperor Claudius feared that young men who have been married had been much less most likely to join his legions of soldiers than single men, so he banned marriage. On the other hand, the Catholic Bishop Valentine believed that marriage was a holy institution preferred by God, so he secretly continued to marry young couples.

Claudius found that Valentine was disobeying his orders, so he was thrown in jail. There, he fell in appreciate with his jailer’s daughter, and legend has it that he sent her a note, shortly just before his death, signed “From Your Valentine”.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day would be the best day to propose for your loved 1, and every person knows that the right proposal is accompanied by the ideal ring.

Needless to say, locating the best engagement ring is a thing you'll desire to place important time and work into. From picking out the shape from the diamond to obtaining the appropriate ring size, taking the time for you to do your research beforehand will provide you with added reassurance as you pluck up the courage to ask the significant query.

Valentine’s Cards

Even though you are not proposing come February 14th, a Valentines card continues to be a fantastic technique to mark the occasion. A fantastic solution to make your card meaningful, without the need of breaking the bank, would be to build a card yourself, and you will find loads of excellent websites to assist you.

If you need a real-life, physical card, it is simple to obtain a website exactly where, for just a couple of quid, you could opt for from a collection of cards from recognized brands for example Me to You, after which personalize them as a lot as you like by altering the words and colors around the card. You'll be able to even upload your personal photographs. Then possess the printed card sent either to you, or far better nonetheless, have it sent anonymously direct for your recipient.

You'll find even web-sites that are totally free of charge. A lot have a massive selection of cards for Valentine’s Day and you are bound to locate a thing appropriate to become emailed for your sweetheart.

Free Printable Valentines Card

As promised I've made a ready to print valentines card for everyone where you could just go to a cafe or any shop that they could print this, best if they could print it in colored for best quality. 

All designs in the front is from that's why its included in the printable file, just to give credit to the guys behind DryIcons for their hard work. Please take note that this printable valentines card is for PERSONAL USE only, if you'll use it for commercial use, that's another story since DryIcons is also selling these wonderful graphics.

If you want to have your very own personal valentines card, then let me know and I might help (but charges may apply - no worries, I'm not really expensive). 

Without further adieu, here are the free valentines day card that are all ready to print and all ready to give to your special someone.

Free Valentines Card - Pure Hearts

Free Valentines Card - Tree of Hearts

Free Valentines Card - Hanging Hearts

Valentines Day Card

Free Valentines Card - Be My Valentines

Tips for thsi Free Valentine Day Card

The Valentines Day cards above are actually in PDF format, so you can't actually edit the file or even the image. You can use Adobe Acrobat reader or try out the FREE PDF reader, the Foxit Reader (the one I'm using).

The design above is ideal to be printed on short bond paper, and then print it out (best if its in colored ink), and then fold and we're done! You've got your very own ready to use valentines day card. Also, you might want to cut the paper to into the same size of the image, especially the last one.

On paper types, I would suggest to use a photo paper, because it's glossy, thick and more like a card. It will just cost you few dollars for one piece of photo paper. So more or less, it may just cost you around $5 (if I'll just base the costs here in my country.