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What's the Best Tablet For You?

When shopping for a tablet computer, which one is the best one? With the latest release tablets, different brands, different features, specs and prices we can go all crazy and get a headache in thinking which tablet we should buy.

I, myself don't have a tablet yet because of this. If I buy a new one now, there will be another NEW release tomorrow with a much more better features and awesome specs, and this is why I never did decide yet to buy one today, tomorrow but hopefully I'll have one, one day.

Actually, buying and choosing a tablet to buy for yourself actually depends on what you want out of your tablet. It may also depend on your lifestyle and don't forget to think how and what you will use it for. You might need a faster and bigger capacity if you'll be using it for work. Or maybe you need a tablet that will not easily be crashed when you drop it accidentally, especially if you're a clumsy person like me. You should compare and contrast the different options available from different brands. Do your research and see which tablet is the best FOR YOU!


What is the Best Tablet for Me?

Since I haven't decided yet which tablet I think I should buy for myself. Let's make ME as an example in buying a tablet. Again, this is for the ideal tablet for me, and this is just a sample in deciding in buying a tablet for yourself. So possibly whatever tablet I choose may not work or be best for you but really works for me. So it actually depends on your lifestyle and usage of the tablet.


I of course prefer something light. I'm working from home and I really like staying connected online wherever I am (but hey I'm usually at home!). Therefore Dell Streak 5 got one point!


I'm not really sure on this since I don't mind if it's wide screen or not. So with this, I don't mind whatever it's dimensions will be. But comparing the dimensions in the infographic above I like the iPad 3 dimensions much better. Plus one point for iPad!


Now here's something that matters for me. There are times that I work at the mall and bringing a heavy laptop with me is a No-no! With the travel length and snatchers in the country, it's dangerous that I'll appear obvious that I have a laptop with me. So with a tablet, it's less dangerous since I can just hide it in my bag and it's light so my bag won't look heavy and bulky.

Comparing the screen size in the above infographic, I really like the screen size of the iPad 3 since it's like the size of a book that we're all used with. I can go for the ViewSonic and Malata but it's too big to bring. So plus point for the iPad!

Though we all know the iPad mini have been released already, I don't like to buy a tablet that is really small because I have fat fingers and my eyes are not perfect anymore so I need bigger fonts and this is why iPad got a plus point.


Another area that we all should consider. We won't be drooling over these gadgets without it's features. So make sure you're able to compare and check this area and see what you need and what you want.

So let's break it down the features.

OS & Apps - iPad will get a plus point on this because obviously we all need the apps. With 250,000 and 80,000 apps on android we really want the iPad OS. The more the merrier right?

Storage - One of the problem that I have in buying a tablet, or even a phone is that I want to buy a gadget that has high capacity. If I'll buy a phone with an 8 GB memory and the 32GB exist, why not go for 32GB right?

Also, with my usage and style in using the gadgets, downloads, then I should really buy a tablet with a bigger storage. And that is why I can't buy a tablet because the bigger the storage the more expensive it is.

Malata got a lot more options in storage comparing to the iPad where we just have 3 options. So Malata win this and get a point because you can also store it in your external memory (e.g. SD)

Wireless & Options - as I've mentioned I need it to be connected online so if I need it wired it kinda sucks right? If you can only use it with your 3G, with the 3G service in my country which is as slow as the turtle walking then I'd rather not have that tablet.

So in this area, only the ViewSonic did not win and as for the rest they get all the plus point!

Battery Life - One of the mistakes that people think and read about this is that some people say "it last only for 3 hours and not 5" and when you ask them how long and how they use the tablet, they've used it continuously (without break) and doing something that consumes a lot of power from the battery.

iPad and Malata win in this area since it has at most 10 hours of battery life, I need it last longer since the travel from the mall to my place (and vice versa) takes hours.

Camera - this one is a must have for me. There have been a lot of situations already wherein the camera from your gadgets have helped a lot in terms of reporting accidents, illegal activities and of course must share moments of our lives. With a good camera on your tablet, you can capture more moments of your life easier. Also, with my life wherein clients and my sisters or friends who wish to chat with me via Skype, I really think this is a must have feature for me. Right?

Deal Streak 5 and Malata get a plus point for this because it has 5MP option but I'm not sure with the quality and functionality of the camera. Don't forget to check that because there are cameras that has high resolution but really sucks.

With the other features, make sure you get to know it since there might be features that you may benefit from. As for me, Malata and ViewSonic win and get a plus point because it has the acceleration feature and also I can plugin my USB which is I really like. I don't really get why some gadgets don't have a USB plugin feature.


Here's something that some people forget to consider. If you want to buy an iPad why go for iPad 1 if there's an iPad 3 or the latest iPad mini? Go for the latest since it has more support and updated. Also, it may also have additional features that you may benefit from.

If the time where a part of your tablet gives up and needs a replacement but since it's released 10 years ago and the company stopped manufacturing it's part, then it's really hard to find that part that needs to be replaced.


And this is my biggest problem. With my 6 dogs, basic expenses and current salary, having a tablet of my own is just a dream.

Don't buy a tablet when you can't really afford one. Yes, you can loan or just charge it on your credit card but we can still live without it right? Let's be practical.

The winner is...

So as for me, the winner is obviously ... the iPad! I'm not sure for the iPad mini but the sample above is the iPad 3 so I guess I better get the iPad 3 right?

I do hope that this buyer's guide here in Bloggers Tech blog in buying a tablet for your have helped and also was able to show you how to decide in getting your own gadget.

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