Thursday, December 6, 2012

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A Day in the Internet

A Day in the Internet

Have it ever come into your mind what its like visually in the world of the internet? I mean with the number of people using the internet each day, spending their time online via their computers and even their mobile phones.

Let's all take a look in the world of the internet today and feed our minds on what's going on in the virtual world. Check out this infographic below where it has all the break down of what's going on.

From e-mails to flicker, to social media like Facebook and Twitter it's all there! So amke sure you get to check it out if you're that curious about the internet.

A Day in the Internet

With those numbers, it's totally a big WOW and there's no wonder that business owners wish to market their business online since most of the people spend their time to stay connected and updated with the latest information and to think we're all one of them!

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