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Twitter 101 - How to Twitter?

Twitter 101 How to Twitter

Twitter and other social media websites has been a great tool for bloggers, businesses, marketers or even to celebrity fans like me. Twitter has been one of the ways to connect, update and be updated with the recent activities of personalities or known brands and today I want to share with you how to Twitter, how Twitter works and hopefully you'll be able to find this Twitter for dummies post useful.

Way back when my Daddy was still alive, he do use the computer but all he do is check his mail and check updates on NBA. So I told him to join social media websites like Twitter and Facebook but he said...

"I'm not famous, who wants to connect with me?"

Twitter is not only for those who are famous already. It can also be for wanna be famous or people who are a fan of a personalities or brands. Like for me example, I'm not famous and I do love checking my Twitter because I get updates from Britney Spears (I'm a big fan since I was 12) and sometimes if the celebrity that you're following is very kind to her fans or one of the celebrities who love their fans and they repay the love and support of their fans through interacting with them.

There are a lot of celebrities and known personalities that are using Twitter and celebrities also might follow you back, reply to your tweets or at least retweet your tweets - just like what happened to me. Sharon Cuneta (the Philippines mega star) is following me on twitter and few days ago she even retweeted my tweet.

I grew up with her songs, one of her song is actually my lullaby since I was a baby. My Mom told me I always ask for my Mom to sing the song for me just like how Sharon sing it. Up to now, there are times when I hear the song I feel sleepy or most likely I'll sing along - LOL.

So anyway, here we can say that it's not only for known personalities but also for ordinary people like us. Not only that, it's also one of the tools that internet marketers like me use to market business product and/or services online. So clearly, Twitter is not only a celebrity hang out online but it's where we publicly all meet online - regardless if you're famous or not.

Let me share with everyone today the  Twitter 101 and hopefully you'll be able to find this useful and helpful tips in using Twitter. Let me serve the function of having Bloggers Tech blog which is mainly to help and provide tips, tools and guide to improvise your online experience with this Twitter for Dummies where I'll be sharing with you how to Twitter and using it to stay connected.

Twitter 101 - How Twitter Works?

Twitter is like sending a text message via your phone but Twitter sets it to PUBLIC by default, that means whoever see your profile online they'll be able to see all your tweets. But no worries you can set it to private anyway where people who you allowed to follow you will be the only ones who'll read your tweets. Also, there's a DIRECT MESSAGE feature of Twitter where you can send in private a message to a specific Twitter user.

Another difference to SMS and Twitter is that, everyone reads it and there's no charge when you send a new tweet. Unlike the SMS where every text message sent to a number there's a charge. Also, you can easily find people who you wish to stay connected with and you don't have to ask what's there number to be able to stay connected, you can just easily search them via Twitter or ask for their username.

So basically, TO SOCIALIZE is how twitter works and its function. It's a way to socialize with people online from around the globe, no matter who you are and what you do.

Twitter For Dummies - How To Twitter?

As for some who are new to Twitter and want to know how to Twitter here's an infographic I found online from Tweinds where it provides you some basics about using Twitter and how Twitter works.

How to Twitter

The Twitter 101 in the infographic with how to Twitter are the obviously just the basics in using Twitter and I'll share more helpful and useful Twitter tips here in Bloggers Tech every now and then for you to have the ultimate Twitter experience.

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