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Mac Blu-Ray Player Review

Mac Blu-Ray Player
We all love watching videos, from movies, TV series, TV Shows or even our own videos and I believe YouTube became famous because of that. With the rise of the Mac computer and different types of video file formats, there are people who find it hard to play their videos wherever they want it to be played since it has to be supported by the video player for it to play the video.

Let me introduce you to Mac Blu-Ray Player by Macgo, a HD (high definition) video player that can be used for your Mac and PC computers including your iPhone, iPad and your iPod.

I have done a video review for this so that you get a sneak peak of what you will expect from the Mac Blu-Ray Player. But due to my usual audio problem, you may hear some noise (from the fan of my laptop - rawr!) and since I recorded this in the middle of the night I might sound boring. Sorry!

So anyway, you may either watch this video below or read the features and other details after the video.

Mac Blu-Ray Player Official Website:

Mac Blu-Ray Player Features

HD Video Player

With this powerful HD video player and hardware accelleration you can surely enjoy watching and listening to HD videos for it can play Blu-Ray and DVD movies without losing the quality. The audio is totally awesome compared to other video player.

Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and iPod

One of the problems of the Mac users is that they are not able to play Blu-Ray disc and the Mac Blu-Ray player answered their problems. You can install this video player to your Mac computer or to your Windows Computer (I installed it to my Windows 7 computer). And yes, you can also install and use this player in your iPhone, iPad and iPod to be able to watch videos in HD right in your gadget.

Supports Multiple File Formats

What I usually do when my video player doesn't support the video file is that I have to convert it. Worse scenario is that if it's a 2 hours long movie, I'm like waiting for forever or it to finish converting and be able to watch the movie.

The Mac Blu-Ray Player supports multiple file formats and that includes the ISO image format for the Blu-Ray/DVD movies. Here are the list of file formats and input media supported by the player:

  • BD (Blu-ray disc)
  • Blu-ray ISO
  • DVD Video
  • Video CD / VCD
  • Audio CD (no DTS-CD)
  • Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52
  • AVI
  • ASF / WMV / WMA
  • MP4 / MOV / 3GP
  • Matroska (MKV)
  • WAV (including DTS)
  • Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52
  • FLV (Flash)
  • RMVB

Commercial Blu-Ray Discs

My sister works in the US and she buys us stuff and that includes movies that is in blu-ray, so the problem is there are some discs that we can't play because obviously we're not in the US.

This video player can play any commercial Blu-Ray Discs that are released from different regions.

Bloggers Tech Ratings Mac Blu-Ray Player

I honestly love everything about the Mac Blu-Ray Player, it solves my problem in playing different video file formats and not worrying if I was able to download a format that is supported by the player.

After using this HD video player for 2 weeks, I was able to appreciate the following:

HD video player

Great quality audio output

Which I can tell totally different if you play and compare any video on other player and listen to the difference of the audio quality.

User Friendly User Interface

It is not hard to know how to use the Mac Blu-Ray player. Your basic needs can easily be found right in your screen and the design is totally cool. I'm on my windows computer but I felt like I'm using a mac computer though my laptop is old. LOL.

The Playlist

Honestly, even now that we're on windows 7 (and there's a new release windows 8) I hate the playlist for the windows media player but with the Mac Blu-ray Player I was able to totally appreciate the playlist feature.

Honestly, I've been using the VLC player for years since it's much better than the windows media player but having the Mac Blu-Ray Player in my computer, I can forget about the VLC.

For me, the Mac Blu-Ray Player is like the combination of the windows media player and VLC that you can use in your mac computer.

All in all, I rate the Mac Blu-Ray Player with 4.5 stars and that includes their friendly and quick response in their customers support.

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