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Exotic Philippines Happy 2 Giveaway Blogger Opp

My other blog, the Exotic Philippines is turning 2 years old next year January 29, 2012 and I wish to celebrate it again just like this year's celebration. In celebration for this achievement, I'll be having a giveaway on my blog and I would like to invite all bloggers who wish to take part and join me in celebrating my 2 years of blogging on my other blog.

There are tons of benefits in joining a giveaway event, you might want to read an article about it here. But as for most of you who are all aware of all the benefits let me then provide you the details.

Giveaway Details

Target Prize: $500
Date: January 1 to 29, 2013
Open: Worldwide

I'm inviting some businesses too so hopefully we'll be able to reach more than $500 for this giveaway. That means, more people will totally love to join in this giveaway and that means a lot for you and me.

How to join?

In order to join this giveaway event, you need to be able to follow and accept the requirements and which are:

  • Pay the fee for $5 (Paypal fee not included) that includes 1 free link. Additional links is also available for only $3 per additional link.
  • Agree to post the giveaway html on the date the event begins and promote at least 2x a week.
(FREE OPP is also available here but you have to promote:

Business Sponsor

The Exotic Philippines Happy 2 Giveaway is also open for business sponsors. Please CLICK HERE.

Giveaway Code

You may use the giveaway code below to post it on your site or you may just link to this post. Don't forget to note in your post to place you as the blog and/or blogger referrer.

Click the button and press CTRL + C to copy the code.


Page Host - $10
- host a follow page for more pageviews and increase alexa rank

Event Co-Hosts - $20
- link on the giveaway post
- get 2 extra entry options
- retweets /Facebook Share/ REPIN of your certain post
- host a follow page for more pageviews

Blogger Referral Prizes

As my big thanks to everyone who'll be joining me in making this event successful. The bloggers who referred the most for this event and the blogger who have the highest number of people that enters the event will both have their very own caricature.

If we'll be able to gather more cash for this giveaway, there's a great chance that we'll add some cash prizes for the bloggers too. So let's spread the news about this event!

Blogger Weekly Raffle

We'll also be having a little fun for us bloggers and that means a weekly raffle for us. So it's important to join the group where I'll be posting and updating everyone about the event and the raffle. It's not required but if you don't join, we'll you know what you just lost.

Here are the raffle dates and the prizes at stake. Please take note that this is for bloggers only and that does not include the giveaway event itself.

JAN. 12, 2013 ----$25 through paypal
JAN. 19, 2013 ----Caricature worth $20 from Caricature Artist
JAN. 26, 2013 ----GIFT CERTIFICATE one 2D/1N stay at Andy Hotel Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines

Your entry is promotion, one tweet is one entry, one share is another entry, posting the giveaway on giveaway linkys is another entry. Easy right? I'm doing this because I appreciate your hard work and I love people who are helping out in making this event a success.

Sign Up

Please fill up the form below to join this upcoming event. If the form below doesn't work, just CLICK HERE.

(Disclosure: All payments are non-refundable)

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